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  1. Why not backport the audio changes in dhewm3 to support pulse, and maybe get rid of the default setting of audio to oss?
  2. I am on linux and it does not seem that anytime in the future that hammer will be ported to linux. The map compiling toolset is already working on linux with some minor hookups in the vrad but the posix ports are getting pushed up stream some time so they will be fixed eventually. The only real major hookup I see is getting all the map data that hammer uses, like the types of items and entities from what it is named/called in DR. all .vmf is is a text file with a bunch of { } sections. is .map a binary format? and what ever anyone thinks they all have the same root family to quake map format i
  3. Is there any way to get map building support in DR for source based games? I know this is unrelated to DM but still it would be cool and DR could be so much more them a level editor for just DM.
  4. I just want to be clear on which version of doom3 to buy the original or bfg?
  5. Why is there a block on searching words with less then 4 letters especially when searching with more then one word? I was trying to search for Doom3 bfg and it wouldn't let me search. I was trying to see if tdm would work with bfg since the source code was released.
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