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  1. For example, how i would calculate the required diskspace. D3 bfg needs 11,0 GB TDM (1.08 standard installation) needs 3,56 GB But people want to store some more missions and savegames, so i would add +/- 3 GB more.
  2. im not a hardware guy, but if I give a suggestion. How about expanding the known D3 minimum requirements, with requirements that the new TDM features need? ==== doom 3 bfg (source: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208200/Doom_3_BFG_Edition/) ** Minimum ** OS:Windows vista/ Windows 7 Processor:2.0 GHz dual core Memory:3 GB RAM Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 5750, 512 MB video RAM Hard Drive:11 GB Sound:Windows compatible sound card ** Recommended ** OS:Windows Vista-64/ Windows 7-64 Processor:2.4 GHz dual core Memory:3 GB system RAM Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 5850, 768 MB video RAM Hard Drive:11 GB Sound:Windows compatible sound card Additional:3D Monitor + compatible glasses ==== And from the wiki: TDM Known System Configurations
  3. How about adding DR and other FM missions to the selection list. (and change the one-selection list to an multiple selection list) To some it is nice to know how big the TDM installation shall be and what is added, remove, etc. But do the novice user want to know that? And why did you add a button to remove darkmod.cfg. maybe for when i updated TDM? (then, how about adding a save-game delete button,..) To look at the future, is there a way to manual add or change TDM mirrors? (or is that the custom manifest thingy?) Got an error at version 0.19. I ran the installer in the background and followed the download procedure. At a moment the tdm installer stuck at "downloading finisched". Buttons are grayed out. (files are downloaded). Maybe its waiting for the repack procedure? So i restarted the installer to resume the download procedure, but it automatically cleanup the downloaded files.
  4. Is it possible to separate this topic, in a topic about the tdm installer and the tdm devbuilds? About the installer . Nice work on the checkboxes, buttons, etc. And please dont forget the filebrowser. The tdm installer windows on windows is smaller, but is, to me, still to large. After the downloads, the installer waits some seconds before it repacks files. Impatient new users doesnt now how to react on it. Maybe adding a new label to the "repacking" progressbar? Or adding a total progress bar?
  5. See a topic with other old opinions about playershadows: "the player has no animations or shadow"
  6. Tested Build v.015 (12th july build) on linux opensuse kde. The things that i mentioned in my first post for the windows version, are the same for this one.
  7. How about building a gui switcher for the windows version, so can its use winforms. I took a look at the available old versions. I think/presume that we dont need the old beta versions of released versions. Keep the release old versions. For know, i would like only use this installer for downloading old released versions and those dev-builds. (Are those build newer than the release version?) And about the permissions. I will repeat every time to make installations work in proper/standard applications folders. You see in other topics that windows users want to install their games in the those locations. As would other developers also do. For windows is it the "c:\program files" and in linux in the "/usr/share". If you compare your existing folders in program files, you will see that all users can write in those subfolders, set up by the installers. In the common linuxdistro's, users in the game-group can also write in the /usr/share. (but as an normal user in my beloved opensuse,the updater still cant write in the Tdm folder that the packagers set up)
  8. Errors during Downloading multiple missions have to be researched. But it is known to the community that we have some slow filemirrors for the game and its missions.
  9. Nice job. Here are my mentions, during the first time i run this build: === This in comparison with my unofficial tdm installer (at the tdm download page) Installer window very large in screensize. Doesnt use the standard winforms buttons, interface, etc. (can scare people. i expected an installer like DR, using the winforms interface) But if this a multiplatform, then i Prefer an automatically gui switcher with winforms when the use uses windows) Canot find any installation selection list for components (shortcuts, uninstaller, docs, etc) Installer selects automatically the location where the installer is placed. (so you want to install the game in your downloads folder??) When changing another location, the next-button grays out. Cant create folders in standard application locations (like program files > permission denied.) i love the version selector! Dont like The total progress bar (and his yellow progress colour) Howabout dividing in two progressbars (total and file), Download Status-line field would be nice. (people can then copy error lines to forum Dont see the tdm binaries in the folder, only the updater. About linux installer: how about promoting the existing repo's & packagemanagers? Is there sourcecode available? == Please look at other installers out there and my unofficial tdm installer (at the tdm download page) as an example. (and sourcecode of the nsis installer script at my github repo)
  10. full access permissions. see the instructions: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Windows
  11. welcome. we dont know what type of missions you like. So i suggest to play them all.
