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    I am 72years old as of 2013. I like Modding and 3dmodeling for Morrowind and Oblivion. I have enjoyed the series of Gothic, Thief and Frictional Games.
    I also like: Pink Floyd, Tea, toast and Cadbury Milk Chocolate.
  1. There is NO such thing as privacy anymore. It's an illusion that we wish for but cannot attain. It's over! A belief of the past. like keyholes. Software can bring together every known thing about you that has ever been recorded from birth records, school and police records, licenses, banks, creditcards, medical records, cellphones, travel etc. And now every interest you have ever expressed on the Internet is also part of those records... including any comments you have ever made in any forum or comments on a news site and, of course, your social profile from information you submitted about y
  2. I wonder if new players are having those amazing thrills that TG and TMA gave me - of REALLY being Garrett and hiding in absolute fear of Hammers, guards and all the other Thiefy enemies and escaping via rope arrows, mantling and waterways etc. Personally I'll not bother with this new version of Thief - for two reasons 1. I don't want to as it's just not my 'cup-of-tea'... I have not seen anything in the videos and walkthru's that draw me in. 2. I don't want my previous (and continuing) fun with previous Thiefs and TDM ruined forever with this nu-age teen game concept. As this new version
  3. That's the name of the game with everything nowadays. We have developed into a permanant kindergarten class. Symbols and grunts for words. Fingerpainting (swiping your tablet/pad) is/has replaced the keyboard. Everything needs to be done for us as we automate and follow our robotic destiny. Another comment here was referring to just making a forward button that did everything for you - you just sit back and watch endless cutscenes.... but just as you are getting use to that - they will eliminate the forward button.
  4. I just bought a pack of two keyboards and two wheel mice for 19.95 from Tigerdirect in canada [probably 5 bucks less in US] the keyboards are glow-in-the-dark keys with big letters and symbols - like some sort of fisher price kiddy keyboard .. BUT.. The board and keys feel great to use and the mouse beats the MS mouse or the Logitech ones that I have. No, there are not any "extra" keys or buttons, but I prefer it that way.
  5. Jinix


    i would if I could and who knows maybe I shall give it a bash but I doubt anyone else would want to play a mod I come up with, as it would be all eye candy and secret buttons to discover. I don't really care about violence when I'm supposed to be 'playing' and prefer just hopping up and down buildings and robbing and exploring, stacking boxes mantling waterfalls and swimming against the flow etc. Altho' I do enjoy the undead and hammerites missions a lot and exploding frogs, spiders and snorty burracks. But guards I don't like, unless they are drunk and have humorous comments and conversat
  6. Amazing - it takes me hours to complete a mission. Unlocking a door can take me 5 minutes!
  7. Jinix


    yeah i know all that but.... there are other ways of making noises such as banging or rattling something in your inventory. Bumping your head in the dark etc., at least one modder should try this and see how it affects game play.
  8. Brilliant!!! That certainly worked - now I'm all set to 'venture forth'. Thanks - these little hints that can floor some of us should be included in the setup readme.
  9. Jinix


    In real life I am a silent walker - people jump when I approach them and they accuse me of 'sneaking up' on them. I don't sneak deliberately but just walk quietly, naturally. If I were a real thief in this game no-one would ever be able to detect me by footsteps. Has our protaganist never heard of Hush Puppies? I realise that without this 'feature' the game would be unable to sic the guards on me via footsteps - they would have to use their vision and other awareness abilities but not footsteps. How about at least one mod where one can buy or steal soft leather boots/slippers and where noisey
  10. In the Thief games I would knock out or dispose of everyone and then go hunt around for loot in a house free of worry.
  11. How can that not be okay? In real life avoiding a hit is done by stepping out of the way?
  12. In the early nineties I remember telling a class that Pandora's Box has been opened and no-one will never be able to close it... some of the youngsters asked what I meant and I told them that 'all hell was about to break loose' and their futures were set in stone and that they was no way out. It prompted a lively discussion about the future of computers and being on line (BBSing). An old man once came into my "school of computers' and offered to pay me if I would "hurt' someone in a another city for him, using the computer. I wrote him off as crazy - like how? I thought, drop one on his h
  13. That is a terrific looking game. I was about to join in with kickstarter but while choosing a donation I found they don't use PAYPAL ...duH? I don't use credit cards so that threw me off. Also I don't use Steam. However I give it all my support. I especially like the idea of them speaking in English accents that suit the game. American accents are only suitable for Modern games.
  14. Seems right as I have over 700 from Komags DVDs that I got in 2010. Everything was in a torrent 34gb of Thief stuff. I don't know if it's still a torrent but I see that the US gov has taken down IsoHunt.com so torrents will soon be a thing of the past... like FTP is.
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