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  1. It's funny how perception changes over the years. I've been replaying Bioshock in its Remastered version, and I'm surprised how bad the level design actually is. It's just a series of abstract corridor mazes that you can't really map out in your head. There's nothing that would ground them in any kind of reality, fictional or otherwise, no sense of place people could live in. It's almost like Wolfenstein 3d with cool art deco assets.

  2. Spiritfarer

    What a lovely game, perfect way to relax before sleep.

    1. STiFU


      Is that Gris?

    2. peter_spy


      Spiritfarer 🙂

    3. STiFU


      Oh nice, I just downloaded the demo on our Switch two days ago, when I felt sick and wanted to play something relaxing, but I was too tired. 😄 Definitely gonna give it a shot 'though.

  3. Deathloop – what a mess of a game. I'd love to see a post-mortem on it some day. I hope Arkane is doing okay though.

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    2. Shadow


      Thanks to this thread I am currently playing Deathloop. Have to say I am enjoying it very much, but I can see where it turns people off. The bad first: Yes it's repetitive and enemies respawn, annoying to have to encounter/kill the same baddies over and over. It is a time loop game, so that part is to be expected. Perhaps the back and forth between times of day and revisiting areas once you find info or codes in other areas can be too much backtracking for some. The good: It feels just like Dishonored with a No One Lives Forever candy and bubble gum pop vibe. That's a definite plus. Mooncrash will be next to play for a real comparison.

    3. STiFU


      So, how do we turn this status discussion into a fully fledged thread now? 😄 @Dragofer is this possible? 🙂

    4. Dragofer


      Unfortunately I can only hide or delete this status update. Would be cool if new threads with new posts could be created.

  4. It seems like statuses work again? Cool.

  5. Making content for TDM with dual monitor setup is awesome! ? Modeling and prototyping materials is much faster without alt-tabbing every 30 seconds or so :) 

  6. I finally managed to put my foot in the door and switch careers. That means no more pressure of getting into game industry and steady work on models and maps for TDM! :)

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    2. peter_spy
    3. Tarhiel


      Hello Judith, thanks for sharing this, because it´s very similar to something I was thinking about doing in my life. I hope you will like your new job, that you will be content in both personal and professional life. And I do hope you will still find time to do some fan-missions.

    4. grayman


      Good luck, Judith. My non-game computer science career ended a while back, and the 35 years I spent in it was Most Excellent.

  7. Snobel managed to raise TDS property limit from 60k to 1 million! http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139684&page=2&p=2400716&viewfull=1#post2400716

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    2. peter_spy


      Yup. AKA IronEagle, HawkFlyAway, etc.

    3. Tarhiel


      Very nice! I guess it will not be such a revolution as a NewDark, it will certainly allow for merging all those cut level into one big one (Streets, Cradle...). Definitely something to look for :)

    4. Skaruts


      This is cool. When someone manages to merge all the city maps, that's probably when I'll get back to playing some good ol' TDS.

  8. Parts for my new i7 8700 rig are on their way. I wonder if and how TDM engine wil scale up with new CPU and memory combo.

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    2. peter_spy


      8700 should reach 4,6 GHz in Turbo mode, my current CPU is set to 3,02 GHz. I wonder if higher clock will help with stuff like higher DC count.

    3. nbohr1more


      If you enable multi-core enhancement, the renderer will use 2 cores (primarily) but some Game code has always used cores to service threads in a conventional way. (The script language supports threading but script authors rarely use it.)

    4. peter_spy


      Briarwood Manor got a boost from 25 to 57 fps in the starting area :o

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    2. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      I love the fact that we're in for the 20th anniversary this autumn.


      We (and other sites, e.g. TTLG) should celebrate it at least a bit. :-)

    3. peter_spy


      I fell in love in UnrealEd back in the day, I made my first DM maps for UT with it. Even though it was buggy and I didn't have good enough hardware, the editor felt accessible. That ease of use actually prevented me from delving deeper into DromEd several years later, it was too frustrating in comparison ;)

    4. Epifire


      UE4 is probably the only modern engine I'd want to use at this stage. Tim's words on the matter rather cement the argument. As so much of their work is to just make a great tool set, and it really shows.

  9. Making sound presets for TDM 2.06 EFX system. Slow but steady progress.

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    2. ERH+


      So I can't work on implementing these presets now?

      This 2.06 change - is it new working mechanics instead of old broken, or is it just some sort of graphic interface browser like particle editor?

    3. peter_spy


      You can, EFX is how OpenAL reads EAX and other once hardware-bound systems. This is a certain third-party standard and set of values, and these won't change over time.

    4. peter_spy


      You should wait until the next beta package though. Right now, the only way to hear changes after you modify the .efx file is to restart the game. The next version will have the 'reloadSounds' command refresh the EFX system as well.

  10. Learning and experimenting with LOD spawnargs for meshes. Even one LOD model and e.g. turning off shadows for LOD stage 2 can really make a difference when it comes to scene complexity. I love it!

    1. Epifire


      I really ought to look into LODs for my shadow casters as well. Probably would help optimize the outdoor scene I'm doing right now.

    2. Springheel


      Absolutely. LOD is extremely powerful, especially for people who can make their own models.


  11. I just found this, TDM is mentioned in the comments as well :)http://www.pcgamer.com/thiefs-brilliant-subtlety-is-still-unmatched-18-years-later/

    1. SeriousToni


      Very, very well written and true text. Thank you for sharing! :)

  12. Slowly getting back to modeling and editing. Also, just switched to a trackball, which I find more and more comfortable to work with.

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    2. peter_spy


      And most FPSes, surprisingly. TDM with proper values and a bit of smoothing is a delight.

    3. Obsttorte


      I am using a trackball for several years now, and it is definetely superior to a normal mouse imho. And much less demanding to your wrist.

    4. peter_spy


      True that. All I need now is a good keyboard to complement the set.

  13. So, it actually pays off to design your upper modular section from the roof :)

  14. Hmmm... Is it just me, or pagans are currently a bit underrepresented? :)

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    2. peter_spy


      I think PinkDot tried to make a pagan map long time ago, but he was experienced character modeler. Wonder what happened with that project.

    3. VanishedOne
    4. Bikerdude


      @Springheel, where did you go to get the wench vocals a while back..?

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