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  1. All of us so far use nVidia hardware. (?) The XP guys thing might be related to a problem I had earlier: I needed some C++ library thing I had to get from Microsoft. Now if I could only remember what I downloaded to make the problem go away.
  2. Long time, no see guys! I'm having the same problem at Premier. As far as I can tell from the console, its not loading any of the GUI at all. Maybe this will help.
  3. So I saw the announcement and I'm going to put in my two cents: All we can do is wait. I think the team has seen The Dark Mod. If not, someone should create an account on their site and make sure they do. That way they can see "OMG, this is what the community is already doing." It will give them something to keep an eye on as they develop their game. Where do the TDM fan missions go? What kind of things seem to be popular among FM devs in their world? What types of missions seem to create the most buzz? TDM is going to be hard to live up to. Its made by fans of the originals. Its doing a lot of things we wanted to see in the franchise, but never got to. If they want to make a game that appeals to us, the hard-core thief fan base, then you bet your butt they're going to be paying attention to the Dark Mod. If we pan the game outright, then we're not going to tell our friends to go check it out, or worse for them, we may warn people against it.
  4. Thats a semantic... situational horror vs. startle horror. But Springheel, picture this: You're in an old dilapidated cathedral, and there's a long hallway with a door at each end. You're entering the hallway from one side for the first time... and halfway down the hallway walking toward you is a burning dead (scripted to start a patrol toward whichever door you open first). All you have are a blackjack and a sword. A bit scarier now? Personally, I'd probably pee my pants. But that's startle horror. I've said it before on these forums and I'll say it again. My personal scariest gaming experience ever is summed up in two words. "Shalebridge Cradle" Anyone else agree? If you really want to implement something really SCARY in a TDM campaign, I'm shouting LOUD once again for the cage-heads.
  5. 3 words: Duke Nukem Forever. ...or as I like to say, Duke Nukem ForNever.
  6. Go to tom's hardware (tomshardware.com) if you wants charts, benchmarks, and comparos.
  7. I think the "all-horror" or "more horror" aspect is up to the campaign and map builders. I'm sure there's all kinds of possibilities for new AIs, if someone wants to put in the time to code it. However... I always thought that burning dead (essentially skeletons on fire, that could throw fireballs like a D3 Imp) could be an AWESOME element in any of the undead-heavy places that have existed. Especially used as a "shock and awe" element in a good map. They'd be a light source as well, adding an extra element of trickiness to putting them down.
  8. AI vs. AI fights a stretch? How about Pagan vs. Builder or AI thief vs. night watch? As for the coding part, I agree that there's better things they need to spend their time on.
  9. Lets assume a 4-lb blackjack, wrapped in thick, soft leather, for arguments sake. One good crack on the back of the head could leave them out for HOURS. A good pistol-whipping can put someone out for at least two hours, maybe even three or four. I'd say that a skilled blackjacker (Garrett, for lack of a better example) could inflict the equivalent of a well-placed pistol-whipping with maximum efficiency, pretty much every time. So two to three hours game time is absolutely long enough to carry out a successful mission, and reason enough to not implement it. If all that weren't enough, the average enemy is a sleep-deprived night security guard. If you get KO'd when you're tired, you will absolutely stay asleep longer. So as for realism? Good enough for me.
  10. I thought we were going to get a Builder Priest figurine and a blackjack with our director's cut purchase. So you're telling me the real working moss arrows are out too? I'm going to boycott.
  11. "Non-competitive usage of the Ransom Group Texture Library is unlimited and royalty-free." As long as you aren't trying to make money from something these textures are used in, I think they are fair game. You aren't trying to use them in a competitive manner. TDM is an open project, ESPECIALLY after you guys go gold with it. Another thing you could do, is only use them amongst official team members, and NOT give them out with the rest of the end-user package. It would give you guys some ultra-premium artwork to fiddle with, and just throw out a credit to where the textures came from to point mappers to their stuff. After looking at some of their stuff, its pretty awesome. It could be worth blowing a hundred bucks or so for the right person on their packages if that someone really wanted to be hard core about a campaign.
  12. Could you just code it as a +x gamma value on that model or surface alone? Say if the ambient gamma were 1.05, you'd increase the correction to 1.15 *on the object* as it was frobbed, so you wouldn't have to set it up on each texture. I just not sure what, if any performance hit there could/would be. It may even save some processing power if its doable Just an idea ...and I found it ridiculously difficult to judge distances for effectively doing much of anything. It seems that everything is just out of reach, or i'm running into it. I still have yet to successfully blackjack anyone in TOSL, and I've been playing Thief since I got the pre-release T:TDP demo from PCGamer, and I'd consider myself a seasoned pro. (I could actually do it in the Den) Any tips? One more suggestion: If you drilled someone at the top of the neck just below the base of the skull with a 3-5lb blackjack, you could most definitely KO them, if not kill them.
  13. Remember, you can't use a func_static to close off a room. I spent a ton of time trying to figure out why some sewer pipes of mine weren't working correctly, and that's what I found out.
  14. For some reason maps don't load properly in the editor. I'm trying to use the 0.98b5 version of DR. I can still dmap it all okay, but I think maybe some kind of configuration is changed or corrupted. It started after I installed and re-pointed DR to TOSL. Any suggestions? I used the closemouthed_shadows map to illustrate my point, it should work fine. And then all at once, it started working just fine.
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