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  1. Otherside Entertainment (a new gaming company featuring some looking glass studio members) just announce on their kick starter for their new Ultima game that Stephen Russell has signed on for voice acting!!! How awesome :)

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    2. Springheel


      Huh? Skyrim isn't exactly a Thief game, spiritual or otherwise. I thought we were talking about a company doing what we've done.

    3. Goldwell


      Skyrim does have a stealth element to it and for some people that may be all they need. But you're missing the point to the rest of my comment, what I was trying to say was that if people are going to jump ship for the reasons you listed there are plenty of other games out there to do that.

    4. Springheel


      The reasons I listed were based on the hypothetical release, by a professional company, of a modern product that recreates Thief and includes a decent editor. There are no other games like that which I'm aware of.

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