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  1. Thanks, that is just what I'm looking for! I really appreciate the detail. As for the Thanks again, Jeff
  2. This is my first mission and I'd like to make it available for beta testing. My original plan was for a larger, more complex mission but I decided to keep it simple, since it was my first try. It's pretty straight-forward, nothing very innovative. After beta testing, I may decide to release it as is, or complete the full mission. What I've implemented so far is basically the middle third of the full mission. So I'm likely to take any feedback and use it to improve this part of the mission, and then expand it to the full mission. But we'll see. Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback. Here it is: https://drive.google...dit?usp=sharing Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks! I got that to work with a lever, and with objectives (setting the Completion Target to be the func_static). So all is well.
  4. I'm try to implement something and I just can't figure out how to do it. When the player frobs a specific object (which also completes an objective), I want a guard to appear in a certain location on the map (the goal is to make it hard for the player to exit they way he came). What's the best way of doing this? I read up on stim/response and experimented a bit, but never got anything to work. I see the pieces (including a response the moves an entity to a specific location), I just can't put them together right. Any suggestions or a step-by-step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I made a window of clear glass, that can be openedn (built the window out of worldspawn parts that were textured either as wood or clear glass, converted it into a func_static, and then made it an atdm:mover_door). I want to reduce the sound propagation when the window is closed, and I can't figure out how. I tried adding a visportal, and that does the correct thing for sound. But when the window is closed, I don't see through the clear glass - instead I see what looks like the star field from my skybox. As soon as the window opens, everything looks right. Any suggestions?
  6. That did the trick! I had to put the 'bind' property on the painting, pointing to the name of the 'door' (which is just a brush that I converted to a door by giving it the atdm:mover_door classname). Thanks!
  7. I'm getting back into TDM after an inexplicable absence. I have a simple question, and it must have been answered before but I can't find it. How do I make a painting that swings open like a door (something hidden behind it)? I did Create Model, chose a painting, changed its classname to atdm:mover_door. But it rotates about the origin point, and the origin is in the middle of the painting, and can't be moved. I played with using the translate property (as well as rotate) but couldn't get it to look right. What am I missing?
  8. I spoke too soon - it's still broken. The reason I thought it was fixed is that the "make visportal" command put the visportal surface outside of the door and the door opening. So it was as if there was no visportal on that door. If there's no visportal, then the problem doesn't happen. When I moved the visportal to the correct location, the problem happened again. Note that the visportal is working correctly, at least as a visportal. "r_showPortals 1" shows red when the door is closed, green when it is open. The only problem seems to be with pathfinding when the door is closed. Is there something I should look for in the dmap console output? Can a visportal function properly as a visportal, but mess up pathfinding? Jeff
  9. Problem solved. I had carefully inspected the brush, and it was just the way it should be (1 visportal face (matching the door), 5 nodraws). Still didn't work. But when I did the "make visportal" trick on that same brush, that fixed it. I'll use "make visportal" from now on. Thanks, everyone! Jeff
  10. That's it. I deleted the visPortal and now the path is working correctly. So now I just need to re-read the visportal wikis and figure out what I did wrong. I'll update this topic once I do. Thanks!
  11. Hello all. I'm seeing a weird problem with a guard's path - could be I'm doing something wrong. Here is the simplest case I could come up with. Large room (A), with a guard walking a circuit around it (path_corners only). There is a room ( off of the large room, with a door between them. If the thief (player) is in the large room, the guard does his rounds just fine. If the thief is in room B with the door open, the guard walks the path just fine. But as soon as the thief closes the door (from within room , the guard stops at the next path_corner. He doesn't start walking again until the thief opens the door again. Has anyone seen this? Jeff
  12. I downloaded TDM last night and I'm overwhelmed. I was almost in tears last night, the experience was so great! My congratulations to the team on a fantastic job done. I'm inspired to learn Dark Radiant and start mission building! Thank you all! Jeff
  13. Glad it's working now. Sorry it took so long to figure out. Maybe I'll beef up the logging to help track these things down faster next time.
