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  1. Oh, wow. I kinda figured part of the reason you said the following acts would take less time to complete was because they shared some of the hub. But I guess you're taking the Hammond route and sparing no expense.
  2. I'm absolutely interested in this. Plenty of time to get started right away, too.
  3. Ha, I quoted you last time but forgot to ask. You mean future missions involve something going on in there? Or is there more to it?
  4. Yeah, that's what I would normally do, but the mission in question doesn't give you one by default. Not until you reach and unlock an evidence lock-up room deep inside the building, and being forced to ghost up until that point is what got me thinking about these issues.
  5. Yeah, I understand what you're supposed to do under normal circumstance, but those are a lot more helpful in your standard low difficulty missions then in well patrolled areas with more realistic lighting. It wasn't really a question of *if* there are any guards. I knew there were guards constantly coming and going, but I had no choice. The problem was that I was trying to pass through a long hallway with a door on each end and two on each side with a different guard rotating through on a different patrol path roughly every 20-30 seconds, with only a small opportunity to dash to a shadow in
  6. A very fine map that was lots of fun to play in and explore. I do have one criticism though, mainly that the path to the main objective (through the vent / water) was the least intuitive to find when compared with the path to the builders and the house across from the pub which were much harder to miss.
  7. A bit late to the party but I'm playing through Thomas Porter 2: Beleaguered Fence and the lack of ability to peek into rooms before entering them in close quarters map with this many guards is downright painful. It's all luck and save scumming and no skill or finesse. My ideal solutions would be either the keyhole system that Dishonored as was discussed earlier or maybe a mirror tool that you could slide under doors. I know Springheel said keyhole peeking isn't very realistic, but nothing is less realistic than constant reloading until you get the result you want.
  8. Really amazing mission marred by apparent limitations within the engine. I had to noclip roughly every 10 minutes. :/ Although the sticking seems to happen a lot more often going up slopes than walking down them, so I was already hooked by the time it became an issue. Very pleasantly surprised to see a fan mission using these themes in a way that both feels fresh and stays true to the game its inspired by.
  9. Those caves with the stalagmite/tites give me more slowdown than anything else I've ever seen in TDM. Very weird. 0_o
  10. Went through the topic on looking for hint about the paintings with the locks behind them (which can't be lockpicked and don't use any of the keys I've found) and found nothing. Seems odd that nobody else would ask about this but maybe I'm just blind or didn't check the right spoiler box. :/
  11. You madman! You told me to get ready to be disappointed! But the Accountant maps are just as amazing, and only a little less open and sprawling. My only criticism is that the 2nd part of Accountant II felt like it would have been better served being expanded into its own full mission instead closing out what already felt like fully fleshed and self-contained mission. But it's just an issue with the pacing than any complaint about the content, which went well beyond anything I ever expected to see from a Dark Mod mission.
  12. Part 1 was already the most finely polished Dark Mod mission I've played. Can't wait to see how the next installments turn out. Now I'm downloading the Accountant missions and Lord Edgar's Bathhouse in hopes that they're anywhere close to as good as Shadows of Northdale.
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