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  1. While yes anyone can do the tweaking, I think it would be silly to suggest that people do this to 'fix' TDM. For mod authors you want to be giving them the most stable platform you can, and during the beta testing you want people to have near identical settings (with the exception of graphics/controls etc...). This keeps your bug finding focused on getting the core of the product perfect. I did find the run speed to be a bit slow, and the audio feed back on your footsteps is a little off, I can't tell whether it matches what the AI would be hearing.
  2. It would be quite fitting for the setting, the moss arrow is a pagan based/associated item AFAIK. And movies featuring them frequently showed similar effects happening. Oh and in deadly shadows when you hit people with moss arrows they were temporarily stunned and made sounds like they had been gagged.
  3. The particle effect for the spawning of the moss looks a little fast compared to the rate of moss growth. But really I never liked the moss growth animation in thief, I always thought the best growth effect would be where moss slowly expands out from the impact site along the surface. Taking a bit of inspiration from thief cut scenes it'd be cool if little flowers or similar grew as well as moss.
  4. The Total Annihilation fanbase is similarly long lived and also produces a fair bit of content even today. Units and maps are the most common but there's easily 50+ total modifications (of varying quality) too. Supreme commander sucked the TA fans away though. One thing I've noticed is that there was a resistance to 3rd party content in the multiplayer community, people got good at the original game and didn't want to play anything else
  5. How are you guys planning on implementing vine arrows anyway? I know this is probably already done but it would be interesting to see them act a little more like vines that grow outwards and down from the impact location rather than a green rope that hangs off the end of the arrow. Vines that stick to the wall like how the moss arrows grow moss around the impact site. Could get some pretty awesome looking growth animations going as it spreads along the surface. Heck could even have them entangle ai when you hit them with it giving you 10-20 seconds to do something about them or run away bef
  6. In the current day we have huge vineyards covering hectares. But thats because we have the technology to do so. Back then the largest would have been an acre or so. Walling in the vineyard wouldn't have been such a bad idea, trying to keep pests/people out. and would give an interesting setting for the mission, obviously this person has a bit of capitol behind him to build a wall around his vineyard, it would be a good method of getting into the property.
  7. Dark messiah has plenty of open freeform areas to deal with things but then you get choked off into the next section, and there are some bits where it's linear all the way. though there are bits that make you wish you hadn't spent all your experience on stealth and instead beefed up on your tanking abilities. But all play types get a fair whack, for most of the game you can choose either to stealth it or tank it, and then there are some bits where magery and archery come out on top. You can't play without steam unless you've acquired it in an underhanded means. Ohh yeah you get points for com
  8. The sneaking in dark messiah puts oblivion's to shame, it actually comes very close to thief itself. If there was a toolset for it making FM's would be possible. the only difference is that the game usually throws you into combat heavy situations, for instance you have to take out cyclops's and you don't get much choice in the matter. Because it uses steam is absolutely no excuse for avoiding it. Oblivion was a huge disapointment for me and alot of my friends, we all thought morrowind was much better than oblivion for many different reasons. We spent alot of time with different morrowind mod
  9. Just finished Dark Messiah of might and magic, very nice game based on the source engine. anyway you can max out skills on thievery/sneaking and the game plays alot like thief, you can even snipe with bows and there is a rope bow at some point (yes rope arrows ala thief). Near the end there is a suit of stealthy armor with the letter 'G' in the collar. The game has alot more combat than you would normally see in thief though. Ohh yeah remember that discussion about re-animating ragdoll bodies we had a bit back, seems they've done it in this and it's pretty good quality. Just somethign to l
  10. I find the thief leaning to be adequate. Though you could implement something like the tds wall hug system as when you go to lean you usually are at the corner, so a button to hug the wall and then use the move keys to indicate direction. Other games have had methods of tackling the way the player stands, in heavy gear 2 there were two buttons to change your operating height. One made you go lower and another heigher, but it was through fixed stages (stand, kneel, crawl).
  11. FFS guys I make a post and you turn it into a tornado of stupidity... Getting back on topic. My question was mostly directed at how as good those games were they are still very old and at the moment I can't seem to run them on my system. A remake in TDM would have ALOT going for it, everyone who missed out on the originals could play it now in much greater detail (I know alot of people who would dismiss a game based on graphics).
  12. Has anyone attempted to do a remake of the old games? and is anyone thinking about doing a remake in the dark mod?
  13. And because we can assume garrets better at it than gildoran he could jump a little further. Perhaps tying the lean forward action in with the jump action to do a standing long jump could work. The latest hitman you don't even have a jump button, he really has no need to jump on the players whim, only at certain places where a jump is necessary and to trigger that you have to walk upto the spot and push forward. This of course does equate to level designers needing to specifically implement it (and potentially unique animations need to be made to cover unique situations).
  14. DopeFishhh


    I'd hate to interupt this new line of discussion, but tying a guards hands and legs and gagging them is pretty much a given if there is the potential they will wake up again. Didn't happen in thief because they didn't wake up again, but imo the point of a blackjack is not about a particularly silent kill, it's fufilling the no killing objective on a map and getting a better rating. I think you could just as easily stab someone and be as quiet, obviously it would have to be a surprise attack. Murder is obvious, there tends to be alot of blood, if a guard finds a murdered body as opposed to so
  15. Well what ever looks best, I just don't like how for the longest time in fps games the player was always perfectly upright up until their death or they pull some special move. In gothic 2 you could do a jump roll but the camera would always point forwards like as though you could see through your skull...
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