  14. Looks like your dmargs.txt file has "+set fs_game darkmod" in it? If so, remove it. Then try tdmlauncher.exe again - I bet you'll see the briefing text this time. The "+set fs_game darkmod" in dmargs.txt is overwriting the "+set fs_game rain" that tdmlauncher is generating. Thus, the \doom3\rain folder is not on the path.
  15. Fidcal, I've uploaded a version of tdmlauncher that logs information to a message dialog. It's called tdmlauncherLogging.exe and it's SVNed to the \darkmod folder (same place as tdmlauncher.exe). Grab it and put it in your \doom3\darkmod directory. Run it; it'll pop up a dialog. Do a screen grab of the dialog and send it along. Thanks!
  16. Yes I will do something like that. I'm heading out of the house for a little while, back in a couple of hours. I'll take care of it then.
  17. The shortcut isn't necessary. Eventually our installer should create one for the user (on the deskop or in the Start menu), so I thought it made sense for us to test running tdmlauncher from a shortcut. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. So, for some reason tdmlauncher.exe isn't working for you. I think I need to build a version of it that does some logging. In the meantime, to you happen to have a process explorer-type program on your system? Like procexp.exe? If so, run tdmlauncher.exe and once TDM is up, use Process Explorer to look at the doom3.exe process. On the properties page you should be able to see the command line that lauched doom3.exe. I'd like to see what that is -- that's the command line that tdmlauncher.exe used to run doom, and it should (but probably doesn't) contain "+set fs_game rain"
  18. Your custom program launcher should reference tdmlauncher.exe, not the shortcut. Sounds like even if your custom program launcher references tdmlauncher.exe, the briefing text doesn't show up. If you manually create a shortcut to g:\doom3\darkmod\tdmlauncher.exe, and run it, do you get the briefing text. If yes, then there is something weird with the custom program launcher. If no, then there is a problem with tdmlauncher.exe. In fact, you don't even need a shortcut to tdmlauncher.exe. Just browse to it from Windows Explorer. If you 2x click it from there, do you get briefing text?
  19. Okay, looks like tdmlauncher.exe isn't putting the currentfm in the command line when it spawns doom3. (I know I confirmed that you are using tdmlauncher, right?). Here's a quick test: create a shortcut to doom3 Target: g:\Doom3\DOOM3.exe +set fs_game_base darkmod +set fs_game rain Start in: g:\Doom3 Run this, and you should see the briefing text. Now I just have to figure out why tdmlauncher isn't working for you.
  20. In your \Doom3\darkmod directory, is there a file called currentfm.txt? If so, what does it contain?
  21. Fidcal, could you scroll up in the console log and find "Current search path:"? Is "G:\doom3/rain" in the list?
  22. Fidcal (or anyone else who is having this problem), could you grab the latest darkmod.pk4 and try something for me? I added some logging to the code the gets the briefing text from the xdata, maybe it will point me at the problem. Run the Rain Test mission from the Start Mission menu. When you get to the briefing page, bring up the doom console. There should be messages of the format: WARNING: DisplayBriefingPage: <blah blah> Please send me all of those entries. There should be at least 3, at the end of the log. Thanks!
  23. I've brought over Springheel's GUI changes, and the briefing still works fine for my test cases. I even grabbed Fidcal's snippet of the xd file and put it in mine, and the briefing shows up fine. Fidcal, can you make your entire test_fm1 folder available? Either SVN it somewhere, or email it to me at eby.jeff@gmail.com. Also, could you (or anyone else who is having this problem, or is that everyone but me ) try this: SVN Update \darkmod\fms\rain folder. Copy this entire folder (and subfolders) to the \doom directory. Run TDM (via tdmlauncher). New Mission. Select Rain, Install This Mission. After TDM restarts, select New Mission, Start Mission (should be Rain). Do you see anything in the Briefing parchment?
  24. I'll update to the latest files and see what the issue is. I wont be able to look at it for a few hours, when I'm done with work.
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