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  1. On the subject of footstep sound mods: Any chance SeriousToni's improved footstep sounds will make it into TDM proper? The player-footsteps-on-tile sound in particular is vastly superior IMHO.
  2. Maybe you could join forces with the SuperTuxKart team? They're GPL too and were greenlit around the same time as TDM - and are facing the same issues: ...and when you're successful, to celebrate: a TDM SuperTuxKart crossover mission!
  3. Of course - I'm quite stealth game agnostic. There's still one major T3 FM project going on, and there's Beleg CĂșthalion's expansion of the Inn mission. Hopefully those will be finished but that's probably it for T3.
  4. That someone was me - I know that at least two (former) T3 mappers hang out here, so I thought they might spot his post. Two active people is two more than you'll find in the TTLG T3Ed subforum these days. (The few active mappers left don't seem to check the forum regularly.) You're right - for a newcomer, taking up TDM objectively makes more sense. I've edited my reply to him on TTLG accordingly.
  5. Well, thank you for saying nice things about my T3 patch on Mod DB. And a big thank you in general to the Dark Mod crew for all your hard work - it's an amazing project you're running! (This needs to be said once in a while...)
  6. Sure - the game actually crashed at that setting but I discovered afterwards that the (rarely used) computer had been busy downloading 100+ updates and had run out of disk space. So I'm not sure it was the interleave setting.
  7. I tested this both on my normal laptop (Core i7, HD 4600 graphics, Ubuntu 14.04) and ye olde HP Pavilion (AMD Turion ZM-82, Mobility Radeon HD 3400, Vista). Tried "tdm_lg_split 1" together with various values of tdm_lg_interleave. No change in the appearance of gas clouds. On the HP, at a certain point in the training mission I'd get ~20 fps. Setting split to 1 upped that by ~10 fps. Additionally setting interleave to 2 upped it again, probably by 5-7 fps, but the value would fluctuate more. I tried setting interleave as high as 10, and fps values in the 50s started to appear - but the value would fluctuate a whole lot.
  8. As a work-around, try setting your desktop res to match that of the game. That works for me using Kazam on Ubuntu 14.04.
  9. There's no all-in-one patch AFAIK. You can patch for widescreen with corrected FOV. Also, better multicore-fix both DX2Main.exe and DX2.exe. I once attempted to fix the desktop showing on load, like for T3, but it was never perfect. (Discussion starting here.) That fix is not online anymore but I can upload it if you want it. Edit: ...And John P's texture pack.
  10. Yeah, the instructions do assume familiarity with FMSel. I'll see if we can do better if there's an update to the FM version at some point. Unpacking the T3G archive into the game install would definitely make it crash: Most of the resources have been stripped from the maps to allow higher compression. They must be reinstated from the original maps through FMSel's installation process before playing. The Inn mission is not in the T3G archive, that's why it worked.
  11. Yes, if the game window came up right away when you clicked the icon, then you've been playing the original game. Win8.1 should be fine, that's what I have. Just make sure you don't set any compatibility modes on it - that will cause problems, although not crashes as far as I know. FMSel is a DLL, it's loaded by the patched T3Main.exe. To launch it just make a copy of the normal (yellow) icon, right-click to select Properties, then add " -fm" to the Target field so that it ends in "T3.exe -fm". You can change the icon too, both icons are in the T3Main.exe file. Edit: Or run it from the SU start menu group - if you have a start menu, that is... When FMSel pops up it will ask for the folder containing FM archive files. Select the folder containing the T3G archive you downloaded. Then "Thief 3 Gold" should become visible in the list, select it and click "Play FM". (It will show "Preparing FM..." for a long time, that is normal.) Btw. T3 is not immune to random crashes - did you load a savegame and try it a second time?
  12. Please don't uninstall until we've tried to figure out what went wrong... (I don't think it's a bug in the general case, otherwise we'd have heard about it before.) Which version of the game do you have? (Retail DVD, Steam, GOG...) Were you using the latest Sneaky Upgrade? When you installed the SU, did you select a custom path for FM installation? What difficulty did you start the Castle mission on? Where did it crash? If it crashed while showing the loading screen, can you post a screenshot of that? Btw. don't worry that your T3 install may be screwed up - it's very unlikely. With FMSel the FMs are installed separate from the game. Even with T3G installed you can still play the originals by not going through FMSel.
  13. I'll test! Edit: Link is not working, do I need to sign up somewhere?
  14. If you're searching the public forums, you can use google: Doom3 bfg site:http://forums.thedarkmod.com To search a thread, add the thread number from the url: Doom3 bfg site:http://forums.thedarkmod.com inurl:14492 ...will find your post above.
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