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  1. Damn you guys are the bees knees of shiznick. WoW steam Green light:) Congrats to all. You Guys are the mappers, Editors, Makers and Designers of the next Century in Gaming. Makes me want to restart my solar escape mission and rebuild it with extensions. Bloody 7D2D has stolen my life:) so to type:) Have not played TDM in an embarrassingly long and tormented time. So I think it's time to reflect before moving on. Let me play some new TDM this week and next to catch up. Love you guy's ALL and don't stop NMW.
  2. Win 10 is the beginning of a long and practiced development process involving morale and ethical methodology in order to help or minimize the practice of authentication. Long have M$ tried to protect the identities of those that use their products, I for one applaud them. The problem is one of ethics. Who would wish to know of that only known to you? Maybe no one, Maybe everyone, Either way some one always wants to know what they don't and that is human nature, So we are left with three questions: Do I need, Do I won't or Do I care? Pretty simple really if you can conceptualize humility, Then the question is but one. Do I care? Most people answer Yes of cause because who doesn't right? But in the end it is inevitable for some other being to answer the question be they AI, Animal, God or alien. No matter what the answer it will always benefit those asking the question so in the end we come to the answer of a question and so it should be. I will ask the question in a minute but first I hate that I'm being spied upon at this minute as the words I type are being manipulated. None the less I still see life as a gift because of my upbringing (Kind) so If you read this then I ask you, Do you think you where raised as a person with the carat or the stick. Nature or Nurture? I for one believe Nurture far out ways nature as nature does not reason. Win 10 will be windows and that is that. I would love to talk about windows all night and day but time is stretching so I cannot. Windows from now on will be windows I think and as long as M$ stick to the morale of nurture then I think they will be. Other wise the Tech net will eat them alive as they have been trying for ever or at least since win 98. I have been running TDM on win 10 since it first released (9926) and am now on Win 10 Pro full release and TDM run fine. I just hope multi GPU DX12 will live up to the hype. PS. Hope I didn't offend anyone.
  3. Just got around to this mission and Once again Sotha, It was a great if slightly frustrating mission. I enjoyed the At the start I was not shore where to go but by the 15 min mark I realized it was a tight small map which took me longer than I thought it would. I did find one bug. I could see through the wall the third pic is of the wall that is invisible ( between the Stand and arch directly above the light gem) : Disregard if some one has already noted. Congratulations on the release and thanks for the mission I loved it in the end:)
  4. Ah when will they learn proabition never works? Nature vs Nurture. As far I can tell and as a living being Nuture always wins over Nature. Think hard people. Why are you me and every one/thing/person/lover/Hater/GBLHTC and priest able to reason? Maybe becuse we are capable of reason and Compassion. Maybe not but I know how I like to be treated and that is with reason and Nurture. I just hope there are enough people in congress for life and not for $$$$ After all we are here you me and us together now at this point in time as nature slowly burns us all. Should we not at least enjoy it?
  5. Makes sense. Well not really but the major cost of roll out with regards to fibre is the man power (Techs) that come to your residents and install the product. Still $300 is an insult to everyones intellegence I think. Out of curiosity which side do AT&T sit with regards to "net neutrality" as if it needs to be anything but or is?
  6. All I can say is wow. I'm creeped out like sneaking through a haunted attic with dark shadows broken by silver moon light cascading through a broken half open windows as I approch the only lite candle in the room.
  7. What Gitmo nation? I have a friend over in Calif now working on the next COD. Very smart and very lucky and a bit of ass thrown in he is. He was in the interview for more than 12 months believe it or not. He was showing us a map just before he left for calif. The map was for COD WAW and would have taken me 12 months to complete. He had 3 weeks. I thought google were laying fibre everywhere over the states. and fiose or whatever it is fibre? No?
  8. Hay jaxa interesting links there. I'm only seeing 2.8-3.0MB/s download speeds on steam at the moment. I think it's also got to do with the networks and servers I'm downloading from. When I had my 4G WiFi broadband i saw DL speeds up to 8MB/s but usually around 3-4 and with 8GB data bandwidth a month this is a big change for the better. Not to mension the crap the current pollies are implimenting using the copper and running FTTN. At least i am lucky enough to have FTTP so in future I can go much faster. Fibre at consumer level now here can do 100 down 50 up and I see some poeple in my area getting 30-40 down speeds but I'm on a 25/5 connection. Using speedtest.net I get 24/4. So not to bad. Fibre is cappable of 40Gb/s bandwidth so plenty of room for when ISP's start releasing 1Gb/s connections.
