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  1. I wish. It was stored on Photobucket.
  2. If anything, I'd use fewer, strategically positioned light sources to create interesting shadowy contrasts, and more dark areas.
  3. Dead as a doornail until proven otherwise.
  4. I wholeheartedly approve of making ambitious maps. The future will vindicate the effort. Nice-looking work, too!
  5. Getting even more offtopic, but note that Lang's stories about his contacts with the nazis are both self-serving and extremely dubious. They are contradicted by a whole lot of evidence pointing right in the opposite direction. Modern film historians tend to consider them pieces of self-promotion Lang did in the early 40s to solidify his anti-fascist credentials, which were not quite as firm as he would have liked people around him to believe. To put it bluntly, back in 1933, he wanted that job as head of the German film industry, and saw no issues competing for it until his bid failed. And that's not even the dirtiest laundry in a long-long biography. On the other hand, he was a genius filmmaker (he is my favourite filmmaker), which shows that people can't be distilled to their individual personality traits. Which, I suppose, brings things back on topic. .)
  6. Dunno if these have been posted yet, but here are a few concept sketches used during the production of the now quite dead Crucible of Omens campaign: The shots are slightly blurry because they were scanned from a thick scrap paper notebook (sorry). The first shot was built and used as the opening area of Behind Closed Doors, and the last one was built for an unreleased campaign mission titled The Nexus (although with a central tower for better performance). The other two remain unrealised. I hope they will inspire people!
  7. This would make for a perfect villain lair: What a beauty.
  8. "RazorFist Arcade: The Dark Mod" ----> ? ----> Illegals ----> Donald Trump ----> ? ----> Profit!
  9. Not an extensive one. The list includes categories like the unquiet dead, devils (anything monstrous), whispers (humans who consort with the occult), hulls (spirit-animated machinery), vampires, demons, and summoned horrors. However, "monsters" in BitD aretreated more like obstacles than something statted up in a traditional way. Here is a review that gives an idea.
  10. Have I got a game for you: Blades in the Dark I played it when it was in an early playtest. It is good.
  11. I don't recall anyone else having this specific problem, but I think it is something that can happen every once in a while. Sorry!
  12. Excellent revision! I liked the original (the mood was neat and some of the set-pieces were already showing Goldwell's skills), but this is something else. It is all more expansive and significantly better-looking, with a consistent mood and some very clever puzzles. I liked how you reused the locations of the first version while expanding on them. The two would be pretty cool to enjoy side by side to see how one evolved into the other. I missed exactly 400 loot, and achieved a stealth score of 15.
  13. So far, these have all been humanocentric missions.
  14. It is good. Consistently high-quality, with mostly sensible puzzles and good sneaking. Just a solid mission pack so far.
  15. Nice one, Goldwell! (Those "soft shadows" are actually a light shader. Not there yet.)
  16. This was an excellent mission! Properly large that exploration had a meaning; it had just enough story material to get my mind going without overexplaining things; and it was properly oppressive to give you the feeling of incarceration. Maybe not quite as oppressive as Tears of Blood, but nothing is. The varied architecture was full of spots which were very good-looking - those galleries are to die for. Also, the difficulty was just right. Always challenging, but never frustrating. I am happy you keep making missions, and I hope you will continue! BTW, has it been posted to TTLG yet?
  17. Ideas are nothing, execution is everything. The original Half-Life can be boiled down to "Experiment goes wrong, aliens attack, govt tries to shut it down, things go pear-shaped thanks to wrench-wielding particle physicist", and it is not a particularly good story on its own. It is just told very well. (However, HL was going steadily downhill IMO, and the HL2 episodes were growing more and more disappointing. So - who knows?)
  18. I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with these two games on cassette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGU-Nx6VONQ&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyLfipiR9tg And a first person 3D maze game my dad programmed for me (by taking and improving a simpler design). They were simpler times. Some time later, however, I got Mike Singleton's The Lords of Midnight, and it completely blew me away with its continuous eight-directional movement and complexity even though I could not make heads nor tails of it. But just the idea that this was something really big and rich was enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n251r73JIxY The game actually holds up very well (there is a 2013 remake), and has never been completely replicated. Plus I still consider it a miracle of software engineering. All of that is on a single cassette with 48 kbytes of memory, which is smaller than your average cat picture.
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