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  1. I guess this can come in handy for those who can't buy this book. Those sites aren't too pleasing visually, but you'll find a lot of photos and floor plans too.
  2. Somehow I cant believe you couldn't care less, NH (regardless of funny wordplay in between ). I always thought that one of the reasons for making this mod is graphics. Not the main reason, but still... Otherwise, Dromed offers almost all that Thief FM designers could wish for, Mission X is a great example of that (even though it has some bugs). I know that DM utilizes much more complicated sound and AI algorithms, but from the player standpoint CoSaS team did an impressive job here, sufficient for players' needs nowadays, I guess. Really, I reacted only because of AH's patting himself on the back, a bit of humility while judging or comparing your stuff to other's work is a better, instead of cocky we-already-did-better-but-you-can't-see-it-right-now attitude
  3. Nah, I'm being a bit too aggressive lately (changing work, etc. - you know)
  4. First of all, it's recorded with external camera and that might be somewhat misleading. I'd really like to see it recorded with fraps or sth like that. Second thing - it might be simple bsp and a few static meshes, but those textures look really good - nice use of shader model 3.0 and proper set of lights. There's nothing in public screens or in Thief's Den demo that could be called "even" or "better" in comparison to that, when it comes to visuals. I'm not interested in anything you have on your hard drive Because this way I could tell you I managed to achieve stunning visuals with T3ed, and you wouldn't believe me, at least until the whole thing gets released :]
  5. I doesn't matter, whether it's low, or high poly, it's the final effect that counts, for the players, not designers. And right now it looks better that anything in TDM or TDS that has ever been published. I hope they will be able to finish it someday
  6. I sent you an email with login details, Ren. You can start posting/uploading. Now, where was I... *gets back to playing Mission X*
  7. When I'll be back from work I'll give you ftp access to your own texture folder and author status, as well as some short posting guidelines, to make it all clean and simple
  8. I'm a poor modeller unfortunately and don't have much to offer Child of Karras made a website for T3 models called SMesh Brothers http://www.redfox-media.com/jayb-productio...eshes/index.php I think it would be cool to convince him to "think globally" and make it a resource site for Dromeders, T3 Editors and DarkModders alike.
  9. Thanks for feedback, guys True, there's no request section, but you can Contact site admin and any texture author you want. There's a list of simple topics, I can add there something like "Texture request" if you want
  10. Hi everyone, I'd like to present you a new site dedicated to sharing textures, Thief universe-related textures in particular. I'd like it to be an independent repository, where all the textures are stored on one server, where every author has his own folder, and is able to present his own terms of using works presented there. The second reason is the ease of use. Most sites offer photo references, not tileable textures. Making such texture can take a considerable amount of time, which is obviously slowing down designer's progress. Besides, DarkRadiant, Flesh or any other modern engine use normalmaps. Those require some time and knowledge to be prepared as well, again slowing mappers down a bit. The third reason was accessibility. There's no free website giving you full control over posted images, ability to sort it by tags, authors, categories, etc. There's always some option missing. That's why I gathered some of our finest texture makers on TTLG and presented my idea - fortunately, they liked it In the beginning it was supposed to be a texture repository for T3 Editors' Guild, but such restriction would be ridiculous, right? That's why it's a site for all designers (T1, T2, T3, DarkRadiant and any other engines), as long as they respect texture authors' rights, expressly stated in appropriate section. So, without further ado, welcome to Master Builder Store, taffers!
  11. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing - if you use image browser with .dds plugin (e.g. IrfanView), the alpha channel textures will look weird/screwed. Open them with gimp and they should look nice. I hope everything will be fine under the Dark Radiant editor as well. NH, Greebo - not a problem at all. I'll have another package for ya, after I finish the second part of the mission
  12. I almost finished my first map for The Cabal project, and I thought you may find my textures useful, or at least some of them http://www.sendspace.com/file/2mk6ov
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