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  1. Making sound presets for TDM 2.06 EFX system. Slow but steady progress.

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    2. ERH+


      So I can't work on implementing these presets now?

      This 2.06 change - is it new working mechanics instead of old broken, or is it just some sort of graphic interface browser like particle editor?

    3. peter_spy


      You can, EFX is how OpenAL reads EAX and other once hardware-bound systems. This is a certain third-party standard and set of values, and these won't change over time.

    4. peter_spy


      You should wait until the next beta package though. Right now, the only way to hear changes after you modify the .efx file is to restart the game. The next version will have the 'reloadSounds' command refresh the EFX system as well.

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