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  1. All you say So what about demagogue's idea about a site just for fiction or FMs?
  2. Hey folks, just played some time with your logo and do some work with textures. So what would you say? http://dein-start-ins-larp.de/first.jpg In my opinion, the space between D and A by dark and between M and O by mod must be greater, just a bit, but I wont edit the type Greetings, Kire
  3. So, I've thinkin some times about this all and have some "maybe" - task, they I could do: - new design for the mainpage (dont know, but the left-side-style isnt what i call modern, maybe you like it, then I won't say anything ) - redesign of the game-menu at start and the videosequences (showing some friends Your game and they all said: they dont expected this kind of game, because the look of menu and sequenz looks worse) - mod of logo (just some workaround with textures) A single design for a page of fictions? Why not, would you use wordpress again? Which version? But my english isn't so good I should wright the content. The design - no problem. And FMs, yeah i just take some looks of the beginners guide and maybe... I've some ideas, I would scribble a bit...
  4. Hey there, my name is Erik and I'm from germany, just heard of tdm yesterday. What should I say? I've never owned DOOM 3, but by checking news of thief 4 I've found screens of your mod. It was just time of a few seconds I found your website and folks - I buyed Doom 3 via Steam, no 5 minutes later. Then, after installing your mod, I've played und was really happy - that IS Thief! Feeling like 1999, where I was playing Thief 1 the first time. So I read on your site of your plan to make a STO - Version of your mod and want asking: do you need some helping hand? I've a bachelor-grade in media informatics and do a lot with graphic and webprogrammig (loving Wordpress). I've designed one Interface for an german flashgame and what should I say - if you need some man of Photoshop and Wordpress, then take a look of my last works. So guys, you does a great job - I love whate Doom become. Greetings and sorry for my bad english, Erik PS: last work from me
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