  9. Greetings all, Long time since I had the pleasure of being able to go to sites when I want and the bandwidth to not worry about running out and being shaped to 10Kb/s. Now I have fibre to the home and a decent connection speed with plenty of data bandwith I can start to focus more on things I like doing. One of which of cause is these forums and TDM. Just wish there where more hours in the day now. Finished Witcher 3 the wild hunt few days ago and that was a cool game. Took ages but enjoyable and in the end I only failes 2 quests. Will have to revisit that game again:) Ah the games I have been waiting to play but could never get the download are now my fist focus. Then when I get board DR will take my attention. I can actually upload files properly now so still working on a WIP but should with luck be ready for beta within a couple months, I hope.
  10. Congrats on your release thehtesnoop. Will play it in the near future hope fully, Time permitting. Hay. I thought I had played this before some time in 2011 perhaps.
  11. Some rubbish I just thought of: I'll try and inspire some lateral thinking for my self and maybe some one else if per chance they are in turn inspired by any way they may find well, Only with words because I am bad at everything else. Opulent and rich are the words that crossed my mind when I suddenly came to a creeping holt; Making my way through the sewer systems trying to escape the city guard hot on my tail, I was confronted by something not unusual in my line of business however some what unusual in this particular circumstance. My predicament was not one of escape as much as one of curiosity for the hack ahead was surely a hired mercenary, Only put in these pits of refuse to prevent anyone exiting or at least anyone through the door he seemed to gravitate too. Not even noticing my fumbled and sloshing excursion through the pestilence at our feet he continued to pace up and down in the filth around the door most inviting to me and under a grate through which I could see the lightning storm of the world I had just left striking down upon our world, All the time muttering the words (where is it? I know I lost it there so where the hell is it? It must be here)? Obvious he was looking for something in the sewers at our feet but what I could only guess at that point. Either way I new I had to try that door or keep on for another mile at least in this decrepit stinking sewer. As I began to take pity on this poor soul hired only to protect that which he could never afford and prancing around in this putrid foul sewer searching for some lost piece of importance to him, I noticed he carried something on his belt, I saw the glimmer of something and nothing more though I suspected a key to the door of his insistent attentions and so assumed he had lost a coin or maybe a ring from above somehow finding it's way through the drain down to the slime we now stood in. At this point I knew I had three choices before me. I could bypass the thug, Proceed through the sewers for a path that would take me at least an hour or more trudging through the slime to never think of it again with an almost certain confidence in escaping pursuit. I could incapacitate him one way or the other and see what the door hides but I know what is above this sewer, The market area in general including the fish mongers, Abattoirs and the ship builders docks. Optimistically I could attempt to befriend this character of which I know only what impression deludes in. Perhaps I should wait longer in this shadow of misconception I thought to my self pessimistically?
  12. That would probably be it. The hearing is maxed the vision is forgiving. I'll play around with it.
  13. Don't kid your self biker or any one else. If you have connected to the web/internet in the last 20 years, all your data is captured and stored by the NSA. Google and the other main iron gates of the interwebs are just puppets and will if they can not avoid it, Divulge any and all information to the NSA. For Christ sakes people! The internet was in effect founded by the American Government (NSA) Get over it. So What? If you are worried about private information getting into hands you would rather it not be then encrypt and encrypt (HDD,OS,FS,VPN). I don't bother. Anonymity on the net these days is not a question of can it be done? Unfortunately it's a question of for how long can one remain anonymous. Soon it will be wait were was that IPv6 address system. I wouldn't be too worried about that porn collection or that illegal download of the latest TV episode I'd be more worried about if the next HakR is about to target me and if they are working for the government oh wait don't I pay my taxes oh yeah they work for me right? Wrong. Fukrs. I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed the internet for more than an hour without some F&%Kn ad or tracking cookie Fu^Kn up my enjoyment. If anyone still want's some semblance of security with anonymity then encrypt everything. If like me you only want security then worry more about authenticity. How can one person authenticate authenticity on the net? A pass word is futile in the end because even a 64K (that's 64 thousand characters) or (an arbitrary 3-64 character password properly hashed and salted) is trivial to brute hack these days without properly implemented salting and hashing. SQRL is something I have looked into. It is open source and can provide independant anonymous login to any web site you would like to join any subscription you would like to subscribe to. It provides a method of reclaiming your account should it be hacked and is cryptological speaking almost right. Still it relies on a master password for the account and websites to include, Acknowledge and implement it's implementation of identity security. It also as far as I know does not use the most divisive or complicated means of encryption available today although it is by far the most secure implementation using open source software or any software as far as I know. Some links to the pages of most interest: https://www.grc.com/sqrl/crypto.htm https://www.grc.com/sqrl/sqrl.htm I hope this sort of thing is implemented by web site admins but I have my doubts.
  14. I get what your saying about creeks from the moorings rubbing against the hull. Thats very much part of the internal sound file I think. Environment effects anyone would be happy with but I didn't hear any poeople.
