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  1. While we waiting, how about converting the vocals from Zaya from T2X to TDM, as mentioned ealier? (license about zaya: "Distribution of Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is encouraged so long as the mod remains free and intact." and "You may not include any Thief2X resources in any fan mission package") (file info about zaya: Sound files located in "\t2x\snd\zaya". total 5 mb. wav files needs to be converted to ogg. Maybe change filenames. )
  2. And that is what i did. I have chosen the sounds from the maiden, because it matched most with the male player sounds. I replaced audiofile location references in "tdm_player.sndshd" and attachted the result to this forumpost. For a example and to get a feel for it for the temporary alternative, download the attached pk4 and place it inside a missionfolder. Install a mission (for example: trainings mission) place this pk4 inside that mission folder (for example fms/training_mission) play the mission. Notes: you notice the changes when the player is in pain. most sounds that player makes, are non-gender. so i dont changed that. And because the maiden doesnt have many action sounds, the same sounds are used for other actions. tdm_sound_vocals_player_female.pk4
  3. See subforums: darkradiant feedback and development https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/51-darkradiant-feedback-and-development/ and TDM editors guild. https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/54-tdm-editors-guild/
  4. Here a some video's from the province Overijssel in the Netherlands. Where i live and coming from. A nice video from "the Duth Venice" in the Netherlands, Giethoorn. No medieval mansions here, only typical dutch farm houses and wooden bridges next to small canals. "Castle Twickel", a small mansion. Palace "Het loo", near the border of the province. inside the palace:
  5. To tell you all the truth, i am still figuring out how i managed this, during work. On my own system it, works not quite right yet. So have to test it a little more. For now, i got the fms folder outside the tdm folder (and qconsole and other files are written to it). Using config lines: === seta logFile "1" set fs_debug "1" set fs_devpath "c:\temp\darkmod" set fs_savepath "c:\temp\darkmod" set fs_modSavePath "C:\temp\darkmod/fms" === but appdata-variable trick dont work on my system. And the mission loader dont see the installed missions, but following console messages, it sees the amount of missions. (Permissions?) p.s Please move this topic to techsupport.
  6. Using appdata as folder for the fm and saves, the data will not be placed in the documents folder. That data will be placed in c:\users\username\appdata. When you open that location, you see that other applications place there profile data too. Users will not notice any differences, because they dont see the fm folder. I dont want to see a "my tdm" (or any) folder in my homefolder. That is placed in a hidden folder in my homefolder. that is the conventional location. (Also in other OS'ses) Tdm will use "all folders in one directory", because the fm folder is referenced in the config. And where i expect it to go wrong, is during the use of the applications outside TDM. Like in the updater, installing/updating the three standard missions. Or in DR. But both can be solved by using/changing referrences. Btw Who uses a username with spaces? To me, that was always asking for technical problems in the early days, when some applications didnt used environment variables.
  7. Also after restarting the installer procedure (And/or changing download mirrors)? Because that error means "bad connection".
  8. I was thinking about those system-wide files user opinions/advices. @stgatilov said tdm is designed by user-only. But When someone shares his/her system with someone else, that someone get all his configs, missions and mission safes. (When that folder is writeable). And you get that write permissions problem. How about writing some dynamic/writeable files somewhere else. For example, placing/writing only the fm&fm save folders, inside the user profile folder. Its a standard way, also adviced by opensuse apppackage creators and others. I tested this a bit, up to now its works. And to me, this isnt not be a significant change, @OrbWeaver (But we have to test this a bit more) You can test it yourself, by Renaming your fm folder (as backup) adding a line in the config (for tdm windows): seta fs_savepath "%APPDATA%\darkmod" Then Start TDM and download/install/save a mission. What do you think about it. Should i change some more fs_ path-lines (by adding line to the config)? @forummod: please move topic to techsupport forum, if you want.
  9. If is not a official folder, is this texture coming from a fm?
  10. As i said earlier, some do. But most packagecreators dont script them correctly, so new users post their permission problems in TDM's tech support subforum. One of the Opensuse packagecreator, stefan bruens, adviced us to program the installer to place writeble data in the folders you mentioned, @OrbWeaver I tested this with symlinks, works fine. (have to test the fs_ path's) edit: using tdm configsetting for windows, works also: seta fs_savepath = "%APPDATA%\darkmod"
  11. As long when we and others, dont ask money for it. And if we cant use the installer and mission downloader, how about releasing a standalone pack & a mission pack and disableling the mission downloader (by making a little change in the main menu gui)
  12. Steam is still a nogo. (Tip: you can add TDM to steam client, as a nonsteam game, to show you are playing the game) But it is nice to see TDM appear in several other "stores"/repositories/etc. (to name a few: opensuse, arch linux, gentoo, lutris, playonmac) How about publishing our product on Microsoft store and Epic?
  13. I love to see a female vocalset for the player. But it looks like this going to take some time. How about using the sounds from females that we already have, in the meanwhile? For example, using the sounds from maiden, lady1, lady2 or wench. To do this: Choose a person and her sounds (from tdm_sound_vocals04.pk4\sound\voices or tdm_sound_vocals07.pk4\sound\voices. Make a copy op soundheader file of the player (from tdm_sound_vocals_decls01.pk4\sound\tdm_player.sndshd) Open that file with an editor (with like windows notepad) change at the textlines of a sound, the filepath of the sound you want to use And put the edited soundheader file in a mission pk4. (or use this method with the new female vocal sounds)
  14. Checked the status today. Download section is up.
  15. Thanks for the code updates. Yes, please build and publish that installer yourself, because I don't have the time yet to view and merge the code changes. (When I know how to do this on github) When I look at the commit summaries, I almost fully agree with your two commit summaries. But please don't remove the updater, because that is your TDM installer v27-5 that is used as the backup, when the installer fails to download the newest one. I forgot to rename that file and change it in the code.
  16. How do you determine when that directory (or some files) is/are corrupted? By running the game (and missions)? To solve your problem, check your system disks. After this check corrupted TDM data for corruption, just by running the tdm installer. This will automatically check your gamefiles and "repair" by overwriting them where needed. (Beside the standard missions, other missions will not be checked by the installer) Yes, downloading the full package and update it using the tdm installer, that is the most fastest sollution, datiswous. (and yes, some tdm mirrors are slow) @nbohr1more please add the tdm installer to that package.
  17. freyk

