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  1. I played through the mission a couple of weeks back and the only thing I noticed, was the missing door that was reported. I make for a horrible tester as I built it however. In any case I don't have any plans to patch this mission further I'm afraid, but thank you for the input regardless
  2. Hi Oldjim, Sorry for the slow reply, but I'm afraid I got no idea what's causing the bugs. If there's been an update to TDM since last update I did on the mission, there might be a few things going off track. As for the Gas Arrow thing, I did nerf the starting gear for all difficulties. I thought it was too easy with all that gear.
  3. @Hmart Thanks man, very kind of you to say. UE4 has caught my attention. The new Unity is very impressive and I think there's already a few WIPs on it with early access (The Forest?), but everything about Unreal appeals to me, especially their distribution strategy, which is 20$ per month for a license and 5% of your net gain if ship a title. The cathedral is built in modules and if you look closely at the wire frame bit, you can probably see where they meet. Each section is 6-8 unique models. In the video no optimization has been done in regard to visportals, though caulk brushes cut each section for a portal. Most performance vs visuals past this point, would probably come from good static lightning, particle effects and simple collision. I could go the extra mile and export them and make LOD versions, but it's currently not a concern.
  4. Thanks! Specific divisions are already set for the parts that don't require as much detail (Mostly up high where players don't look that much), and the tri count is actually pretty suitable as a result
  5. It's already built in modules and no need to do anything as the map isn't going anywhere at the moment. It's a bother to concern myself with way down the line thankfully.^^
  6. @Bikerdude Thanks man, will do! @Obsttorte Took about 2 hours for DR to convert it into 671mb .ase and looked like it was either gonna take as long just to inspect it or it had crashed while trying, so I shut it down.
  7. If it means more performance, then it's definitely a thing to do when/if I continue work on it
  8. @Obsttorte Don't know how to export/view the tris count, but the draw count is about 3400 from the void and it's still running +60 FPS. Having good hardware definitely helps with that point. And yeah, there's definitely a challenge when having to add more than ambient light and inconsistency to the environment, without hitting the software limitations. Careful planning and good use of non-dynamic lights is a must, for that size room. I think its worth taking a note out of the "Thief" playbook, as that game has -amazing- static lightning. On the upside, I haven't added visportals yet to the arches, so on that point it's looking positive for further building. @Bikerdude I really like the stock sounds from TDM when it comes to water, but some HQ custom sounds for the scene would not be a bad idea! Deathblade2014666xxXxx is doing the textures, so far the only custom ones we've used are the beige stones you see in the Cathedral. They would probably be improved in a polish phase later on, as the shadows does "skip" around the surface as it is now. Btw it should be noted, that there's no external models used, it's all primitive patches and brushes, made into func_statics. The result is a higher load time, but the performance is excellent. The downside to this, is any change to an FS requires me to replace every similar FS, rather than just "reimport object". I've also been very careful about having verts line up, to avoid shimmering on surfaces, which seems to also have eased the strain on the engine as well. That last part might be wishful thinking, but worth pursuing when building for the sake of good order and compatibility.
  9. Okay time for some spoilers! "What are you working on right now", might not be the right phrase, as I'm currently neck-deep in another project on another engine, which has taken up most my attention the last 3-4 months. I'm afraid that I don't know when I'll be able to find the energy to work with TDM mapping and I said I wouldn't give spoilers until I knew a likely release date, which now is: No clue! First up: "Ascension"
  10. Check out Zen Garden by Epic's own team and then also check out what a 30 days developer license costs I'm hoping that in a year or two, EA is gonna be massively butt-hurt.
  11. Thanks Springheel, I gotta say I pretty much agree with you on all the points that you mentioned. So much I'd do different if second time, but obviously I can't keep redoing the same map over and over. If I went insane and did that, I'd do it as an 'All Commons" map as well I got my hands a bit full at the moment so the next mission still doesn't have an ETA, but it's well under way and the hardest parts are done, with the lessons above in mind.
  12. +1 Getting good at optimizing in this is a challenge. Detailed scenes need to be very well thought out, all the way down to intersecting tris if possible. It's tedious compared to just mapping away on dreams, but it soooo pays off to be thorough from the start, considering you can have your cake and eat it too... Visuals and performance ;p
  13. Kvorning

    Dark Souls

    Yeah some things are probably not balanced, weapon and gear wise, but I hope they keep tuning the game. It's difficult to figure out what actually works, without reliable network though and I don't think any network throttling software has a strong enough effect to be worth while. To me it's like using down-sampled resolutions. Results are too weak.
  14. Kvorning

    Dark Souls

    Yeah I think you can do the "Come on!" or "Mercy!". You do get some pretty epic battles with other players though in DS2. Had a 10 minute fight with a guy who dual wielded Evelyns and had a Mastodon Halberd, until he finally got me with 20% left over on him. Not all fights are lame, not at all, it's just the occasional one where people purposely abuse network settings which bothers me. Cheesy gear setups don't bother me at all however. That's a part of Dark Souls and I love when there's a meta game that constantly develops around what is considered "good". Personally I make my way through it by going for what I think could be fun, like power stance with whips
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