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  1. i was looking for surface inspector shortcut to H/V shit size, but found some isues MoveSelectionUP is crashing DR when nothing is selected. on a fresh load bound key to "PLUS" is not working. need to be rebound to "=" Maybe a regon issue? im using US for keyboard in old radaint there is an option to match surface inspector H/V shift value to match grid size could this be implimented. instead of manualy typing values thanks david
  2. thanks for implimenting the mouse pan in 3d there is an issue on my setup tho, moving up/down is reversed maybe some conflicting option i have?
  3. this is the laggy brushes i was referring to. not sure if others are haing the same issue? comparing pre10 to an older build https://youtu.be/UznQ8mXr8qM i do have another suggestion with the 3d view port. when you are in free look mode and hold ctrl, the view pans. would it be possible when not in free look mode, hold ctrl, then use right mouse. it should enter pan mode but not free look. so once you let go of mouse 2 it return the cursor. this might cause an issue if ctrl is let go first.
  4. yeah that's correct. ESC is disabling free look. ESC never used to effect free look mode. numpad+ and - in old versions did disable free look. but it would give you your mouse back. now you have to click mouse2 in vewport twice to get mouse back.(bug) i was also wondering if this can be changed so that pressing numpad +/- would keep you in free look. it should resolve the bug to
  5. i am noticing some laggy brush editing updates in 3d viewport. its not overly bad, but its only been introduced in recent builds when in 3d free look mode. hitting esc will disable free mode, not deselecting the brush. only mouse 2 should toggle view? also when in free look, if i change the speed with num_plus num_minus, it will toggle the free look mode. but not show mouse cursor. can this be set to not change free look modes. cheers dave
  6. i seem to be having an issue rendering alphatested shaders not sure if its a bug or my pc. old version seems the same 1. start editor fresh in fullbright texture mode. make a room. any normal texture. make another box alphatested eg.. textures/darkmod/metal/grate/trans_grating01 add light to cover whole room you will notice the alphatest area is black 2. change view to render lighting view. alphatest appears but the shader is translucent. 3. return to fullbright texture mode. the alpha test is working as it should
  7. have you tested gtk radiant/netradiant yet. how is the objects rendering in that? darkmod is a mod to doom 3. so most of its features are suported in gtk instead of doing evry shader you could set up something in the parseBlendType blendFuncFromStrings to return null. no image/blends do you know what stage types are causing the issue, like alpha blends, gl_one etc.. another area u can change parseShaderFlags if (token == "tranZlucent")
  8. should this issue go on the bug tracker. if you use 'load in textures view' from media browser, you cant see the new shaders in the texture browser until you click 'hide unused', then clicking it again. greebo was working on this as part of another improvement that's in the works.
  9. i'm not firmiluar with blender. but do you have an option to disable vertex normal on export. you could try that. i use max. and have found its corrupting the normal's on export if the model was not split at smoothgroups might be an issue on darkrad making normals to? check the cords of each normal in notepad. *MESH_VERTEXNORMAL 5 1.0000 0.0000 0.0000 you could manually try to remove the normals from exported ase. open the .ase in notepad, delet everything related.. *MESH_NORMALS { *mesh..... }
  10. i didnt notice this comment before. this is not the same issue i get , seems like a lynix/driver issue. wonder how many lynix versions have been downloaded without the same issue? they have made a big move to msv 2013 and wx. your os is probly the last thing on the dev's mind. if old versions work, use them.. or like ppl sugest. get windows. dual boot/emulator etc if u want to map for now, untill its looked into? check console to see if its useing the on board intel? maybe try another video card, geforce? a gfx tweaker? if you can build the git, then try rename a common shader atribute that is causing the issue eg. areaportal, translucent report your finds. it may help you and there development
  11. you still have not made a workaround?? what about editing the shaders, renaming translucent? noetpad++ will rename all of then files with find/replace
  12. the problen is that the barrel has a collision textures. you are selecting that you must have collision filter enabled. filters mite not work on parts of map models
  13. i have noticed some issue with the 'select group parts' toolbar button if i use the clipper tool (X). it deactivates the function, but the button is still enabled im not sure what the default method is ment to be, but if i did a edge (E) move on one of those bruses it disables group selection( the button disables corectly to) leaving 'select group parts' enabled with (E) (X) (V) might be a good oprion?