    Atari VCS...

    Here are the specs https://www.techradar.com/news/atari-vcs-release-date-games-price-and-everything-you-need-to-know Kano, you can also do what others do: Like buy this thing when it is out, put tdm on it and publisch your installation method on the wiki. Then ask the atari dvs developers to integrate tdm on their game database.
  18. thanks for sending them in. Im not experienced in reading these logs. But I compared your mycondump-logs with mine and it looks the almost same. (except system specs, some different settings, etc) At the moment, i can only see in mycondump2.txt that the trainings mission is not fully loaded, without any errors(?). I expect in mycondump2.txt to see multiple map info log-lines, but your log doesnt have any. (this after line "----- idImageManager::EndLevelLoad -----")
  19. Menageryl get "kicked" after missionload. To me that is a described sign, that TDM crashes without any error mesages. So i think dat the second condump is unsufficient (or not created), but a memorydump is more meaninful.
  20. To be more thorough, automatically start the game, do a condump, a load mission and do a condump again. This using the commandline. And load a mission that everybody have in earlier versions, not new job or saintlucia, but trainings_mission. Use windows explorer and navigate to your darkmod folder. open the file "currentfm.txt" with notepad. And change the single line to following line, save file, close notepad: training_mission At you windows explorer click file (menu) > open in powershell in powershell run the following command: .\TheDarkModx64.exe +condump mycondump1.txt +map training_mission +condump mycondump2.txt +exit After this TDM starts automatically, load the trainingsmission, generates two condumps and quits. Attach files "mycondump1.txt" and "mycondump2.txt" to a new forumpost, so people can analyse the files. end. If you cannot you find the second condump after this, people want to analyze application memory dumps. (stgatilov loves them ) Follow the last part of section "record a dump" at TDM-wiki article: Save a Memory Dump for debugging Crashes
  21. What is your status of the write permissions of the tdm folder? Please test if you can you download & run new missions, using the ingame mission downloader. If not, please ad the write permissions to the tdm folder. Do this automatically by using the new version of my installer, See post in topic: During the installation point it at your tdm folder. At the last page you dont have to run the official tdm installer, when asked. (This will ad also some shortcuts and a uninstaller, as it should) Or set the write permission to the folder yourself. (right click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select users > full control + write > ok > ok)
  22. @datiswous@stgatilov Today I updated my installer and the publisched sourcecode at Github. You can see the sourcecode at my github repo. And download and test the executable from there (use "download" button on that github page) We have to upload my installer and change the description of my installer at the downloadpage of TDM. (To someone who can do this: just download the binary from github, upload it and change the description at TDM downloadpage.) Note: This installer only prepares the gamefolder and sets permissions/shortcuts/uninstaller. The official tdm installer will be automatically downloaded & started to download the gamefiles. This installer can be used to avoid some beginners problems. (see these problems at tdm tech support forum) changes/update It uses now the official TDM installer (downloads the recent tdminstaller. As backup it can use version 27-5) i removed my version-downloader feature, because TDM installer has one inside. Made some components optional. Changed some texts and labels.
  23. freyk

    Atari VCS...

    You can ask them, but who is going to be responsible for the port? It think that that steam-nintendoswitch like console going to get more support from "us". Because people said they put an linux os on it.
  24. This installation error is not during the part of the installer, but at the old updater, as you mentioned, datiswous. But to keep my installer current, I will update it so it uses the new TDM's installer for the gamefiles download procedure. Because my installer only create the gamefolder, everywhere the user want it (or windows standards wants it). And set the folder write permissions, like the Doom 3 installer also did (and others installation applications do). And adding shortcuts, uninstaller and other "default" things, that a installer in windows would do. And still the current TDM installer doesn't do. And finally start the TDM installer automatically to download the game-files. After two years It is nice to see, that other packers create TDM installation packages for their Operating systems (or distributions). But i see that most of them, dont install TDM correctly for their users (like not downloading all the game files, set write permissions and other things) The users who uses these installers, post their technical installation problems on our technical support subforum. P.s @stgatilov IMHO I still see TDM's installer as the TDM updater. (now it has a feature to download other versions and create one single shortcut)
  25. Oh Mighty Builder, Please carve Graymans name in your anvil, so his name and actions will always be remembered. During your builds and constructions.
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