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  1. HL2 was not the first game to include a -good- physics manipulation mechanisem. And basic versions of the gravity gun ware present since 1998 at least.
  2. Thank you very much. I was really in need of this information. I am woundering, I am now trying to replicate this, as I can not continiue the other thing until I get the textures done, which may take me quite some time. But as the basic DOOM3 texture packs got some industrial textures in them, I can pretty much mess around with this, + I don't need to find models for the light sources (as DOO3 has hanging lights, but no Theiflike street lamps). So I am woundering, will it be ok if I post my "progress" here? I will not be offended if you do not wish me to do so, but I do not wish to ganerate
  3. Nice track but I have a little “issue” with it. A “main theme” should have a climax, and I cannot spot its presence. The first thing that this track reminded me of was the Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic soundtrack, especially the “wilderness” track. I did not say that this is a bad track, but I would not consider using it as a main theme for a game. Each would work pretty well as a “exploration” theme, as in, the background track for times when there is no combat or time pressing situations. I hope no one is offended by my thoughts, I did not mean to “bash” anyone.
  4. I got a question. Is there a tutorial that explains how to add textures to a texture pack? I searched the entire Doom3World.org texture forums, but didn’t find any.
  5. I am not trying to make a "good" map, I just think that after making the cube map, I should put myself to the test, not something hard, but something I would like to do, and that will give me a challenge. When I made the cube room it took me about 2 minutes, including the texturing, "optimizing", and compilation. So making more of these is kind of like standing on the same spot. I follow the saying that "Innovative thinking works best in a confined environment with few visible possibilities"
  6. RE to sparhawk: I am just trying to see what I can do with the mapper, I am not too good with it right now, and so I was thinking that the best thing would be to use what I do know (making "curves"; basic optimizing) and what I did not know yet, but learned pretty fast (like the X sided brush), to make a map that needs just these things. And I didn't want a map that was a cube room with curves around the edges, and just stuff standing in the middle as detail (i.e. I didn't want this to look like any other 1st map). So what I have done was going to a place with screens of games (Gamespot) and
  7. Yay I have found the spoken Hell textures, and so I am a step closer to being done with my 1st "room". (One step out of a million) Want to see what I got done? Sure you don't, but if you do, here is a Link to a screen shot. It's supposed to become a high poly/high res replica of This. What do you think any resemblance? What are the most obvious mistakes? Is it any good at all? It took me about 20 minutes or so for the basic structure and stuff, and then 10 more of optimizing (like deleting unwanted brushes and starching others to fit their place), and 20 minutes to find the right textures,
  8. Bummer, ok then, is there any place I can get a "medieval" themed texture pack for DOOM3ed? I am trying to understand the way this thing works, but the DOOM3 textures freak me out, all look the same, and I need some brick, and maybe wood, textures. Any place I should look at? I have no idea about this stuff so you can tell me if this is a stupid question.
  9. I saw some of your screen shots on the site, and I was wondering. Do you have a texture pack ready? I am just asking as I would like to ask you for it, I know this sounds as if I am invading the teams "territory", but if you do have a "texture pack" with normal, unDOOMlike textures, I will be glad if you could release it, and I am sure the whole community would. Would you consider this? pretty please?
  10. I just got DOOM3, so instead of playing it, I went out and checked what kind of stuff there is out there for the game. Now of course I knew about The Dark Mod before, you can find 2 of my posts here, as a guest, but I have been watching this project for a few month now, began visiting the site about 2 month or so after the Thief 2D project was promoted through the TTLG forums (ya I know I got weird ways of orientation in time). Anyhow I got DOOM3 for 2 reasons, (1) This mod, and SScar, even though it now looks as if it is going through some rough times(hope SScar team will make it through to f
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