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  1. You ought to look through them and remove those which are obviously made for Thief (e.g. Hammerite and Mechanist insignia, some of those mechanical textures). Many are based on IRL photos, or are sufficiently generic, which would be OK, I guess.
  2. Melan

    Happy Christmas

    You mean this one?
  3. This is very thiefy: Crumbling building surrounding a gloomy courtyard. Rooftops. Thick, climbable pipes. Windows you can peer through to spy on people. A tucked away terrace high above, leading into someplace interesting.
  4. New Twin Peaks trailer meets all expectations:

    1. demagogue


      Lol. He always had that wry comic edge.

  5. It is a different adaptation. Not flawless, but the visuals are great for both the city streets and the cellars.
  6. This one's pretty cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuQ2LtqAzT8
  7. Yeah. Realism is fine and dandy until your missions turn into this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDedpreZH-0 Don't.
  8. Thanks, all, and especially Peanut's detailed comments! Some responses (probably no need to spoil them): The reason the streets are so empty is because there is a manhunt going on, and everyone who has a place to stay is trying to stay out of it. (For a counterexample, see the unfortunate incident on Dipper's Walk. ) WRT the Red Room and The Book, these are the hardest puzzles in the mission, the real hidden stuff. If you got them, you are real good!
  9. Isn't there a torrent with all the missions floating somewhere out there? If there isn't, maybe there ought to be one, updated every so often.
  10. Thanks, kingsal! It was precisely that elusive quality of plot threads connecting then disappearing into the distance which I wanted to capture, so if you got that, I have achieved something. Right now, I am going through a burnout phase, and turned my attention to my other hobby, tabletop RPGs. I am working on Xyntillan, a large, classical dungeon adventure inspired by an ancient 1970s classic, and on the translation of Helvéczia, my picaresque fantasy RPG. And of course, running games. I will be back to TDM in time, although before PD4, I would like to help finish Shadowhide's fantastic city mission.
  11. Interesting, but not completely sure if accurate. If you put in a lot of time into making a mission, the counter just turns back to zero and starts over.
  12. Thanks for your comments and criticism, Cynical!
  13. Let's agree on The Accountant 2, The King of Diamonds, Volta and the Stone, and Down by the Riverside.
  14. Good news! For the general release, I suggest you should write an even more accessible introduction that explains the concept to complete newbies in non-technical language. You can follow this up with a mini-tutorial with a technical overview and even a tips&tricks section, but the first impression should be entirely transparent to someone who knows nothing about level design.
  15. On this note, it is not hard to build good-looking medium-complexity maps as long as you don't get carried away and do something really huge and involved (which is where a lot of personal and group efforts tend to die). The editor is user-friendly, there are a lot of useful tutorials, and the next version of TDM will come with a load of extra help for newbies which will substantially help with the mapping process.
  16. Jupiter Hell from the makers of the excellent Doom: the Roguelike is now on Kickstarter. Hyped! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2020043306/jupiter-hell-a-modern-turn-based-sci-fi-roguelike

  17. The real issue is manpower and enthusiasm. It would be a relatively painless job with a dedicated team, but as the fan mission community shows, fewer people are interested in this kind of thing than there used to be ten, or even five years ago.
  18. I've watched his videos, and they are fun in a completely different way from Fen's. Recommended.
  19. May not be a bad thing. But I need to buy a new PC first, and that may take a little time. Well, they didn't ask you to do it, did they.
  20. Jesus. That's about my monthly download quota.
  21. As far as I am concerned, this election has produced two suitable presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Both of these gentlemen represent certain aspects of America's former greatness, and both have good ideas about getting the country back on track again. Their confrontation would have been a true battle of competing visions, although they share a certain old-fashioned blue-collar appeal which is common to both of them (their bases overlap), and which separate them from the majority of the US political class. Regrettably, this battle of ideas could never take place, because Sanders was thrown under the bus by his own party establishment using underhanded and most likely illegal means. Trump had to fight his own as well, and he emerged bloodied but alive from that confrontation. This is the difference now, and he remains the only viable candidate representing some sort of alternative to the elites pushing for unlimited globalisation, the rising influence of unelected interest groups subverting democracy to enrich themselves, and increasing thought control in public and private life -- all phenomena which Hillary Clinton not only agrees with but seemingly embodies. Donald Trump is a crass and vulgar man, the archetype of "the American Businessman". Nevertheless, he is at least someone with human vices, which makes him the least bad candidate still standing. As Republicans go, Donald Trump is a rather centrist one: he is far less hawkish than George W. Bush (or Hillary Clinton), he has a moderate 'Main Street over Wall Street' view on economic topics, and he isn't a religious fundamentalist. His most controversial position is on mass immigration, where I am in full agreement with him: it is a clear and present danger to western societies, and should be severely curtailed. The most promising thing about Trump, however, is precisely the hatred he seems to invoke in the ruling elites. That's good, because these groups need an occasional reminder about the ultimate source of their powers, and their accountability to the voters. In fact, it is precisely the disturbing degree of unity they have demonstrated when facing the prospect of a Trump presidency that is showing these groups to be "different branches of the same tree" - suddenly, politicians and newspapers who were supposed to be mortal enemies are all singing the same tune? That, right there, is the problem, especially when things are going in a bad direction. The political centre has morphed into an increasingly corrupt and repressive oligarchy, stifling political competition while showing less and less respect and responsibility towards the society it is supposed to serve. It is a much larger problem than Trump can solve, but at least he recognises it, and has ideas to solve it (his proposed limitations on campaign finance and conflicts of interest for govt. representatives are promising). I expect that if he wins, he will face a hard battle against bitter and resourceful enemies, which will occupy most of his presidency. He will be a much weaker president than Hillary, who would have all the levers of power in her hands, and eager support to do what she pleases. That prospect, to me, is far more scary than a guy with a taste for crass Twitter comments and gilded furniture.
  22. I mean, really. That's a beholder if there ever was one.
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