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  1. Well, I just loaded the training mission, and realized it uses ambient sound more than whatever I was playing before (and whatever I was playing before that). So, I would NORMALLY be thinking I've got it figured out (the training mission just uses more ambient sound), but then there's Baddcog's issue (and Serpentine's, which is different still).
  2. Yeah, I'm playing Patently Dangerous. I hear the guards' footsteps VERY loud, and the ambient sounds are nearly silent. (I can baaarely hear the wind outside)
  3. It's on max. (here's what I've got) So, I take it the ambient sounds are supposed to be pretty loud? Like in Thief?
  4. Is it just my sound card (X-Fi Xtreme Gamer), or do the existing Dark Mod missions not make much use of ambient sound? Example: in T2, you'd hear a loud, scary hum while standing in one room, then it would change to a different loud, scary hum when you stepped into another. In the Dark Mod missions, everything seems pretty quiet, at least on my end. Edit: argh, I put this in the "I want to Help" section, thinking it was "Help".
  5. I wonder if the Wolf version of idTech4 will be released at the same time, since it's technically still idTech4. Perhaps the lighting code could be lifted from there. (and stuff like Parallax Occlusion mapping <notice engravings on back wall)
  6. Hmm, I see. Yeah, I added a note to my original post clarifying that, by default, I never assume an engine switch is practical, but I thought there could've been a chance that switching from idTech4 to idTech4-modified might've been on the easy side. (but, again, you also have the problem that if nobody's going to PLAY Wolfenstein, why move to it?) I hope idTech4 goes open-source soon. Last I read, there was some potential issue with Activision.
  7. I did a forum search for this, but, surprisingly, it seems nobody has brought it up yet. Have you guys (Dark Mod devs) looked into soft-shadows/lighting in Wolfenstein (the 2009 one)? What are the implications of finding some way to get similar soft-shadows into the Doom3 version of the idTech4 engine? It's not terribly important - and I don't know if making a full engine-switch would be a good idea, since I don't think anyone's going to be playing Wolfenstein... I don't know the numbers, though - but soft shadows would be cool, nonetheless. Update: forgot to point out that I don't actua
  8. Actually, I'm having some codec troubles with Thief 2 again. (crashing at all videos)
  9. I had 2 instances of strange footsteps in Chalice: 1) The guards' footsteps often sounded very loud, as if they were always walking right where I was standing. (this might have only been in certain areas, like the crown room, but I wasn't paying it too much attention) 2) At one point, I kept having to reload a certain part, because I would fire a noise-maker arrow from behind a statue, then immediately start hearing a flurry of loud footsteps a couple feet away (my own, I guess) even though I was holding still... and the guards would catch me because of it. I finally just canceled firing t
  10. Ah. Never seen that mission. I guess the key thing here would be making the rat placement brainlessly easy, so that there is no rigging needed by the mapper. (but perhaps, later, you could add manual controls - like trigger-distance, or event-based-spawning - in case someone wants to make something like, say, a noisy event that triggers a whole ton of rats to suddenly scurrying out from behind something). Yeah, my whole problem with permanent rats is... well.. when do you ever SEE rats indoors? (except when they just bolt by for a second) Yeah, the idea was to first think about just regu
  11. I was just dropping in to see if anyone had a solution for that. I have that problem with my Steam copy of Doom3, but I never crash. Anyone know the exact command line to use? I tried "+set fs_game darkmod" ala some threads I found, but it still boots into Doom 3, and I have to activate the mod manually. Does this below look right?
  12. It's often the case that these games start out hard at first, then get easy (combat-wise). If the combat HERE gets too easy for veterans, maybe a "realistic combat damage" setting could be added eventually, to make yourself easier to kill (and maybe the enemies too).
  13. And then... Notice the nearby empty tables...
  14. Thanks, all! By the way, I updated the pack (had to drop the bass in a couple ambient sounds, add some echo to the owls, etc... oh, and move the monster sound into the FX folder, lol), so... those who have already downloaded it might want to get the updated zip. (same link)
  15. I've been playing The Dark Mod in my burn-out time (that gap between work and work, when I just can't work anymore), and am really quite impressed. I think this is the Thief sequel that Ion Storm meant to make (just with less missions at the moment). There's the old-school Thief that everyone loves, and then there's a pile of new stuff that brings a load of freshness to the game. Well, I just wanted to drop a quick idea or two for the devs. One is "quick-rats", and one is "marking-dough". Quick-rats This would be a new, very, very, very simple implementation of rats that would make the
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