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  1. Perhaps an unpopular opinion: TDM team might benefit from someone with actual QA experience; someone with naturally and professionally developed curiosity, who is interested in how and why things work, how they break :D At least to me it's kind of mind-boggling how untested some rather important features are (first the absence alert feature for items, now the rope +body carry behavior).

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    2. peter_spy


      Yup, that's why I was thinking of someone who isn't a developer, but still a part of the team? Hope that makes sense somehow. We (community members) are not that reliable, because our spare time is usually limited.

    3. datiswous


      Maybe it's not so necessary anymore to have as part of the team, now that fixes from outside the team are more common. Not sure if comunity members are less reliable time-wise.

    4. STiFU


      Well, we do have non-coder team members. 

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