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  1. <nevermind - ranting> Let's just say that I feel FTL is not as much fun anymore after all the new stuff the advanced edition put it. It's too much to master, and if I'm going to have to master so many details I'd rather use the brain power to do better with actually important things in life.
  2. Well, if you follow modern mainstream gaming trends it would seem that for the majority of cases (Dark Souls excluded) it's more about the "experience" rather than the challenge. People want to be immersed in some sort of world and feel like a badass, and you can't be a badass if you die too easily. That, and making games more accessible for a larger crowd. The difficulty level of FTL is also not particularly linear. Most games will gradually ramp up the difficulty level because you'll learn the mechanics and have better strategies and tools for dealing with obstacles. FTL and most other rog
  3. Dying, yes. It's what I play games for. To feel pain. Despite that I still keep playing though. There's something about FTL that keep me coming back. Perhaps I'm a masochist?
  4. Type C layouts are unlocked by completing the game on the Type B of a particular ship. Which means you need to have unlocked Type B first before you have the opportunity to get Type C. Fortunately the game now indicates in the ships list which ships have completed the game on their specific layouts. I will also never, EVER play on the Hard skill level. FTL is hard enough on Easy and masochistic on Normal. Why would I pay money for a game that just stresses me out by playing on Hard? Feeling like you're a shit gamer after playing FTL is not a nice experience, and Hard will just make it worse.
  5. Not just Steam owners - everyone gets the FTL: Advanced edition regardless of where they bought it (Steam, GOG, Humble Store). FTL is such a love/hate game for me. It's the type of game which is really aggravating when you die, because it's difficult to know whether it was an "unfair" death due to the random number generator that determines everything deciding to ruin your game, or whether it's because you yourself made the wrong decisions and hadn't prepared to be flexible enough to handle whatever could be thrown at you. I don't mind a death if it was simply because I made a shit decision
  6. Woah, that's impressive, particularly the perfect (at least to my untrained eyes) matching of a 3D object into footage. Of course what one would have to have learnt to even get that far kinda scares me...
  7. Zenimax are indeed scum, however gamers as a whole aren't one to punish companies by boycotting their games. If they did, EA would be long, long out of business. As for the game itself, I shall withhold judgement until someone like TotalBiscuit and/or NerdCubed can give it a go.
  8. Interesting responses. Confession time - despite being a fan of TDM, unlike a lot of folks here I'm not a Thief veteran. I've played the demo of the second Thief game, played a bit of the full version of Thief 3 and nothing else. When it comes to stealthy games my favs have been things like the Deus Ex series and more recently Dishonored. In those games stealth is important, but you're normally well armed and capable enough to deal with the AI if they do encounter you, whereas in TDM a single AI encounter might be utterly lethal if you can't dispatch them quickly enough. Also, most other gam
  9. I generally play most fan missions on the difficult/hard skill level. On this level the missions are normally challenging but not insurmountable; they generally have high loot requirements which force the player to explore and have a keen eye (which is something I enjoy) and don't allow killing but generally allow knockouts (which is a decent challenge). What I don't like however is when some missions (Lockdown for example) have it so that you can't even blackjack on the medium skill level - you have to play on easy which feels too noobish I suppose (or to my ego anyway), but worse than that
  10. I've only played the main Bioshock Infinite campaign. Definitely very pretty (color, what a concept!) but the gunplay was awful. They weapons just didn't feel particularly special and the enemies were simply bullet sponges without any particularly interesting AI. For a game that's strong on narrative but still at its core an FPS, this is not a good thing. I hear EP1 is more of the same but EP2 is less direct combat focused and more stealth focused, which sounds like an improvement. I honestly would have been happier if BI was more of an adventure game and didn't have any shooter elements are
  11. I'm definitely on the latest version (2.01) according to the updater. As far as I know I've always had this behaviour, but it's not really that serious or common enough to cause that much grief. This is a fairly clean install too, so I don't think I've corrupted anything, but again it could be related to a download immediately timing out due to my fickle modem and the game not having a provision for dealing with that. I don't have a firewall enabled so it's not that.
  12. I apologise if this has been brought up before but a search failed to show anything, so here I am. I have noticed that occasionally I'll have one of two issues that will, at times, manifest separately with the in-game mission downloader (TDM 2.01, but I recall this happening earlier too): When starting the download, the game will lock up at 0.0% done and needs to be killed at this point (and as it turns out the download never actually starts, so no partial files exist). When finished a download, the game will lock up at 100% done and again needs to be killed, but at this point the mission has
  13. Playing "Home Again", I very sneakily went up and blackjacked Mr. Bier while he was sitting down. For some reason he flipped and landed in a perfect handstand (well, back of the hands anyway):
  14. What's the basic hit detection logic for the blackjack? I ask because when it comes to blackjacking someone, it seems like it gets more random the more armor the AI wears. If I run up and hit a dude with the blackjack who's wearing normal clothes (no armor), he drops like a sack of potatoes regardless of whether it was a direct head shot or at the torso. If they're wearing full plate armor and one of those helmets with a slitted faceplate then they're impossible to blackjack, which makes sense and seem to be made specifically to force ghosting in certain missions. It's the guys who have eith
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