  14. another thing i noticed. there no more tool tips in the entity window.
  15. i added a file that u can try find, any of the 2 brushes ontop of 1 another replace, the individual brush have it as an option, to switch between both modes, if you do decide to impliment a second, is a bit of an exaggeration, it seems to be the same on a big map and a new map speed i can click at in std view is about 0.06 seconds speed i can click in freelook is about 0.23 seconds crash dump, i think its right? it seems to crash when i start draging the patch and its edge hits 512 grid units
  16. i realy like the find/replace you have added makes it easyer to get the shader names for other tasks to an idear to add to find replce would be to have an option to replace the texture proporsional to textre size might be a hard thing to impliment tho?. i have been using notepad for different sized textures. it tiles exactly if you use find/replace it uses the old scale values eg.. old texture is 512, stretched 0.5. when u apply the new texture of 1024 it keeps the texture scale of 0.5 instead of being 0.25 to match its tiled amount some issue i have had with 2.0.3pre3, not sure if they have been covered in 3d view if i am in freelook mode. mouse clicks dont work as fast you need to wait a second for mouse click actions to work again. when creating a decal from a brush face, the texture is rotated sometimes. could it default the texture right side facing up i can make it crash on a new map by making a simple patch mesh, then move it around a few times. cant resize patches in 3d viewer properly, it seems the edge facing 0 0 0 grid is able to move, if centre of patch is over 000 then it wont resize in 3d at all if you use 'load in textures view' from media browser, you cant see the new shaders untill u click 'hide unused', then clicking it again. if you try to move an item like a weapon thats using the 'angle' key, the string gets removed completly. instead of just removing 'angle', could they be replaced with 'roration' (if its not allready set).
  17. i had the same issue. its seems to be caused by shaders with translucent set my work around has been to hex edit the word to something else eg.. tranzlucent darkradiant\modules\shaders.dll it might be some custome gfx settings we use?
  18. i should have made it a bit more clear. you allready suport loading of the md3 files. its just missing the textures. i will still add an example md3. extract zip. it will make a folder xreal set prefrences to game xreal. path to xreal folder mod path to base u should be able to load the model. file: MD3 thanks
  19. the patches inverted. seems normal to me, even in old gtk rad. might be good idea if u set a prefrence option, inverted patches the move brush issues seems better, i cant produce any errors on angled brushes. tho i still see entities have funny values if i use toolbar rotate Z-> (angle -3.5083545633527932e-015) yeah im hopeing for the find texture dialog box update to like the old gtk used to do also could u also add some code to load md3. should just need to copy the... else if (fExt == "ase") plugins\model\RenderablePicoSurface.cpp i never seen 'copy shader name' in media browser b4 seeing video, would be nice in the model selection window xreal config is crashing editor to, its missing <fonts> </fonts> if you want to add this this file to git
  20. bug 0003851 says about the sound files in shader allowing both forward and back slashes to work it seems to be affecting the sound shader names to. if i select a shader name like sounds/xx/123 it shows up in the entity window as just 123 they are display different in the sound choser to if they are backslash, its not in a tree. (alphabetical) if it has forward slashes its in a tree with + signs to expand the folder. (i prefer this mothod)
  21. select_all_models_of_type.py i have tryed the script. for worldspawn brushes, its not selecting them all for me
  22. if you make the brushes into a grouped entity like func_group. does that help when u want to move it to the outers of the map? i beleave the brushes take on a new origin. the centre of the group. moving it moves the brushes and the origin together i did try a small test and it does change brushes some what. but probly no where near as the extreme you are geting
  23. i am usung an xreal mod and it used to work on an old version of DR. i have 1 sound shader file.. linking to all audio files in there sub directories if i edit the shaders in the file to be backslash (\*\*, i can see the full length path in entity window. if i try doom 3 and the shader has a long path, it shortens it the same. it works correct in old version of DR
  24. when i make a speaker. it makes me select an audio file aftere i have finished. i check entity inspector.. and it only has the file name, its missing the /xx/xx/ paths is this normal, my settings or something is up with edd
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