  15. Whoa, I first saw your last screen shots on my mobile at work and thought, Wow this does look intriguing. Now I'm on my PC at home and I'm blown away. That last image looking up totally disorientates me and makes me want to scout what might be left and right of the view. The peaked arches invite investigation and trip some instinct and wonder of what may lay ahead. Totally looking forward to your public release.
  16. Man That is awesome. Absolutely well made so far and very impressive. There is a pop about 141.00 in the exterior sound effect stream I think sort of broke the otherwise engrossing sound environment. I could just imagine creeping on and looking over my shoulder as the crack of a rope struck a mast.
  17. I know just how you feel about stealth and your right it is all about immersion, So if I may can you not be enticed to at least download Dark radiant and try to pen together a story of crime and corruption or theft and deceit to bring that same experience to others like me who crave the knowledge and interpretation of others to sustain my meager existence? You Sir should map and story tell.
  18. Is there a problem with performance and AI. Well of course there is, what a stupid question to ask. I was just wondering if a sound mute or field caption could be put on multiple AI when multiple AI are in an active zone, Meaning in a visportaled zone. can it be made so if 3 or 4 or indeed an arbitrary number of entities within a vis portal segregation area be left out of the sound field propagation area effects of said visportal area? Say there are more than 4 measured from closest to the player? I just started to play with Fidcals starter map again and when I opened up the first door on medium difficulty the frame rate dropped from 60 to 5. Is it possible to make it so if there are X number of entities in a given area say AI entities that a number closest to the player can be set to a not alert or friendly state for a duration of time? What I mean is the audio acoustic reverberation in a certain area is measured from and to the player so can it be made to measure against active AI within a vis portal area with regard to the player? I don't know exactly what I'm trying to convey here pertaining to my problems but it is out of my realm of understanding so please go easy on me if you find this in any way not productive or in any way disappointing to your understanding of existence, In any event I hope and love for only Knowledge, The rest can be neglected but not forgotten or ignored.
  19. I run tdm on 2 gtx 980's in sli and I had pretty poor performance for a while running on win 10 tp. Not only tdm but other games aswell were fluctuating in performance way beyond what I expected and the system specs are in my sig. After a while I ran into some older thread which led me to a newer one about a monitor timming thing used for power saving or something. From memory it was 15.6ns or something by default and is a global setting that needs to be reset to default after an app changes it. I read about it on many forums and write ups which led me to try msi kombuster burn in and benchmark app. I ran it once. Now I just start it in the back ground if a game plays up and it worked. Its only like 18meg download so try it let us know if it works. Do a google search for msi kombuster.
  20. @GGP85, Are you getting on alright with the hosting of your FM and all. If you need I can help out or beta test and what not. If not no worries I'm looking forward to playing Condolences. PS. Post a teaser (a short description of the game plot or elements of the map) or somthing like that so we can all drool until you release it:) Good Luck mate I know it will be a great first FM and take your time.
  21. LA noire for me was utter crap. Sorry for the harsh view but it took me about 3 weeks just to get the thing to run properly, Bugs like you would'nt believe. Other than that like Chakkman I think the car physics were appalling and the cities and towns were bland both in activity and design. Thats just my experience but I spent 80 bucks and with hind sight I shouldn't have spend a cent on it. Some games I like and not all are first person shooters : Dragon age origins and to a lesser degree awakening. Mass effect 2. The Bioshocks all of them. American Mcgee's Alice. Borderlands. Splinter Cell Blacklist. Stalker. The witcher. Vampire the masquerade bloodlines. No one lives forever. Hitman Absolution. Saint Row IV and III. Farcry 3 and 4. Just Cause 2. Xcom Enemy unknown. Dead Island. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. Pain Killer Collection. Gothic 3. Rage.
  22. Yeah I guess the way it is now invites investigation, scouting, curiosity (is that a monalisa I see there) and planing with possible altercations and such which in the end only adds to the game play experience and isn't that why we play stealth games in the first place.
  23. I would like to first find the lute, then I 'd like to know why Oralaphalese loves Louralise and why are they separated and how his melodies would play among the master builders angels and their harps and open up channels between this world and that of the Master Builder's. Also can I find Loot to collect so as to buy my way out if I cannot find an open doorway? I need to go to Litigation and find a legion and a lute.
  24. mmmh. Interesting There is not doubt that the idtech4 engine and in turn john carmack in relation granted us the right to use his creation to further our and no doubt his envisioned creative foresight and nurturing of community to enable the creation of the TDM standalone engine. Please try to run the darkmod folder as a mod in the doom3 intall directory and let us know at TDM how you get on. I hope it works without a hitch as no one here is getting payed for there efforts and as far as the law is concerned, None have been broken.
  25. @ Xarg Hay I got what it says in my sig +. That laptop of yours sounds pretty cool?
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