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  1. Wow! Thanks Mortem Desino - I didn't know about that. It's a long time I haven't been using DR. That's like half of what I was thinking for - and it's colour-coded already! That's definitely a useful feature, but it doesn't give us possibility to edit that, unfortunately. And some easier, smarter and error free method of editing material declarations is what I am mainly looking for. Some people may not even know, how to implement some material effects, and if they have it under one button that would make their life a lot easier.
  2. I have a wish... It's something everyone probably thought of at some stage of map editing and preparing assets for TDM. I'm thinking of an inteligent material editor. (possibly used for other def files as well.). It could be separate window with three main sections: 1) on the left - a list of all materials (let's stick to material editor at this moment) available in the opened .mtr file. Basically, when we open a file, editor would go through it and look for every definition. Then, you could basically select the one you want to work on by clicking it's name. 2) on the right (main section) -
  3. Hi! How is work on Head Selection UI going? I also think it's a great feature. btw. how hard would it be to go one step farther and displaying actual body with a head, as it's not only about choosing the right head but also choosing the head that matches nicely rest of the body.
  4. Hi, Installation of the mod was smooth and painless. But unfortunately I started experiencing some crashes. There are several cases, when it happens: - when I die - when I load a saved game, being currently in the game (I can load savegame only once - right after the start). - when I quit mission - when mission is completed. When it happens, screen goes black, but not completely - like 95 per cent - I can see a bit of very dark colour, where bright torches were (so it doesn't leave 3D display). Then it hangs up for about 5-7 seconds (mouse coursor appears) and it goes to desktop without any
  5. I'd like to try how it works. I have to turn off Aero to be able to switch between fullscreen and window mode (otherwise Doom/TDM goes grey). Alt+tabbing is also sometimes tricky for me in Win7.
  6. I used to use term 'rigging' for assigning models to skeleton too, but everywhere I see people using word 'rigging' for a process of building a skeleton - 'rig', and 'skinning' for assigning vertices to that rig. It may be just diffrent terms in diffrent software... @Baddcog - I forgot that you're a 3dsmax user too. Great to hear it is possible.
  7. Thanks for all replies. I understand that such a tutorial would take a lot of time to create and I don't expect it soon. Once I know, that I would be able to create and export characters from 3dsmax, I could sleep at night again... I wouldn't have time to learn animating in Maya now... Unless I could export stuff from Max to Maya and then using your workflow. I'm not sure what you mean by 'rigged joint'? If joint is part of the skeleton it's rigged then, isn't it? Or do you mean skinned, like with some vertices assigned to it? In that case it wouldn't import any dummy joints for binding st
  8. Modeling, skinning and animating are the tasks I am familiar with. What's unknown for me is the process of getting characters into engine and replacing/customizing some animations. Can I take skeleton from one of characters included in TDM v.1.0 or it should be a separate file, which you have in your work files? I work with 3dsmax btw. I know that you've done yours in Maya or Lightwave but maybe some of other team members know of some converting tools that work with 3dsmax? Are you planning on writing a Wiki tutorial on this topic at some stage, so people could make their own characters to
  9. Hi, I'm just wondering how difficult it is to add a new character to TDM currently? As far as I remember, this was one of the most problematic tasks in mod development. How does it look like with the current state of the mod? Have you established some proven workflow or is it still a painful experience? I don't know how relevant information in the animation section on the Wiki is, but some of those articles look quite old, refering to old skeletons etc.. It would be great to have a one comprehensive article/tutorial elaborating on all stages of importing characters to engine, including: - wh
  10. I told you, it's not only me! There are some sneaking walks in that book as well. You could take a look at them, for your suspicious walk animation. I don't see any tension in the last version. I think that legs should be bent, body tilted slightly forward, hands slightly up (not loose! he's afraid of danger) and he should make a small pause (or significantly slow down) after each stride (at the moment after he puts his foot down). I don't want to sound like an expert (which I'm not), but as you surely know, there's always something to change or improve in walk animation... Do you kn
  11. This is absolutely a must for anybody who seriously thinks about animation. You'll find there not only how the standard walk should look like, but also plenty of variations in limb movements and their impact on the overall look of animation. Anf it's not only about walk, of course... I'm currently devouring that book. (but it's not only my opinion!). http://www.amazon.co.uk/Animators-Survival...5365&sr=1-1
  12. There was green selflit skin for mushroom AFAIR. And beside that - it's actually only one - white texture for additive blend, so you can make your own shader if you like, using red, green and blue parametres.
