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  1. Not for lack of trying, though. I remember when Ion Storm were still talking about giant free-roaming city missions for Thief 3 (this was very early), people were full of ideas they wanted to realise when it released. I even told myself I'd try my hand at making one, years before I even tried Dromed - although my brother dabbled in it, and made Everyone's First Haunt-filled Cathedral Mission (would have been a solid 2/10 if it ever got released).
  2. Yes, please head over to the campaign conversations thread, and look around for anything you like.
  3. Thanks for the offers, folks! As Bikerdude wrote, this mission is fairly far along, with complete architecture and mostly complete readables/AI patrols/soundscape, and what we really need is to clear a few roadblocks in our way. Obsttorte, we do have your mission cutscene! What we will need is either an additional campaign intro (you have access to the campaign forum, I'm referring to this one), or the expansion of the cutscene you made. The additional challenge is that we will need some drawn backgrounds and images that aren't based on screenshots. We can be more economical than our original plan, but it is still work. We are in contact with the great Joe Noelker, so he can record some lines. WRT additional voice acting, we will need the following kind of voices: Smart guardDumb guardTwo merchants (critic/cynic voices)Someone who can speak with a tone of harsh authority and sarcasm (multiple lines).Someone with a clear voice (one line)Someone with a calm and measured voice (one line)These can be combined.
  4. That looks scary as hell; I would be afraid to ride it.
  5. Also in the "can't unsee it" department: the short clock hand resembles a very cheerful Tweety Bird sitting on that round thing.
  6. We3lcome back, Johannes! If that is your rusty form, can we really complain?
  7. Heroine's Quest is great! A worthy full-length successor to Quest for Glory - and yes, completely free.
  8. Behind Closed Doors has been released! .)

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    2. nbohr1more


      Thief 2: Behind Closed Doors by Nicked. Heh.

    3. Goldwell


      OH wow yes! Going to be playing that tonight for sure :D

    4. Bikerdude
  9. T2: Godbreaker - level 2 is excellent swamp level, level 4 is one of the great, expansive rooftop missions. Some problems, but highly recommended!

    1. Bikerdude
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      Loving it so far. I agree the swamp level is fantastic and eerie.

    3. freyk


      here is a link of the walktrough by Fen:

  10. I figured it was a touristy place because it is uphill right next to a castle, and the sign says "Nürnberger Bratwurste". If it was just for locals, it probably wouldn't say Nürnberger - because that much would be obvious.
  11. Nürnberg, 1912-1919: Look at that little piece of tourism industry in the last picture!
  12. Yeah, I thought it was a call for beta testers! (Which I didn't answer because I wanted to play the final release.) Do you wish to betatest the mission, or do you consider it a final?
  13. I just can't do stepwise refinement. I know it is the standard way to go among the pros, but the only way I really enjoy the process is by going scene by scene (while iterating a lot). Anyway; some of the best advice I have read about designing spaces (real or virtual, public or private) comes from Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language: Towns, Building, Construction, a great 1977 book on urban and housing design. Alexander was (is) an opponent of technocratic modernism and a proponent of human-scaled, organic architecture. In his book, he gives a great understanding of how architecture works by breaking it down into core elements ("patterns") which form nested hierarchies, and which can combine to create good or bad architecture. Coincidentally, a lot of what Alexander considers good architecture - varied, slightly irregular, full of nooks and crannies and suprising little spaces - also makes for good Thief architecture. It is a thick book, full of illustrated examples and discussion, and you don't have to be an architect or town planner to understand it. Here are a few patterns: Positive Outdoor Space; Activity Pockets; Small Public Squares; Roof Garden.
  14. The first places to turn to would be pharmaceutical and chemical industry companies, since they sweep up the majority of PhDs in the field. They should have a place on their websites where they advertise open positions... or you may even approach them directly with your CV.
  15. Fair enough - there is nothing wrong with choosing Normal. I typically play missions on Hard myself. But I do strive to make Expert a challenge.
  16. It depends on the difficulty - on Hard/Expert, A lot of the challenges in the mission depend on the difficulty setting - extra AI with more insidious patrol routes, harder access to various locations, and less equipment.
  17. It doesn't really matter how many objects a light is hitting - idTech 4 can sling polys into the hundreds of thousands without breaking a sweat. Problems typically start when you have too many overlapping, shadowcasting lights. Fortunately, hardware has advanced enough that you don't have to be as strict as in 2009, just don't go overboard with several lights hitting the same area.
  18. Why not use NJob instead of Crazybump? It is free, fast, and functional. Makes great normals most of the time.
  19. I liked your more stylised models, so that may be the problem. Realism is nice and fine, but a game does not necessarily benefit from full realism. I like food models like the blue cheese and the fish, because they somehow "fit" the visual world of TDM. Another part is being concerned that bananas will start cropping up in TDM missions, and the tiny purist inside me is hopping up and down, screaming "THERE ARE NO BANANAS IN BRIDGEPORT!"
  20. The texturing is kinda flat. E.g. the eggplant is purple, but lacks that stylistic touch which made Thief's plumsies (the healing fruits in the later Pagan levels) distinct.
  21. Perhaps not many people see it, but what we have is actually a very good compromise between a brush-based and a modelling-based editing paradigm. id Tech 4 is right at the point where you can use either approach reasonably comfortably, and without major sacrifices in graphics, performance or gameplay. While brushwork can be fiddly to work with and look crude, models can result in an uniform look - you can see the building blocks and the seams between them even in very well-designed games like Dishonored 2. id Tech 4 lets you build environments which take the best of both worlds. (And of course, Dromed has its own draws, with a very "deep" flexibility after you get past the initial learning curve. It also has an iconic look that is going to be increasingly less "dated" and more "stylised" in the eyes of players.)
  22. It is also (mostly) how modular building works in TDM.
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