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  1. Yeah, i found it odd too, because usually vertex colors are blended with the diffusemap, yet here in tdm it works only with the specularmap. @STiFU: No, it's still faulty ingame.
  2. Thanks, it works now in the lighting preview mode. I wrongly assumed blending with the diffusemap was unnecessary, because it doesn't show vertex colors in TDM. The "placeholder" dds file is uncompressed, that's probably the reason why it doesn't load in DR.
  3. For the cylinder its red: 0.545, green: 1.0 and blue: 0.22
  4. @OrbWeaver: DR version is 2.8.0 x64 and you can check out my updated testmap: https://mega.nz/file/hBgl2byQ#MdVn2JVIhGRPuuPtXjSDOLZdY9Ix2ohQAA_0zHYIOh0
  5. Yes. Btw, i forgot to mention DR doesn't show vertex colors, neither in unlit mode, lighting mode or in the model viewer.
  6. @HMart: It's just a demonstration model for my issue So, here is a more simple example using just a cylinder beveled twice: Cylinder types from left to right: 1) smooth with hard edges 2) smooth 3) smooth + weighted normals 4) smooth + weighted normals + vertex colors 5) smooth + vertex colors 6) smooth with hard edges + vertex colors The vertex colored cylinders look corrupted. After making the first Screenshot, i quit tdm, start it again, make the second Screenshot and get this: As you can see, two vertex colored cylinders display correctly this time. So, i could quit tdm and start it again over and over, and each time i will get a random result for the vertex colored cylinders, while the ones not containing vertex colors always display correctly. Simply having vertex colors in the models is required to get broken shading, commenting them out in the .mtr file doesn't fix their faulty behaviour, only removing them from the model does. Comparing the ase files from cylinder 3 & 4 with notepad++ shows as expected no difference besides the left out vertex color information on cylinder 3. Testmap updated with cylinders: https://mega.nz/file/hBgl2byQ#MdVn2JVIhGRPuuPtXjSDOLZdY9Ix2ohQAA_0zHYIOh0
  7. No, the 'keep sharp' checkbox on the weighted normal modifier makes it ignore edges marked as sharp. It's displaying fine in Blender. The problem may only appear in the dark mod.
  8. Sure thing, here are my export settings (i'm using Blender 2.83 with the ase exporter from Orbweaver): You can have the blend file as well: https://mega.nz/file/ZFRjASTY#wxZ62WdHDWATLWek6EjOJw830HSdEr3OUia331s9GOw I doubt this has something to do with the export, since the ingame render from the vertex colored model can become good and bad with the same file. Plus, both models had the same export settings and the one without vertex colors always renders fine.
  9. No luck with 2.08 beta 7: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/y7oq9xmv.png Grayscale values don't make the problem go away for me: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/llynbogo.png Are vertex colors only meant to be used for blending materials in the dark mod? Vertex colored models totally work for me, when the game(or whatever is responsible) doesn't decide to screw their shading.
  10. I'm using DR 2.8.0x64 with TDM 2.07x64 and haven't checked out 2.08 beta yet. Will try that out and report back.
  11. I'm getting broken shading on models using vertex colors. This happens irregularly and might need a few tdm restarts to show up. Without vertex colors the shading is always fine. So i made a testmap showing a model with vertex colors(green) and a copy without vertex colors(grey): Broken: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/5zowqjao.png https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/nlr7crb3.png Fine: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/mk2rbalo.png https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/6tnswcyq.png Always fine without vertex colors: https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/z5rbpj86.png https://s12.directupload.net/images/200615/pushrgbk.png Testmap for download: https://mega.nz/file/1IYXCaJQ#WttwX7bBmlH-GDVKzQtuubNUxm3kbZRAvlqr8NS2Tv4 Also interesting, when removing the vertexcolor line from the mtr file, the problem can still be observed. Can you guys confirm this issue?
  12. That's it. When i remove the vertex colors the export works flawless.
  13. I've encountered an error with the 2.8 ASE Exporter when exporting a specific model: It only happens with this model, other ones export just fine. Also, i can export it to ASE with no problems in 2.79. OrbWeaver, do you mind having a look at this? I put the blend file here: https://mega.nz/#!UBY0DCoZ!ndbCrVJRhAA5eUinBOvoD7AhByMjOOCLDMM2BlxhA_4 Btw, thank you for the updated exporters, much appreciated.
  14. Thank you SeriousToni. I could have mirrored some of the stacked uv-shells to reduce the repetition, but the way the triangulation is setup, the shading would then be messed with.
  15. Thanks for the clarification Springheel. I understand the radiator is clashing with the setting, so i leave it out. Instead you guys can still take a look at the finished model on sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/KYyC
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