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  1. So I updated to the latest 2.08 beta and went through the assets again. Good news is that the werebeast is all there now. But here's some assets that are showing up a lil funky for me: 1) atdm:ai_manbeast & atdm:ai_manbeast_spear_thrower 2) models/darkmod/junk/dirt_edge02_grass.lwo 3) models/darkmod/loot/jewellery/lionhead_amulet.lwo 4) models/darkmod/nature/boom_shroom_flider.ase (I think this is an old one but thought i'd add it in anyway) 5) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear.ASE 6) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_broken_shaft.ASE 7) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_broken_tip.ASE 8 ) models/darkmod/weapons/volta_spear_bundle.ASE 9) models/darkmod/wearables/headgear/broadbrim_hat.lwo
  2. Yep. I'll tweak with it and play with it when I get back to that section, and hopefully I can work something out. But it wont be a huge deal breaker if I have to reduce, i'll just make it a smaller scene. The mission is already quite big so maybe cutting some fat will help. It's all about adaptability right?
  3. Here's one example where I had an issue. I have a sewer scene where there is machinery spinning at the bottom, if the player gets too close they die. I added a plank of wood across this area (Above where the gears are) and put some loot on it. The player also is fighting against a current I added which is a func forcefield that pulls the player down towards the spinning gears. The purpose of the scene is to create some danger but some reward. If there was no current they could just swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up. No real point of it. In 2.07 you can swim down, grab the loot and then swim back up fighting against the func_forcefield, it's tight but you can still make it. In 2.08 with this new swimming animation, the forcefield will keep the player down there long enough to kill them. I was only hoping there was a simple way to use the old swimming style like a spawnarg on the liquid entity or changing a def file or something. But as we've established it's not a simple change, so it makes more sense logically for me to remove the section of my mission, rather than disrupt something that's in the core mod.
  4. Thank you! But how do I revert this for people playing my mission? Can I change a def file in my FM folder? Or is there a new spawnarg to turn it off? I have some underwater sections in my current FM that don’t work with the new swimming style.
  5. I’m referring to this: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3550 And that’s a bummer. I’m not a fan of the new swim style at all.
  6. Is there a way to get the old swimming animation back? Preferably using spwanargs or changing def files?
  7. I followed the instructions in the OP to download a fresh install of the 2.08 beta. Which means the version I have is “svn rev 8634/ 15810.” I do have an SVN tdm install but I did the fresh beta install as I want to be sure the version we rollout for the first beta has everything (asset wise) in it.
  8. So I think I found the issue with the werebeast at least, the material file for the model textures are pointing into a different folder to where the textures are actually found. To help make it easier for you to track things down, the material file "tdm_ai_monsters_werebeasts.mtr" is found in "tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4" and the texture files are found in "tdm_ai_monsters_spider01.pk4". So the issue is that the material file for the werebeast points to: "models/md5/monsters/werebeast/" Whereas the actual textures are found in: "models/md5/chars/monsters/werebeast/" Having that extra "chars" subdirectory seems to be throwing things off there.
  9. Was just looking through some of new the assets and have so far noticed that the manbeast and werebeasts are missing their textures. @Springheel I believe you merged these over if i'm not mistaken?
  10. Did the new collision rain make it to 2.08?
  11. Congratulations on your first FM Amadeus! I just finished playing it, took me just over an hour and damn was it a lot of good classic thieving fun! For a first release you have hit it out of the park, i'm very impressed! The layout and flow of your mission was really well done, you had a good variety of intriguing locations and some very thoughtful puzzles and layouts. Your use of mixing standard assets and combining them into something new stood out to me too, felt very refreshing. The mission ran really well and you could feel it was well optimized, in terms of details and readables you did an excellent job. I found myself immersed in your world and was having so much fun going from location to location just exploring and reading. The mission was also a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be and All over all this was an excellent mission, and for a first time mission incredibly impressive, thank you! Also do you plan on making a sequel or another mission? because I would love to see more missions from you!
  12. If memory serves me correctly the thief boss lady will come back to the thieves guild back you visit Wiverton's apartment and do your tasks there. Then you can find her hood and her key too. Thanks!
  13. Good to know! And yeah the player is not meant to get over the gate that way, we'll have to file that down for a bug fix in the next release. Thanks!
  14. Damn Grayman, you are a mapping machine! I’m hoping to get Shadows of Northdale Act 3 out this year. Act 4 and 5 are dependent on the new rain system in 2.08. So I’m unsure when those will be dropping.
  15. In the TDM base directory there should be "vcredist_x64.exe" and "vcredist_x86.exe". Try running that and installing that? It might help with the VCruntime dll at least. Also sometimes you need to register DLL's. The command is regsvr32 “C:\Windows\System32\NAME.dll” Replacing name with the name of the dll. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 myself and have had a pretty good time on it, the only issue is that a couple of times Microsoft have released an update which has given me a bit of a problem. But overall it runs pretty well. Maybe a fresh install would have been better than just upgrading.
  16. @greebo Thanks for looking into that! That's a damn shame, but it is what it is. In terms of changes, the only thing that comes to mind right now that could improve my DR experience is being able to lower the bar under where spawnargs are entered. There's a lot of wasted space in this area and I would love to finally be able to pull it down to the bottom of the window.
  17. @greebo Is there anyway we could get a darkmode for Dark Radiant? I made a thread about this 12 months back, but even if it was unofficial, it would make staring at dark radiant into the long hours of the night a lot easier than the glaring white it is now. I did a mockup just to show off how much easier it is on the eyes. Windows 10 does support dark mode which works for a lot of apps but Darkradiant doesn't seem to respond to this.
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