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  1. Isn't it up on the betamapper SVN? I have a local copy dated 21 December 2014 if you need it.
  2. If you never try, you'll never know.
  3. That looks like a model. Very nice work!
  4. NeonsStyle: I like where it is going - it is a different style than we are used to, and that's great!
  5. Of course not, but every single article about TDM seems to be using the same exact image (from years and years ago).
  6. Featured on The Escapist's list of the 8 best mods ever made... with that screenshot again.
  7. I think you are looking for something like this. It could also host models, prefabs and other assorted geegaws. Hell, it could even be a subweb of the TDM wiki. It'd need to be set up and some light vetting procedure established (the Thief repo has been filled up with modern-looking and often pilfered assets by a notoriously wood-headed TTLG member), but it would soon repay the effort. If the asset upload were in the form of PK4s, it'd be a question of drag, drop and try to get someting into your mission.
  8. Lost in the PowerPoint mines, health low, no exit in sight... do I hear SPIDERSSSS?

    1. Bikerdude


      PowerPoint mines..?

    2. Sotha



    3. Spooks


      I think that's the sound of a STAR WIPE

  9. Well maybe I don't have ~exacting standards~ but I enjoyed the mission. It was most challenging in the warehouse section, where the combination of the open plan, harsh industrial lights and the crowd of patrolling guards form a deadly combination. The rest is much easier (a smaller and a larger loop, in essence); ironically, it gets easier and easier as you get closer to your goal. It is good for what it is, a really. Sure, much more can be done with modules, even in ways that will not have this kind of performance impact, but this is essentially a demo for a building technique.
  10. Glenham from Sotha's Transaction is kind of like a Northern European small town in its layout and character.
  11. Bikerdude: No, I mostly referred to the interior of the city quarter.
  12. I also find these differences interesting. Most of the time (at least where the mission allows it) I am personally shooting for a vague surrealism, of weighty but slightly improbable construction and a sort of over-urbanisation that's most definitely hostile and claustrophobic. I am also keen on inscrutable advanced technology. This style was inspired by earlier FMs (Calendra's Cistern, Assassins, Rocksbourg and Uninvited Guest), and is related to the missions skacky, squadafroin and firemage are doing nowadays. It also draws from the narrow alleyways and constant height differences of the ancient Mediterranean cities, which preserved a lot of their mediaeval character. However, as Gothic architecture goes, it is not the rich and ornamental Gothic of the great cities, but the more simple and austere "poor man's Gothic" of Central Europe (which I prefer). Others, I think, draw on different sources. Springheel's streets are more historically authentic and are far more real than mine, and they seem to draw on Georgian-era ideas. Lots of junk, lots of mud, and more realistic technology. Spooks has also gone for this style with a wonderfully realised outer city district in King of Diamonds (which has a lot of the character of period slums, from the backyards to the tightly packed housing). Then you have Grayman's city mission, kvornig's more Victorian take and Sotha's (which has a kind of mediaevaln romanticism? Johannes Burock seems to be going for something similar with his WIP) - again, different concepts, and all very fascinating. I don't think these alternate visions can all be contextualised at the same time. You can put together some of them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time. I personally don't think there should be a complete canon, although it is fun to see people building on each others' ideas.
  13. Both factors play a role. Newer missions tend to have more detailed geometry and a more generous object count. However, as nbohr1more's post has also shown, there has been a gradual performance improvement over the various TDM versions, thanks to a series of fixes.
  14. Are you sure your TDM installation is up to date?
  15. Bikerdude: Instead of trying to "fix" the mission (including in ways that'd obviously break Spoonman's intended design), why not just try enjoying it on its own merits?
  16. Very nice looking work, Epifire! (And Goldwell for rigging it up) That's some high-standards modelling!
  17. AAA games? Look at the carpentry in some IRL houses!
  18. Rules like this were meant to be broken anyway.
  19. Here is my (spoiler-free) review I posted on TTLG:
  20. So far, very few bugs, and no game-breaking ones. Still not finished. However... this mission is something else. Go play it, and if you can, go play it without spoilers.
  21. I must say, while betatesting is good practice, I was one of the testers for Full Moon Fever, and it was basically flawless outside some really small quibbles. Great to see you back!
  22. Melan

    Fluffy Ponies

    I don't think this is a valuable contribution to the TDM forums.
  23. Let it rest in peace and dignity.
  24. While we are on topic, my book, "Reindustrialisation in Central Europe", has been published in hardcover! 10 years of work, 328 pages, and a beautiful cover: https://68.media.tumblr.com/da1d8329ae2e08337c324a5d75dd1ccb/tumblr_onts829YcT1rxmn3vo1_1280.jpg

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      lowenz: Unfortunately not... but I actually have an edited volume coming out at Routledge this year. :D

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      Well done young man!

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      Don't I feel lazy now. Congratulations!

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