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  1. That sounds like a great roadmap. If you bind the mouse+kb controls with the Steam controller it'd be quite good!
  2. I am really looking forward to this continuing. Even if progress is slow due to other commitments, thanks for working on this!
  3. Very exciting, been following you guys a long time. Wish I could have been of help but alas time was not on my side.
  4. Yes I'm interested to hear his thoughts from a fresh perspective to compare with my own now that I've been browsing the svn a bit.
  5. Thanks, will try to get setup soon. My girlfriend just graduated from college and we've been... celebrating =)
  6. Hey guys. I was actually supposed to help out with AI for the DarkMod back when it started, but my life got nuts and I ended up moving all the way across the country and had a job that didn't allow me much freedom to work on other projects but some small ones of my own. I can code just about anything or any component, (netcode, AI, GUI, etc), you can check my website here: http://www.dracsoft.com/ http://mmorpg.dracsoft.com/ Specific to FPS development I've worked with OGRE and Irrlicht. An irrlicht project I've done is called Please No More Zombies here: http://www.dracsoft.com/47.html Source is a bit ugly in that one since I did it one week when I was sick. I'm familiar with Visual Studio 6, .Net 2003/5, Visual C++ Compiler, GCC and SDL/OpenGL, etc. I run Linux on a Geforce 6800gt/Amd64 3200+/2gb machine and a Windows on a Dual-Core 3Ghz P4/2gb ram/Geforce 7600GS. If you guys need help with coding or even just testing and debugging with detailed reports from a fellow coder let me know, I've got a new job recently that's way more flexible and my life has finally settled down.
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