  13. Timber edges look better when they're not mathematically straight, and also gaps between timber and mortar adds to organic look in that reference picture. Otherwise - nice textures.
  14. The most interesting things are happening between bricks and timber. If you just put timber beams on top of bricks without any "interaction" between those materials it looks a bit artificial.
  15. If you want the raven to be fully animatable in the future, its wings should be modeled as well. From what I see now, they are a solid part of the body at the moment. @Badcog - your way of mapping models is really a painful way - it's actually the opposite way it should work. As Crispy said - you don't have to detach model into pieces - you just select faces, give them rough mapping coordinates (planar, spherical or cylindrical) and then tweak the position of vertices. (using Unwrap UVW in Max). @Springheel - I'm not sure how advanced you are but usually people use some checker type textur
  16. .It probably depends on the software individually, but I work with some building models exported from ArchiCad and it's basically one big mess. Plenty of unnecessary polygons, weird triangulation, unwelded vertices and so on. Cleaning them for game engine would probably take longer than doing them from scratch in 3d app. As Springheel mentioned - there's no need to model such stairs. It's easier to do them in the editor - it's quite powerful. Mainly some organic and irregular shapes need to be modeled.
  17. All game engines support smoothing... maybe Quake 2 did not - I can't remember now... Yes, LWO files give you bigger control over the smoothing. It can be done also in some convertion application (like Deep Exploration). So even if you don't work in Lightwave you don't have to deal only with ASE files.
  18. Tree looks OK, but it's still too high poly. You don't really need to model those thin branches. They should be texture with alpha channel. That will give you nicer fine detail to the tree (if texture is good, of course) with lower polycount. If you're not used to game art it might take you a while to accept the compromise you have to go for with the details of a mesh. Texture is where you can/should put all detail. Bird looks like built of several meshes. I'd say they would look better (and probably animate better) as one continous mesh. (wings are just sticked to the body at this moment)
  19. I'm just sending you a file, Baddcoq. I cleared it a bit, but it's still a bit messy... Hopefully not too messy... Another thing, that could be done, actually I was going to do it myself, but if you feel like separating some masts into individual models (extra models, I mean), this could be useful for building own ships, I'd say. Thanks again for your help! ------------ Now, that's interesting. I don't know what's wrong. The only thing I can think of is that I made two sets of those textures - one is _noshadows_ set - this is meant to be used only on galleon model, as it has its own
  20. OK, I'll send you that in the afternoon, when I'm home. I see your plans are ambitious, but what I'd be afraid is that optimizing this model might take longer than creating it. For an actual map, I would probably just turn reflections off to make fps acceptable, but if you like doing this sort of stuff than I'm not going to discourage you... Origin point for hull is somewhere at the deck level (slightly below, so props alligned to it are unnoticeably sunk rather than over it. The origin point of rigging is exactly the same - for easier positioning. It doesn'nt have to be the same but the
  21. Of course feel free to do it. The ship is two pieces actually - hull and rigging. And some props like steering wheel are separate. (probably not included there). I also wanted to split it into several more parts. I wasn't sure which though. Maybe all back windows as a separate one. Any more ideas? Just keep in mind that it might not be easy. The model is already multilayered - there's simplified collision and shadow mesh, which makes any making changes to it quite awkward. If you want, I can upload a source file, since you're also 3dsmax user. FPS is sometimes low, but there's water
  22. To be honest, I didn't even think about it. I made it mostly as a static prop. Grabbing all that stuff, no matter how technically well done, would be just ridiculous. You can put some goblets or whatever else on top of it, to let player grab anything from that chest.
  23. How was the trip to Cracow? And where are those promised photos?
  24. This model took me about..... 2 years to complete! Finally it's on SVN. (chest_old_body and chest_old_lid). There's also a skin without coins. Coins are a tileable texture, so can be used with any other container as well.
  25. Anyone tried docks. map with enterable galleon? It's waiting for someone to make a prefab out of it (and probably add another lower deck since I've never finished it).
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