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  1. You can list updates in control panel/installed programs and uninstall "KB3035583"
  2. What is scary is that if you look up KB3035583 this is all it says: Update enables additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 I wonder that since Win10 is going to essentially be "free" if with Windows Updates new found "capabilities" if we'll be receiving daily marketing popups right on our desktop every morning. Wouldn't that be delightful!!! Actually KB3035583 is an Optional update and I haven't installed it yet.... and likely won't now. Win10 can wait. There won't be any DX12 games out for a long long time since the consoles won't be running that any time soon. Maybe next year.
  3. I'm looking forward to the dx12 performance enhancements for CPU threading and the pooled memory for SLi/Crossfire gfx cards. If anyone knew the answer to that they'd already be rich! Haha, "everything," is a big word
  4. Congrats, Moonbo! Looking forward to digging in to this sometime this week.
  5. I found that arrow on my playthrough but the player can get up there and see it. Its not like its hidden.
  6. Hahah.... I guess that's where parents get the sayings, "look but don't touch". What a terrifically entertaining mission. Really superb small mission with guard routes and player routes intertwined in such a creative and fun way. Congrats on the release, Baal, and ...more of this, yes please.
  7. Good article. I <3 my mouse. I do miss the old blue IR optical ones though and wish all gaming mice weren't laser these days without going obscure.
  8. Do you mean that figuratively, literally ...or is it just a matter of inventory?
  9. Cool! I'm a bit late to the party but I'm going give this a run through this weekend; can't wait!
  10. sounds either like a glitched particle effect or a graphics driver issue to me.
  11. Lux

    Log bench

    Or just add some proper length legs to it.
  12. Good article. One of the other articles linked in that blog, Jonas Linderoth's 2011 DIGRA paper, "Beyond the digital divide: An ecological approach to gameplay", was also an interesting read. A bit abstract but graspable with good examples.
  13. I had been learning sketchup over the weekend and it works in, and would be a great tool for that program but maybe the larger reason why a driver for Hammer or Radiant hasn't been created in all these years is because, while the device is good for Blender or model building applications, maybe the only types of editors where it makes sense is in the isometric single view editors. I guess I'll go with that :\
  14. Found this: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=764063 I can't find anything at all regarding any form of Radiant and SpaceNavigator. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if Hammer doesn't support it, Radiant isn't going to, especially since that post was from 2009 and there still isn't support for Hammer. I checked this list and don't see any Radiant listed so I'd say it's a no-go.
  15. "Make sure that the application you want to use it with has a driver" --amazon customer review I thought you could just map the macros for pan/zoom/move/rotate to it but maybe it needs its own special camera. I don't get anything useful when I do a search for CoD Radiant/Gtk Radiant/Dark Radiant and SpaceNavigator.
  16. It seems really natural as far as the joystick motion/turning with naturally exploring through your architecture. There would be some key position changes obviously but I'd think the stick would be so natural and fluent that it would make up for any shortcomings. They make one too that is only $100 bucks too. It doesn't have all the doo-dads and what not but it would be interesting to try out. I might pick me up one.
  17. Any mappers use one of these? It seems like this would be amazing for mapping. http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/spacemouse/spacemousepro.html a Demo in blender or Crytech3 Blender Crytech3 Ogre3d Unity <-- shows the interface which looks pretty robust This seems like a no brainer for mappers out there that do this sort of thing a lot but would this work with Dark Radiant?
  18. Was there not a ladder up to there? If so you should be able to move around and get a dialogue to descend the ladder. If not you just have to jump down on things the way you came up! (sometimes taking some damage) Hair raising! OR...even more fun... you can jump down to a zipline and in mid-air, time it right and hit your space bar (default) to grab the zip line as you pass. I've successfully done this and its a total rush but the penalty for messing up is death. On the bright side, you'll be down off the tower
  19. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/03/02/firewatch-17-minutes-of-new-gameplay-ign-first?watch Looks kinda charming and interesting.
  20. There are no difficulty levels in the game. You just play. Daytime is easy to medium depending on what you do or don't do to "get in to"/"keep yourself out of" sticky situations. Night time is difficult but you can choose not to go out at night.
  21. I would run AO if it didn't drop FPS below 35ish but it is a performance hog and "image quality" is subjective. When you're embroiled in a story and running around an environment, I at least, don't pay a massive amount of attention to the visuals. Occasionally sure, and sure it looks better, but once you get in to the story, it takes a back seat for me and AO doesn't make a massive difference if you're asking me. It does however drop the FPS by 10-20 at 5760x1200 res. Also, having peripheral vision increases immersion way more than AO ever could. I previously linked the class action lawsuit
  22. Nope. All the recent games, I run on High, AO off, motion blur off, DOF off, and FXAA 2x.... works just fine on a single card
  23. I play at 5760x1200 or 5916x1200 on a single 780 and it barely has the ass to push that at High settings in most games so that's a no-go for me.
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