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  1. Fix the petition, they're removing it.....
  2. Am I the only one who didn't use a single rope arrow in the demo?
  3. Regarding the ladder, I tried pummeling my jump key - why can't that work?
  4. Just played the demo. I have to say it was awesome. Had that Thief feeling, but still new. Positive Mantling has become really good. I first had problems getting anywhere in the beginning until I understood that you were actually able to climb better than in Thief. Finally weapons do realistic damage. \o/ Critique Cycling through the keys to be able to use them on a door? Why is this a necessary design choice? It's only annoying and awkward. I understand if this was a choice if you were running away from guards and have to use a locked door (which doesn't happen 95% of the time). I had a hard time getting off that ladder. Could there be a way to making it easier? Animations are a bit awkward, I did read that you were short on animators so I shouldn't complain. For some reason ------------------ I so can't wait another year or so for this to be finished. The demo was really good.
  5. Yeah, I definitely know how hard of a time people have to get animators. Just look at me, people actually asked me to work for them and now I work as an animator. (the point is, people is so desperate to get animators that they even employ someone like me)
  6. Denny

    Moddb / Addondb

    Addondb is concentrated solely on the single work made by mappers, modellers and such while moddb is concentrated on whole projects (modifications). So if you're a mapper you can release your maps separately as a submition at Addondb, this isn't possible at moddb. Cheers~
  7. Denny

    Moddb / Addondb

    As I said in my first post. Even if you did update your Moddb-profile a month ago it still doesn't feel like it was. (the last update date ain't the first thing people check) Even if I know Moddb ain't the funniest place to hang out, and you guys have other matters on your hands, I still think some activity over there wouldn't hurt.
  8. Denny

    Moddb / Addondb

    Moddb is like DeviantArt. Some people prefer one site to give all updates needed instead of browsing the webpage of well over 200 mods in their watch. Also it's a good place to show people who don't know about TDM's existance. Some people won't find out about it unless they read the news on the front page of the site. Anyway, my post was more about Addondb and I hope I get more response about that. P.s. It's a difference in what state something is in and what it appears as. I know pretty well that TDM is not near dead from inactivity but the moddb-profile gives the feeling of otherwise.
  9. To start with I've looked through some new threads and I saw that you guys still seem to get low amount of feedback from users wanting to help and what not. Mostly texture and such. I came to think about Moddb and that you guys have a profile over there. I know that there ain't much more you guys can do on Moddb if you don't have anything to update with. I checked out your Moddb profile and as I see on it, it gives the feeling of "zombie mode", I mean. Dead but still not dead. I think a rehash of the whole profile, help wanted and news would be nice. Last update was a month ago but I don't see much difference. Maybe a news update that sums up everything that has happened officially so far would be good, explaining the whole situation so people might get interest to join your cause. But then Moddb wasn't the only reason why I decided to make a post on the forums. It seems not too long ago the people behind Moddb decided to launch Addondb, a similar site to Moddb but focused on content brought by mappers and such. Making it possible to exhibit your own maps, custom models etc. Wouldn't this be a good way of giving The Dark Mod more publicity? What I've noticed a bunch of people has already got their hands on beta mapping kits for TDM and some are trying to get it as well. Why not inspire these people to showcase their maps on addondb, adding to the possibility that more will open their eyes to TDM? The only thing I'm not sure of is that if you must upload a map to showcase it at all, but I really doubt that. It's just a thought I had and it doesn't seem that much of a bad idea. Keep up the good work people.
  10. You really like to interpret messages your own way don't you? I never said I wanted it ALL the time. Also the single player maps made by fans usually sucks horribly. Just because I said I like to have some mindless shooting doesn't mean I don't care about level quality. Also I don't care what the hell I'm shooting on screen, it's just a bunch of pixels and polygons anyway. And yes, I can relax while shooting those brains out. I don't think there's any reason to argue anymore here, both sides have decided not to back out with their argument and thinks their point of view is the right. It's a loop of doom.
  11. There is one more thing to add to the equation. People like me want to play the same thing with new levels and such, making it unknown. That adds to the challenge in its own way. Playing multiplayer just adds to the challenge but there's actually nothing "new" after a while. I like to play games without knowing what's going to happen around the next corner. It's the same thing with movies; I can't watch 99% of them a second time because I already know what's happening, making it boring. Some people want to explore at the same time as making some mindless shooting and that's hard to get by playing the same game more than twice. It's not like you'll feel the sensation of surprise if you know the ins and out of a level. Mindless shooters works fine for me as it's a way to relax behind the screen some evenings. Having an advance story or such is not welcome always. Think of some movies that are so complex, making you watch it a second time. Sometimes you just want to watch a brainless action movie, just to relax for a while and that's what I want alot of times from a game.
  12. And then the agree turned around its angle and became rational. O_o
  13. Why remake something that's awesome as it is?
  14. Some developers try to keep that interactivity in their FPS'. Vampire the Masquerade : Bloodlines atleast tried. ----------------------------- It's still called "First Person Shooter". How do you make an FPS without shooting? Hard to make it "not" seem mindless as that is the main point about FPS'. Agreed that the story in most cases SUCK, but it is there. By the way, I read through the thread and never saw if you actually "played" the Prey demo. Did you? (some people tend to judge by looking, not trying)
  15. Where's the part that makes me "deliberately stupid"? Maybe you should think twice before insulting someone else in a conversation, it's not a shortcut for winning it. Anyway, the rules I'm talking about here is the "cause and effect" type. Look at Demagogue's post; "helping an NPC with a problem or injury, finding a restaurant for dinner, trying to set up two friends on a date or break them up, sparking a street riot to pressure the city to change a policy or let someone free from prison, or stopping it ... so you need better ways for PCs and NPCs to interact, you need a social world that runs on its own steam going on that you can use or abuse (other people going to work, having lunch, having sex at night)" That's simply a cause and effect rule, set and scripted in the programming. If there's no reason for the gamer (let's simply call it that) to interact with the NPC, making him or her happy or sad, then it "usually" won't keep the gamer going. Just by letting the gamer interact with an object or person is a rule in itself that allows the person to do that. Edit* I think you guys are way locked on the word "rule" itself. I can't find another word to explain what I'm trying to say.
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