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  1. The screenshots really look good! Since I'm colorblind, the mansion looks quite red to me and I was surprised when everybody said it was brown. Anyway, I like the look of it, because it really looks very Thiefy to me. And I love mansion missions. That's what I always liked in Thief. The mansions looked usually so comfy you would like to get into a chair and sit there relaxing just listening to the crackling from the fireplace.
  2. Maybe you should install a clean copy of your config file. If the crash caused a corrupted version of the cvars to be saved, this might happen. Unless you mean that the variable is turned off and it still shows, which I never heard before.
  3. Could be some stray pointer or corrupted memory. After all, it's just a boolean, so if a crash is coming up because of corrupted memory, of course the box can be considered to be switched on if the value at that location is set. I don't think that this is a cause though. More likely a symptom of the underlying problem.
  4. Model doors are heavier and thus can not move as fast.
  5. LOL! That reads as if a paraniod person wrote to itself.
  6. Did you have an older version of DR installed? I seem to remember that I also had this issue once, but I don't remember how it was fixed. I think it was by removing all the old stuff, including that config XML files (where greebo knows where they are).
  7. That's a rather polite way to thank people who at least TRY to help you if you can't figure it out on your own.
  8. No. That means that you probably didn't install Doom 3 and used just a copy already being around on your hard disc. Don't know why Id did it this way, because it's totally braindead and annoying. If you switch operating system, you can not simply run Doom 3 patches, because it wont find the installation, so you either have to apply the appropriate registry entries, or reinstall and apply the patch.
  9. I don't know how a Thief game can NOT be about stealing. Of course it is about stealing. Getting to the loot is part of that. And a thief also has to identify what is valuable or not. If a thief brakes into a house and takes everything with him that looks like value, he will most likely end up with a lot of junk and not making much money from it. In that regard TDS *IS* playing the game for you with the loot glint, because it's part of the job to find out what you should take and what you should leave. I don't know anything about painting. If I would walk into a house with a very rare and expensive painting I probably wouldn't even notice it. However, if the owner would put a sign next to it saying "This painting is really expensive. The other one next to it is just a cheap imitation." I would know which one to take. That's TDS loot glint for you.
  10. VI is the truck. Xemacs is the Mercedes.
  11. Blender has become much more user friendly since it went open source. It still requiers some learning of the shortcuts, but personally I think it's well worth the effort. For example UV mapping is so easy in Blender, that you have to buy additional plugins for other 3D apps to match it.
  12. Weren't you the one who said that you need some timeout?
  13. Actually I refrained from posting in this offensive thread for a very good reason. But it took quite some effort not to.
  14. but i recently added ai to the map and it shows up correctly Yes. The MODELS will show up, but they will not work properly, because their paths and collision is likely screwed up. Of course, if you added/changed geometry in some part of the map, that was already built before, it might even look as if i
  15. Of course models show up. When you dmap a map, then the map file is compiled into some additional information (I think it contains clipping infos and such). When you add a model, that is not put into that info, because it's a completely seperaet entity. Only worldspawn is compiled (among other things). So a model can still show up at the specified location, but all the other stuff (like clipping information, AI, etc.) is not updated accordingly.
  16. Yes that was the one. Didn't know it was already on Youtube though I have thought to take a look at it there. The resolution on Youtube makes it hard to properly see the details though. When I noticed it the first time I thought it would be a car commercial. Citroen (I think it is them or some other french car company) is also running spots with robots, so I expected it to be a new theme on that. Actually the first spots with those car robots (where the robot was skating on a frozen lake) looked pretty cool too, but now they are trying to mangle every last bit out of it and it just looks forced anymore.
  17. Not 100% sure if there is a definite definition of steampunk but today I saw an advertisement from Saturn that sure qualified as such. Saturn is a big local hardware chain, don't know if it is known in other countries as well, but it's known in Austria for sure. Usually they have currently this women which looks like a character from Tron, so I was surprised today, that they showed a spot which was much longer then usual. The first few seconds there was not even a hint where this spot is from, so I didn't even know what it was supposed to be in the beginning and only after that it turned into the Tron like character again. Anyway, it looked pretty cool. The spot was about dinosaurs evolving to more and more advanced creatures and all looking like steampunk robots with proper whistles, cogwheels and so on. I don't remember at which time it was shown, but when I next see it, I will note down the time and download the movie when it played to get a capture of that sequence. It was pretty long considering that they didn't even show the name or anything else giving a hint what advertisment this is about so it's worth downloading, because I can cut the advertisment crap out of it, without disrupting the clip.
  18. Download information can be found here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php/Saint_Lucia
  19. Making the doors seperately would be IMO the best thing. If a mapper wants to disable them he can easily do this when putting the model into the map. I don't think that two versions are needed, one with and one with static doors.
  20. I hope that it is a bit more challenging than that. So that you actually need to learn some skill to beat it. Though we might have a T2 compatibillity mode as well. Not sure if this got implemented.
  21. Wow! Wouldn't have thought that my small comment would really have an impact. As for map breaking issues, well you will not be 100% against that, but as Sneaksie already said, we are pretty much settled and there are no known issues which would warrant a big overhaul anymore. For small changes, this should be rather easy to fix and if really some bigger issues come up, we usually also try to support this with scripts to automate a conversion process. As for Darkradiant, I think it's a pretty mature tool already, and what I heard from some people used to Dromed they are quite happy with it, after getting used to the different approach (additive versus subtractive brushes). For some simple tests to get a feeling for Darkradiant, you can simply download the package and give it a try with the SL assets. If you still consider redoing your project in Darkradiant, I would recommend to apply as a betamapper and work with the full mod though. We also have already lockpicking working *hint* (subject to some tweaking though but mapperwise I don't expect any serious changes there).
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