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  1. @Tels: No, I still get definition not found after svn co. But maybe this is the real bug, since the material that was selected before stays (it does not change to "shader not found"). @greebo: Did you try to select a material different to "shader not found" before setting to _black?
  2. Hm, doing it exactly that way I get Definition not found: _blackThat seems logical since there really is no shader called _black or _white. Or should that work? I wrote my own shaders that include _black/_white/...and so on. And those do work.
  3. @greebo: I tried the _black/_white/_fog materials in both shaded an non shaded view, and they are shown in both. Could you give some more information on the bug where materials aren't shown? Perhaps I misunderstood it...
  4. So I guess this is done for quite some time now and I'd like some more work... any ideas? If you have nothing specifically suited, I'll just rummage through bugzilla... :-P
  5. So, here the diff that removes the arrow leftovers: renderableArrow.diff I am still compiling, but I guess it will work, since I really only removed the already commented out arrow stuff. Edit: Tried and worked.
  6. Yes, I checked again, and it does work.
  7. Uh? Thad does work in my local copy.... I thought the only problem was when loading a map that was created before this feature?
  8. Yes, spawnargs override the native settings. I'll look into the soundshaders without radii later. The arrow class is still in there because the old speakers had the arrow. I think an arrow is pointless since a speaker has no direction, if you agree to that, then the renderArrow should be removed.
  9. Hm, ftp doesn't seem to work... (could be because of my new location behind a NAT router). So I just uploaded it to http://uploaded.to/?id=onht3i. There is probably some work left, but there is nothing more obvious I can think of.
  10. To get back to topic, I see two possibilities to get this working: simply calling m_transformChanged() from within updateAABB(), which works and is already implemented, but I'm not sure whether this is the correct way to do it, since it is called transformChanged and not boundsChanged. second is to add another Callback called m_boundsChanged() (which sounds more reasonable to me), I'd basicly copy that from the light class. What should I do? Edit: I copied the stuff from Light class over and it works, even though I don't understand why.... So, what is left now?
  11. Well, I'm in there just a month so far, and I'm still thinking about changing to regular university next term, so I really don't have any experiences in that area, except that we get "be proud of IBM" imprinted quite heavy.
  12. @OrbWeaver: Hm, that doesn't sound like you'd like the job...
  13. So if I get this right, it is normal that I have to call the InstanceSet::boundsChanged() before the bounds are updated. Then there is no bug in there at all, I simply didn't call anything like that. So the only question left is, how to call that thing best. Do I have to add a callback? btw. I nearly forgot, in order to get the allowance to work on DarkRadiant, I have to inform the guys I "work for" that I am an IBM employee. I guess posting in here should suffice ;-)
  14. I nailed it down to m_transformChanged(). That's an external callback, so no idea what it actually does...
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