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  1. Have you managed to get it working in fullscreen?
  2. Without fullscreen it seems to work fine. Loaded and played for a bit.
  3. Same result. Seems to be a problem with OpenGL. Never had this problem before with version 2.00 for OSX. I18N: SetLanguage: 'english'. I18N: Found no character remapping for english. I18N: 1214 strings read from strings/english.lang I18N: 'strings/fm/english.lang' not found. WARNING:Couldn't load image: guis/assets/splash/launch Couldn't open journal files Couldn't exec editor.cfg - file does not exist. execing default.cfg Unknown command 'use' Unknown command 'console' Unknown command 'next' Unknown command 'prev' Unknown command 'previous' Unknown command 'next' Unknown command 'crouch'
  4. Doesn't work for me, it goes to fullscreen, blue background and then quits without giving any warning or error. I'm on 10.8.4.
  5. Any chance of updating this to 2.01?
  6. It seems to work fine as it is, apart from the fullscreen issue. Performance is the same and I got actually even better loading times than on bootcamp. Running on 10.8.4.
  7. Thanks for this, works great. Now if only there was a DarkRadiant OSX build...
  8. Fun mission, my favourite out of those three. The AI was a bit oversensitive and some parts frustrating, but still, this played and felt like the real thief. Almost makes me want to try the editor. Almost.
  9. Great portfolio, Diego. I really like the Constantine render
  10. Yeah, I understand that. It's exciting that the possibility is there though
  11. If this feature manages to get rid of the sharp pitch black shadows, it's a must have. They're basicly the only thing I dislike about DM's visuals and tend to ruin the atmosphere for me.
  12. Redface


    Ah, it wasn't all that bad, I didn't encounter that many bugs and the game was reasonably fun - well, as fun as a WW2 shooter can be these days. I give a 7/10.
  13. Too bad, Jdude. You're missing out on one of the best games of this year - if not the best one.
  14. Happy birthday, my favourite lamp
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