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  1. Oh, for the high end ones that's definitely true. But on the low end I disagree; the one I use as a second monitor is $280 at the moment and I've seen it on sale for under $250. It's small and definitely not a gaming centric monitor, but it still has all the benefits of an OLED and so far no hint of image retention. And the price I paid for this new QD-OLED was the same, to the dollar, that I paid for a Predator X34 years ago when they were new. So while they are still pricey they're not out of line with other high-end monitors.
  2. We should add OLED - It's more available now, and not just at the high end. I have two, a pretty cheap (sub-$300 on amazon) 15" portable OLED monitor I use mostly as a second screen, and a 34" QD-OLED. They both have perfect black levels and are great for games like this, but QD-OLED is literally the best display I've ever seen. The motion, bright and darks and color vibrancy are all just amazing.
  3. Build from last summer: 5950x Asus Prime x570 MB 64gb DDR4 RTX3070 O11D 1TB PCIe4 NVME ~4TB of SATA SSD It looks like this:
  4. I just finished this one, and wow, that's an instant classic and one I'll be recommending to people. I appreciated the plot that seemed to call back to Chambers' King in Yellow, where everyone reading a certain book is also clearly being affected by having done so. The in-game fiction was well done, to boot, hinting with just enough information to make you want more. Between that and the Lynch references I can tell the author consumes a lot of the same media I do. But man, please don't take any of that as anything but constructive criticism. I just had hours of fun in my favorite genre of games, and I hope you're down for more in the future.
  5. I've played through a few missions on mine, and have a control scheme for mouselook with a virtual trackball on the right track pad. It works really well from a performance perspective, and with the mouse control in place I don't really feel like I'm notably disadvantaged vs. M+KB on PC. And yes, the IPS screen isn't as good as an OLED, but it's fine. I say this typing on the new Alienware QD-OLED, and sure, you don't get pure black levels like that, but it's comparable to a decent laptop screen.
  6. I just tried this, streaming it wireless to a Quest via virtual desktop. It worked great, and while I do miss the soft shadows and ambient occlusion, I didn't really have any performance issues in either Mission 1 or the first Penny Dreadful FM. Congratulations on the work - even this early it's very much playable. Going forward, even without full touch controls I think bindings for touch controllers would make sense, and, eventually, it'd be cool to see some of the persistent UI(light gem, compass) maybe reworked into your off-hand model. I'd also suggest at least an option to decouple aiming (both frob and weapons) from the view. There's a Quake2 VR port that optionally does that while remaining mouse/kb driven, and I found that to work very well. Even in this early state, though, inhabiting the City in VR feels great. I would definitely play missions this way.
  7. Is there a way to not stretch the UI on ultrawide resolutions? The in-game world looks great right now, but readables and menus and whatnot are stretched annoyingly - just centering the UI would be fine.
  8. It was stretched with the value set to zero; I had to manually set it to 2.38889 (or whatever) to fix it. I'm actually a software developer (with OpenGL experience) in my day job. I'd be interested in helping with this stuff - I'll poke around the repo this evening.
  9. Letting the config recreate itself seems to have fixed it, though comparing the files no obvious difference stands out. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion. Also, I note the game successfully picked up my resolution (I'm guessing from the current desktop settings?) but didn't then set r_fovRatio to the correct value, leading to 4:3 rendering being stretched across the full resolution. Has setting that value programmatically when the resolution is set been considered?
  10. So I play Dark Mod at 3440x1440 and have for the past couple years - the UI is stretched, but the actual in-game rendering has always looked fine. But I just got everything updated to 2.07 and, since then, no matter what I do with FOV the in-game world just looks...wrong. Warped. As though the image is squishing or stretched in a fish-eye manner outside the center of the image. You see it most distinctly when standing in place and just rotating the camera left or right. I couldn't say when exactly this would have been introduced; it's been probably six months since I've run through a mission. Config is, I believe, basically unchanged: ... seta r_customHeight "1440"seta r_customWidth "3440"seta r_fullscreen "1"seta g_fov "90" seta r_fovRatio "2.388889"seta r_aspectRatio "0"... As I said, I've tried various settings for FOV with no real luck. It's hard to explain what it looks like; I can toss up a capture on Youtube if that'd help.
  11. I used to be pretty much wholly against body awareness as a big feature - it looked neat in Thief 3, but I hated the movement constraints it created. Crysis, however, convinced me that it can be done right. In Crysis your movement is pretty much completely free, and yet you do have legs that climb terrain appropriately. If you climb a ladder, your hands actually go to the right places. And picking items up, you actually reach out and grab the item. It doesn't affect controls, but it really does make the game more immersive. Anyone interested in seeing body awareness done right should definitely check out at least the demo. Having said all that, it must have taken a huge amount of polish time to get it both working and looking correctly, and the Dark Mod definitely has higher priorities than something like this.
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