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  1. As far as I know there's some limitation in .map file structure that makes grouping objects impossible. Recently I thought about alternative method - tagging entities instead of grouping them. Tags would be assigned just like any other spawn_args. Actually - the functionality is already there - you just write any word and it's added to the list. I'd say tag would be anything which is not a recognised as spawn_arg. The only functionality which has to be done is "Select by Tag/Spawnarg". It shouldn't be difficult to do, should it? And there's really plenty of possibilities to make selecting a
  2. There's a way to go around that problem - create two shaders using the same texture - one will be wood, the other will be mortar. Now, texture your building with one of them (let's say mortar) and then using clipper split the walls along the edges of wooden beams. Change beams shader to the wood one. To avoid confusion, make something distinguishing in editor versions of those textures. The advantage of such combine textures is that they may look nicer. Instead of sharp edges between two plain textures of wood and mortar, you can paint some distortions on the beams edges, put some dirt or fa
  3. Thanks Ishtvan for a bunch of info. Currently netting shader uses "ladder" keyword. I didn't know about surf_ladder. (or is it what you had on mind?). For extra functionality I can make them separate entities - that ship will be prefab anyway, so that shouldn't be much bigger problem. But I wouldn't bother with those single ropes - I wouldn't expect them to act physically correct and spending next couple months trying to figure out how to set up AFs for them is probably not worth it. I'll leave them as nonsolid. But if anyone's willing to take that task - feel free to do it .
  4. Thanks Tels, I'm glad you like them. As I can't do much at the moment with the mod cause SVN screwed it up for me so I can't even launch it, I decided to post some screenies of galleon. (3dsmax renders). It still needs few tweaks and adjustments and some texture work (mostly normal and specular maps) but this is more or less how I'd like it to look like. I got it already in game but some things like holes in eagles nest platform has to be moved out of the mast to allow player mantle through them onto the platform etc. Besides that I have to do some collision and shadow opti
  5. That fungi texture was made for piers, that's why it's so green. Certainly we need some more colour variations but I wouldn't rely on those red, green, blue keywords too much, cause the result looks too artificial. It's better to make entirely diffrent textures rather than repeat the same pattern with just diffrent colour.
  6. I have some wood, rope and rigging textures for using with level editor. Naturally, all of them are tiling and are intended to allow you to build any ships you like ;-) with brushes and patches in DR. Rope and rigging can go to your fabric folder, I think. Could you commit that folder to SVN (even only dummy one) so neither you nor me will have problems with SVN?
  7. Where should I put ship rigging textures? I prefer to ask before I make a new folder. I was thinking about Rope, Cloth or maybe just Misc folder...?
  8. No, everything was done in Photoshop.
  9. Thanks, greebo. Last time I was trying to change the resolution it didn't work. But that was a while ago... Good to see it working! EDIT: No, changing the resolution settings does not do anything - resolution stays the same. I'll try those in DoomConfg.cfg. Here's the normal map:
  10. Couple more models to put into warehouses, attics and such. The galleon model is finished in 95%. I'm trying to get it into game right now. BTW: How do you record movies? I know about fraps, but we can't change the resolution in our current menu, can we? (I need 640x480 for fraps).
  11. That one suits only (mostly) graveyard theme. If you need ordinary chain texture there's chain.tga texture (made by Oddity (? don't know)), I made a normal map for it when using for my locked crow's cage. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v305/Tod...hainpadlock.jpg
  12. You don't have to restart it. Type in console ReloadDecls and that's it. Type Reload and press Tab to see what other things you can reload without restarting doom. (models, images and so on)
  13. Does that stone supports texture have any specular on it? There's plenty of white spots all around that texture which makes it hard to look at and disturbs the light and shadow situation. Other than that building is simple but atmospheric. I like windows too - especially that round one.
  14. They look very nice! We're definitely missing models like this! Just two suggestions: - the smaller one looks just like scaled down version of the bigger one, which is not very convincing. I'd keep pieces like lever, grill and maybe even pipes the same size or at least scaled down but not in the same ratio. - texture is very raw and simple at the moment. I think some dirt and/or leaking stains from under those round bands will make it more interesting. http://www.cgtextures.com/. Go to Metal/Leaking and you'll know what I mean.
  15. First of all, the first line is missing category name - it's not necessary, but for easier finding you can name it somehow, f.e: macroScript Max2ase_conversion category:"Dark Mod Tools" or whatever. Yes - save that macroscript using notpad with .ms extension in Script folder. Then in 3dsmax choose Utilities, Max Script, Run Script and pick it in dialog window. Rightclick on the Toolbar and click Customize... In the dialog that will pop up, in Category list choose Dark Mod Tools (or any name you specified) Select your macroscript and drag in onto Toolbar. The button will appear with
  16. I made a spiral spline for a base (but not using spiral tool, cause it creates too many vertices) and then was moving vertices one by one. You can make that spline renderable and set the thickness, but I used it as a path for a loft object - I needed it UV mapped for projecting height map onto low poly model. BTW: Baddcog - you work with 3ds max as well, don't you? I wrote some simple macro script for exporting models. All you do is select the model and click on icon. It takes path from the name of a dummy object, called darkmod/folder_name_here/. It saves a lot of time when you make plenty
  17. Oh, that was taken in 3dsmax, sorry about that... . Model does use an alpha map and you won't see the shadow of that loop in a game. However model also has a shadow mesh so it still casts a shadow of the main coil.
  18. I added some textures, made for models originally, but as they're tiling they can be used on brushes and patches as well. Pier platform: Wood_rough_fungi: Timber_ends: Iron_rough: They're all 512x512.
  19. I just uploaded one key model which is plain and generic. BTW, sparhawk - you were interested some time ago in that padlock being able to open and close for your lockpicking system. There are two separate pieces: padlock_square_base and padlock_square_lock, if you still need them.
  20. Hi everybody, I've just uploaded some models, which I was going to do... I even can't remember when. My life got busy recently and I didn't have time to do it - so, sorry for that delay. It also took me a while to get into the mod again. But I definitely want to finish that galleon model and docks theme - not much left to do, I think... There's one more model done while ago but I never showed it yet. A rope coil: (low, mesh, hi) And I also did some cellar lamp about two months ago for one guy doing a mission in Dromed. If you're interested I can make normal and specular map for
  21. Actually that urn1_d.tga file is not longer used anywhere since I made new skins for graveyard models. I should have deleted it from SVN. Now that urn model (currently it's part of a grave only) uses urn1_f and urn1_local (and common gravestone texture) and they have the same tiling issue since it all comes from that screwed up normal map. Sorry for that confusion. If you don't feel like doing it again for those other two textures that's fine but I will be able to correct it only somewhere around the middle of September .
  22. Thanks Baddcog! I never noticed that...
  23. There's T2 Object list program, which shows picture of each model in T2, and it contains 1177 pictures. But still - there are several dozens of doors, which are just same models with diffrent texture. I'd say we can assume there's about 900-1000 distinct models to be placed on the map. But that list doesn't include such models as moss blobs, rope and some other appearing only in game.
  24. 1780 bin files in obj folder and 99 in mesh (AI).... But there were many same models with just diffrent textures applied. Only few were reskinnable like ours. I'll try to upload some of my models before my holidays (next week).
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