  12. because i follow windows standards, my advice to set the write permissions your tdm folder. (or do this automatically by using freyks installer) or move the tdm folder to somewhere outside the program files folder. (for example to the "documents" folder) for instructions, see our wiki: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Windows but i really think that the topicstarter experienced a bad mission download from an mission mirror. have to test this a bit more.
  13. Got almost the same problem too (with 2.08). But the game doesnt crash. I downloaded snowed in and arena, the download of snowed in fails (there is no data) and arena succeeds (with data). And with no write permissions to the fm folder, the downloader tries to download the mission 2 times and gives you the failed-message.
  14. How about using that mirror as an official tdm mirror?
  15. How about setting this screen resolution in darkmod.cfg? I dont have a big screen to test it.
  16. Yes, or on a Bookback, bookcover, bannercloth, etc. Ask a texture creator and a mapper.
  17. That's True. But as banners for magazine in the game, like they did in hl-mod they hunger. (we can easily do this) For example, see this video at at 00:12, some pcgamemagazines at 02:22, pcgame title on wagon etc.
  18. For downloading missions, i reccomend arcatera to download the missions outside TDM game, using another download mirror. You can find multiple download locations at info page of a mission, at the mission list on our website. (for arcatera problem: use a external download manager. I like to use FDM)
  19. Please post this article in topic "tdm in the news". There are lots of things we can do for PCGamer. Like posting some comments, posting tips at the article. or what other game-creators do for PCGamer: creating a standalone version of our game, including a PCGamer version of one of the TDM missions (by adding some PCGamer banners to the mission).
  20. Dont use my installer to speed up TDM downloads using the updater, because it doesnt download the game-files. The TDM installer just creates the gamefolder, uninstaller, shortcuts, set permissions and then download the necessary files to start the the TDM updater to download the game-files. My answer to Arcatera problem is to download the game-files from other mirrors. By selecting another download mirror that the updater uses, by changing code lines in file tdm_mirrors.txt. (by commenting out some lines, by putting "#" before the lines) (mirror.helium.in-berlin.de is to me the fastest mirror) Or by downloading manually TDM from one of the mirrors of Moddb. (download 2.07 standalone and 2.08 update package)
  21. And that why I ended up creating the guis manually, without this tool in TDM. In D3 and prey it works great. So in my darkmission-days, i created the guis that i want (as a concept), and loaded it in to TDM to retextured and make it interactive manually.
  22. I recommend to just to try/test it out. Because it is tedious and difficult enough. (But it cool to see your own designs in TDM) Try to create a simple menu, then create a more advanced menu with the tdm scripts. Tip: get a topic going in subforum art assets and hit me up.
  23. Start TDM in windowed mode and then run command editguis. Documentation about gui scripting can be found at modwiki - dhewm3.org and iddevnet.com I created some guis for the cyperpunk mission, but i remember ending up using notepad, guitest-command and guirefresh-command.
  24. How about creating those menu's using TDM internal GUI editor (or standalone editor flesh ).? (open this with command "editguis")
  25. I would like to know the content of qconsole.log, after you started the outpost and TDM crashed. To create a qconsole log, first you need to set some values in the configs, then run tdm and the outpost mission. Please post the content of this log in this topic. make a copy of files darkmod.cfg and darkmod.ini (as backup) remove the darkmod.log file. open thedarkmod.cfg with notepad go to line: seta logFile "0" change the value 0 to 1 and save the file. open darkmod.ini with notepad go to lines: LogError=0 LogBegin=0 change the 0 to 1. and save the file. Start tdm. close tdm. check the content in darkmod.log and your qconsole.log. They can be found in: yourdarkmodfolder\fms\onofyourmissions\qconsole.log post the content of qconsole in this topic.
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