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  1. Thank you for an absorbing mission. I would love to finish this one before I update to 2.05, but I am missing a lot of loot (only 2180 with 3000 needed on Expert), and I am going around in circles. I think I must have missed one or more pretty obvious locations, like an entire wing of the house or a giant vault or a neon sign pointing to a pile of jewels. A hint would be appreciated. Update: Never mind! I answered my own question by downloading Cambridge Spy's video. By chance, I skipped ahead to just the right spot to find something that I should have found already. My mission completion is forever tarnished!
  2. As before, I would be happy to help with testing, but I do not have permission to view the topic.
  3. Is there an updated version of this mission available somewhere? I can't find the "other thread" referred to above, and there is no download link on the mission page (http://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=17).
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