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  1. I'm asking here, with hopefully more success than on the main page: What is your favourite flickering light texture?
  2. Here is a new video courtesy of Nekot the Brave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpVRbTuqo_g Rather promising for a pre-alpha - buggy, feature incomplete, but the atmosphere is to die for, and looks like the exploration opportunities will be very generous. I want to play thins game, and I want to make missions for it.
  3. Sooo, what are your favourite flickering light textures?

    1. ERH+


      My favourite is super fast strobe flickering (square_flicker?) If your cpu is melting during play, why not squize some extra Hertz from your brain too?

    2. Dragofer


      I quite like the lanternbot's spotlight, it has a whiff of organic to it

    3. Melan



  4. Top notch work! I really like the look and feel of these objects - just the proper, slightly antique style that fits TDM.
  5. Yes, that could be it! I also have the Behind Closed Doors PK4 in my folder! Will investigate when I'm home from work. Thanks!
  6. Still struggling with the head issue. I want my player model to have this head here: I followed these instructions, but the head I am looking for, ai_head02_hood_dark, doesn't seem to be there among the assets (found in tdm_ai_humanoid_heads01.pk4). Upon investigation, I have found that it is defined in tdm_ai_heads_springheel, like this: ...but the head_02 model and the head02_hooded_dark skin are not among the regular assets. Now what? (Note, it is also a valid solution if I exclude all reflective surfaces from this and any future missions. However, this time, the player's likeness is actually plot-relevant, so there is a good reason why I want to get ahead.)
  7. Those times when you screw up a cunning idea and end up rebuilding a few things just so you don't have to discard it? It is one of those times!

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    2. Sotha


      Ah, yes, now I understand. You want to make it realistic from engineering point of view. That certainly makes it more difficult, especially if you need it to have an exterior, too. If it would have only an interior, it would be really easy.

    3. Sotha


      My strategy, if I was doing it would be like this. Since submarines do not have windows, exterior is not needed. Just build an interior inside boxy sealing geometry. If you really want to show the submarin from the outside, you could build a separate area with an exterior-only version of the ship. Since the player needs to use an airlock to get it, you teleport the player to the interior version when the player accesses the ship.

    4. ERH+


      Hmm I will give it a try, maybe it will make a big difference.

  8. Microsoft vs. Google is kind of a Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla situation. Whoever wins, you still lose.
  9. Thank you, Goldwell! New question: how do I make an AI lean against the wall while pausing on a patrol?
  10. So, the player model. When you look into a reflective surface, you see your own reflection. Is there a way to change the model that gets reflected? To be specific, can I change the player model's head like it is possible with AI?
  11. The latest from Penny Dreadful 3. Things are starting to get closer to the finish.
  12. Impressive! It even has totally inappropriate trailer music, like all good trailers!
  13. Thanks, will watch one of these evenings! "Almost done" is a bit of a stretch, but it is getting into the phase where the pieces start to fall into their intended places.
  14. Now at 15352 brushes, 6064 patches and 5282 entities. Scary.

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    2. Sotha


      Argh! All them cool kids have maps cookin'!


      I still have the WIP I put on hold when I started the Golden Skull, but I haven't got any time to pour on it. Too busy all the time.


      One of these days I'm gonna finish the work I started...

    3. Goldwell


      @Sotha you need to quit your job and focus on the right priorities!! :P


      @Melan that sounds amazing, I can't wait!

    4. Melan


      @Sotha: Says the man who has already delivered a full campaign, and is in the middle of another? :)

  15. The most thiefy pictures from the ones I took in Graz last week: That outcropping thing above the gateway in the last picture is a mediaeval loo.
  16. Impressive job doing the mission with a zero stealth score! Although that AI at the central arch lined up just perfectly - I personally find it very hard to slip by them unseen, let alone without an alert. I see how and why you used that package. I believe you need it if you want to go for zero damage taken.
  17. You can get all loot without crating. I will watch the vid tonight to see what exactly you did.
  18. Always the optimist! Now let's see what I can come up with...
  19. I can provide source images for this sort of thing if people are interested in converting them into textures. Also, I've got a subscription at textures.com, so if there is anything I can help with in a higher resolution, I can provide it.
  20. Yeah, that's more subtle, and yet noticably bluish.
  21. I would go with a natural light, or a very-very low teal/greenigh blue/purplish blue. Your 0.06 is very heavy. It doesn't have to be more than a very slight tint.
  22. Zombie. Apocalypse. Level. If I had known this when I made The Rats Triumphant...
  23. The Black Parade is coming! http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146501 Woo-hoo!

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    2. demagogue


      I suppose making a campaign as an individual and building for Thief Gold go hand & hand. You need to be pretty obsessed to do either. XD

    3. Epifire


      I'm just very happy to see how much work still goes on with the original Thief games. Good mods = long life after release!

    4. lowenz
  24. level: Bravo! That looks useful. I assume it would work with the other human models as well?
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