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  1. If you need a tester I could possibly do it, I switched Distros since last time I was on the forum, I run Gentoo right now on my main hard drive, my other hardrive is for any other distro I wish to test (currently fedora core & Debian stable & Gentoo), so I could do some testing if need be depending if work allows me too. Roguetech
  2. since his view is in his chest... that makes the doom guy what? 7ft high approximatly? lol talk about Air Doom Guy!? :lol:
  3. Hey guys Kick ass work on the site! Also some of the screens look amazing! Way to go! w00t...er...yeah....my sugar high is down now ... But yeah Thedarkmod looks even more promising than I thought! (praise to thedarkmod team!) Way to go guys! roguetech
  4. Ahh that makes sense! I was never sure on how emerge worked with doom3 as far as installing goes... I think today for me is 'Everything is starting to make sense day!'..heh maybe tomorrow will be 'Everything finally makes sense day!'........ok that was lame but whatever... Anytway thanks sparhawk for the info! roguetech
  5. Well Like I said I wasn't sure but it appears in the portage tree of Gentoo.. I on the other hand currently use Suse 9.2....Although I would like to convert over to gentoo just don't have the time... True It does suck as counting towards a windows game sale... At least I can Play it though happily on my desktop! Hopefully the sales problem will be corrected in the near future..doubtful about being near... just have to wait and see! roguetech
  6. Well that woulda saved me some money.... (heh download doom3) an by the way that clarifies everything! so thanks Domarius! also i do think it is possible not quite sure though...using gentoo linux...you might be able to download doom3 to play using the command emerge, although this could easily be the binary for linux conversion... i would like to test it out but meh.... I need to wait for another harddrive cause i don't wanna screw around with this one.... so yeah DON'T take my word for it I am assuming due to the portage tree... (could well be a BAD assumption and most likely....) anyway later! roguetech
  7. An by that statement I think I will wait until thedarkmod sdk is released..... I just figured I would need the sdk (that is out now) to play... Thanks for the info! roguetech
  8. So i should wait until you guys (thedarkmod team) release your version of the SDK? just making sure I get what your saying thats all...
  9. Oh i have a question Do i need to download the sdk in order to play fan missions? I know I need it to make them but just curious...(It never hurts to ask unless your getting mauled by a bear...)
  10. I kinda finally realised, now that I have gotten back into fan missions for thief 1/2 and playing the first mission of CoSaS. I would be real kool to play the Dark Mod since the main character doesn't have a name or anything, game creators would have more flexibilty on thier missions as far as storyline (if there is one) would go, Their not tied down to using garrett thus use some other characters people come up with an creativitiy would go through the roof... or at least sneaking on the roof.......er whatever... I'd Imagine this has already been disscussed but hey, I absolutly CANNOT wait (well I can) for the Dark Mod to be released, cause it would be kick ass for a thief-oriented game for Linux! an it looks so damn good. So yeah.... can't wait to see Judging by te forums new format this game looks more or less like a dream come true! SO thanks Dark Mod team! (oh an yeah I kinda don't like the dagger in thief anymore..kinda promoted killing.. I got used to ghosting, an Oddity was right about that.) Roguetech
  11. Well jugding by the size of the sword in t1 and t2 it definatly looked like a long sword... but who am I to argue, We all have our opinions so I'll leave it as that. Well Can't wait to see the game come out! roguetech
  12. That may be true about the additional code etc... and degsign. Although It would be nice to have both, Idon't like swords cause they feel big and bulky, even though the original thief had it, All I am saying just to satisfy both types of players, if not heres another suggestion, use a shortsword, Garrett Used a longsword in thief 1 and 2 and in thief 3 he used a Dagger... just go inbetween if that helps? Mind you all i am givng are just suggestions, Shortsword might even make more sense because he could guard/block with it an yet do some amount of damage. Then again who knows what will come about. Roguetech
  13. Hi, I would like to take a note on choice, i've noticed poeple argue about using either a Sword or a Dagger, just as a suggestion would it make sense on the purchase screen for items (if there is one) to have the choice of a sword or dagger? I mean think of it, I like to run around and duel with guards but I also like in thief 3 carrying a dagger backstabing looked cool and well made me rely more on stealth:ph34r:, in truth I prefer the dagger, but in my opinion to solve a problem why not have it so the Player/User chooses at the beginning of a mission whether he/she wants to use a dagger or sword. It would help put a problem to rest to have a choice of one or the other at the begnngin of a mission an then everyone is happy.Think of it this way a Thief uses what he can and adapts, so having both would be a benefit! I just thought i would say this as a suggestion. Although I realize that would take some character motions to do which may be time consuming but why not? As I said just a suggestion. Roguetech PS. I am glad you guys are using Doom 3 as a engine because I currently use Linux an It would be kick ass to see this game on linux. I own Cedega just so I can play thief 1 an 2 on linux but natively for the dark mod would be Cool to play, all i have to do is buy doom 3 now! which was on my agenda!)
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