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  1. Likely to large doeses of compulsory medication and the systematic perversion of the human psyche upon the digital plane.... Or perhaps to a spontaneous conversation regarding turtles... could go either way.
  2. Is it all melancholy? What if he never liked his arms? I mean, what with the constant *dangling* and all... Maybe he could bust out into something along the lines of "Singing In The Rain" on account of no longer having to deal with them pesky, unruly extremities, eh? 'Cause otherwise he'd pretty much just be like one of 'em fellows I pass on the subway... and those are just more smelly than scary. 1) Lusaka... is that in Detroit? 2) You may have been lucky that time since they had no legs to catch you with, but what if they had jetpacks? Hmm? What would you have done then? Legless l
  3. Know what's fun? Tax evasion. In other news, can we get several guards doing an interpretive dance of "Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?" Personally I'd blame the Thief...
  4. Was it the government? ...'Cause, ya know, lyin' bastards they be. >.>
  5. How close untill we have it? Are most of the briefing done yet? Tell! Tell! Hah! No worries, more or less my fault for not asking a good deal earlier. I actually found you guys back then through the EvilAvatar article and was simply too distracted by various other things to give a yell. I take it you enjoyed Hannibal.
  6. Nice! Can't wait 'till you folks are real far along. The Thief universe done in Doom 3's engine is cause for momentous excitement. But while on the topic of fan work on Thief, have any of ya'll gotten wind of this? Apparently it's even going to be done soon. I can't wait for any of this.
  7. Hmm... I suppose that'd be a "no thanks" about the writing part. A shame, I was looking forward to it. Fun. What magazine? But how exactly is an editor "voted" rather than hired for a position? Well, it looks like it won't be happening for the writer part, but what about a concept designer? Or are those jobs essentially the same in this group? And although this is a tad off topic, how is the mod coming? If Macsen is almost done I'd assume you fellows have moved along well since the time you were mentioned on EvilAvatar?
  8. I'm a rather enormous fan of the Thief universe and would simply love to help out on a project like this. Of course, I've played and own every game in the series. The Thief games have also been the only ones I've ever actually replayed again and again. The specific area I would be offering any services in would be writing/concept design. Would I be correct in thinking that Macsen is your only writer at this point? If he is, I believe things could benefit quite largely from a second head for the same task. I am hardly a journalist like Macsen, and have only a modest number of written works
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