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  1. Don't know if this has been posted, but there's a popular Twitch streamer (Tomato Gaming) who's done a couple of livestreams of TDM missions. Here's a Youtube archive of the ones he's done so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiTQjyPiqo2L2Y8ur2A-Cixv0nT1yzOa If he's streamed one of your missions, I'd definitely recommend tracking down the related Twitch stream, since it's a lot of fun to watch the chat reactions.
  2. Yipes, yeah I'd definitely mention that in the testing thread!
  3. Wow V-Man, thank you for the high praise! Looking forward to watching your video. Edit: just finished watching it. Really good stuff - I appreciated all the effort you put into making everything seem like you'd never been there. You're giving Klatremus a run for his money :-). -Gelo
  4. Review from another youtuber I follow:
  5. I think that's a more recent TDM feature: you can't read a readable anymore unless you're looking at the front of it.
  6. Hey Abusimplea, Yeah, back in the day when you resized static objects (like I did with that table) their collision box didn't get resized as well, so the recommended fix was to make the object non-solid and put in brushes to act as collision. Like you said, not sure why lockpick behavior would have changed between versions, but if your fix works please go ahead and submit it as a new official version. And yes dmapping always too a long time for me too!
  7. Hey NeonStyle, Not sure if you're talking about your own map or making a change to Requiem, but if you give the players the lockpicks at the start of Requiem it will break the flow of the game. TDM team: I do not have DarkRadiant on my current computer - should I reach out to a team member to officially fix the map? I would think disabling physics on the picks and moving them up slightly is all that would need to be done.
  8. Well, in case anybody needs it, you have my permission to mod Requiem to fix this if it can't be done programmatically.
  9. Yipes...there's no special scripts or anything associated with those lockpicks. Is this just specific to Requiem?
  10. Hey Leather, I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, and thank you for taking the time to make such a detailed post about your experience! -Gelo
  11. I don't think it's possible, at least I never found a way to do it. The solution I ended up using was just to have a single door at that angle and make it swing upwards.
  12. Just ran across a game that was released a few years ago called NaissanceE. It's a pretty abstract game but the cool thing is that it seems to be made almost completely out of bsp and has some pretty neat architecture which might be inspiring to mappers:
  13. Yeah...having finished the whole campaign and enjoying it overall, the last few levels were something of a low point, exhibiting the bad thief level habit of placing vaguely defined objectives in a sprawling non linear space. I'd wait until after your op Raymeld, because the next level is the worst in this regard (and has horror based enemies that basically force ghosting).
  14. It's actually in the guard station next to the Hammerite church (there's a small evidence locker on the first floor). Ran into the same problem :-).
  15. A trick I used to get rid of sparkling lines was to create horizontal subdivisions and then bulging the patch outwards in the center slightly. I did this for A House of Locked Secrets several times and it always worked.
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