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  1. Sorry if it came across that way it wasn't what I meant. I fully understand you can't buy macs just to build a mac port Thought as much, oh well maybe one day! Still you might want to remember the mac compiled DevIL file linked at the top of the thread if you do get round to doing a mac port at some time in the future. Good luck!
  2. I do have programming experience but I guess it all depends on what type of programming you mean. I have mostly worked with the .NET framework and javascript for web design. That being said I do have a grasp on the fundamentals of C++. Ultimately I was just trying to get the thief's den to work (mostly as test to see how difficult the port would be). Anyway if you would like me to try something I'd be happy to help out. It seems a shame to give up here and I find it a bit disheartening that a Mac port isn't on the agenda. Maybe after 1.0 right? I guess for the time being it's D3 window
  3. I'm going to try the recompile gamex86 approach since it is different for mac os x plus binary.conf needs to be set to 1 for mac as opposed to 2 for linux: Recompiling the code requires Xcode which I don't have installed at the moment but will try tomorrow. EDIT: It seems the gamex86.so is included inside "game01-base.pk4". Within the D3 base folder, game01.pk4 is indeed the linux version of gamex86 game02.pk4 in the D3 base folder contains a binary.conf set to 1 as well as game.dylib for the mac. Thus I think we need game02-base.pk4 containing binary.conf (set to 1) and game.dylib.
  4. Assuming the package installs all the correct files, which I believe it does in /usr/lib/ directory of the underling Unix operating system, it could just be a matter of modifying the code somewhere to allow D3 to recognize that the DevIL library is installed and can be used. My question is how the linux setup works (as we may be able to backwards engineer something since Linux is Unix-like). When required to install libmng and libdevil1 what exactly does this do? Where are the files placed, what files are installed? Are they registered in some way (similar to say regsvr32 in windows). Do y
  5. Hi, The FAQ on the Thief's Den mission mentions that Mac OS X support is not provided at the current time however based on my brief study of what the mission installs, requires and the differences between the Windows and Linux installations, I think it won't take a lot of work. It seems the problem lies in the use of a non-doom 3 file called DevIL. My guess is the team is using this file to provide read / write access to image files. For Windows it's simply a case of copying a DLL file into the install directory. Linux is a bit more complicated but basically involves the installation of
  6. I'm pretty open to suggestions.
  7. If I remember it was planned for DOOM3 before we were informed it would be in HL2.
  8. It just would not be real without the weather!
  9. kingers


    If memory serves there is a large thread on this at DOOM3World.org regarding transfer of data between maps.
  10. A DarkLoader for DOOM3, a nice idea and it should not be to hard to implement either providing no major changes occur to the underlying format.
  11. Sign me up! my email is matt.kingshott @ gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you!
  12. Hello Team, I am a hopeful mapper and voice actor wanting to join a great team. I originally was working on a DOOM3 mod called Hell on Earth which has now died and was hoping to continue to my DOOM3 work by joining your team. I also briefly worked on the D3 Phobos MOD. I am an avid Thief player and have them all and could probably tell you far to much about the universe! Here are some samples of my mapping which were going to form the basis for the for the first level of my mod: Download Here An audio sample for voices (which I would really love to do as well!) these are my own voi
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