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  1. Hey- just finished playing- this time I did things in the correct order and no crashes. I think the only problem was that the chimey Dark Mod music box intro music played over the end cutscene instead of the audio I presume should have been there. Again, super mission. lots of fun.
  2. I've been having the same crashing problem. The game will suddenly crash, and the last save is no good. Here are my specs: Windows 7 64 bit service pack 1 Intel Core i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA NVS 5200M I have changed some of the settings like Bikerdude suggested and restarted without a problem so far, but I haven't had much time to play and I'm just heading in to Down St. So we'll see. I didn't notice a particular place where it was happening before, but I was one who went into Syke's place first, and I started getting the crashes when I thought I
  3. OK- I'll explore that room more carefully. As for the sound- Thanks for the reply
  4. Hey- great mission! I loved playing. Great atmosphere, architecture and graphics! When it came down to it, it's true the ai were too easy, and it was too easy to hide and get around them, but it worked perfectly for me, because I didn't realize that until I was done exploring, and it was time to go hunting for stuff, and I wanted them to be easier so I could get where I wanted to go. Kinda kills replayability some, though. At first, the mission was really daunting and scary as hell. I did have the guy stuck on the statue, and the crate falling through the floor, although I don't think it
  5. yeah, I did that as soon as he mentioned it And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ. @Serpentine I have no idea what EAX is, so I googled it. One of the links took me to TTLG- anyway, I suppose I need to disable that in the game options? I'll look in to doing that when I next fire the game up. Thanks again you guys
  6. I've been busy and haven't been able to play much, but last night all I did was make sure Firefox wasn't running, and the game loaded up perfectly.
  7. Yeah, I tend to play in pretty short sessions during breaks from doing other things. So it's partly laziness, partly convenience to not shut things down and temporarily 'dedicate' my computer to gaming. Sometimes I'm in the middle of downloading or uploading and want to play for a little bit while that runs in the background. And I usually forget that there's anti-virus, anti-adware type stuff running all the time also. I want my cake, and I want to eat it, too- right? @gnartsch That batch file idea sounds really useful- unfortunately, I don't have anywhere near the skill to make somet
  8. Yeah, I uninstalled the training mission (all I had), although it didn't seem to work until I entered it into the console. Now, I've installed an FM and it's still working just fine.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! I do run some anti virus programs. I tried closing them down and it didn't change anything. Then I noticed an ASUS protection program of some sort running. I exited out of it and for good measure, I closed Firefox. After that I didn't have any problems at all. I'll have to do a little experimenting to isolate whatever is causing the problem. Thanks again
  10. Here's another one for you guys- I haven't been able to find anything on this in the troubleshooting section or anything. The first couple of times I started TDM everything went fine. Since those first two or three times, I now get something weird happening on startup. When I launch Doom 3, it starts with the ID animation that ends on the beating heart with the ID logo- While it's doing the animation there is no sound and part of my taskbar is showing- only part because of the resolution change it can only show part of it. I can get little snippets of sound if I click the mouse button. Th
  11. ok- yeah, thanks- it works just fine when I enter that into the console. Thanks, guys
  12. I've tried, but this isn't working for me. I opened 'DoomConfig.cfg' in Wordpad and added this to it: bind "r" "toggle in_alwaysRun 0 1;" I copied and pasted that right out of the file so you can see if I got some spaces wrong or something. I don't have anything else using the 'r' key, and I uninstalled and re-installed the training mission (the only one I have so far). I've tried it with always run enabled and disabled. Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
  13. Hey, thanks- that's exactly what I'm looking for on toggling the running. I'll give it a go. Toggling the creep would be nice, but the running is much more important. I've been having a hard time running, jumping and mantling and stuff while having to hold that extra key that I'm not used to. As for crouching to pick things off the floor- I guess I'll just have to get used to it. To me, if I see a coin or something on the floor, I just bend over and pick it up without thinking about it- as far as my awareness of what I'm doing goes, it's almost as if my arm stretches down so I can grab. O
  14. I want to set the creep and run modifier buttons to toggle. I found in the wiki: in_toggleRun: If set to 1, causes the run button to act as a toggle. That sounds like what I want (although I'd like to set the creep to toggle, also), but I don't know how to make that change. Is there an .ini file or something that I can edit, or do I do it from the console- or something else? Also, is there a way to extend my 'reach' so I can pick things up off the floor without having to crouch? I did a search on the wiki, but I'm not even sure what to search for. I realize this can affect gameplay b
  15. Crap- late to the party. Congratulations Komag. I hope you know you've doomed your son to someday have his heart broken by a girl named Victoria. Yeah, yeah, I know- somebody had to say it, though.
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