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  1. Hey thanks. I didn't know about this boost thingy. I usually set layers when things get slowish. As for Shadowhide, his posts look like your typical textbook troll. But hey, his feedback partially resulted in the discussion which greatly improved my metal-medal-model (sorry I just had to. I blame the fever.)
  2. Certainly. That's what I thought at first. The symbols are free. But the person who took the photo of the coin still owns the copyright to the photo. And I made the texture from the photo belonging to the other guy. It is so confusing, I'd love to hear a law-professionals opinion on this. At least this way I'm playing this by the book.
  3. Finally did my homework on this. Basically: When a creative work is generated, it gets auto-protected by copyright.Nothing can be used unless otherwise stated that it is free. Contacted the copyright holders on the coin-images I used and asked for permission to use them. First already replied that it is okay. Let's see what the other says. Lesson to be learned: When drooling over net images for textures, check permission before making texture/model work on it. Most likely permission will be granted and people are happy for the courtesy of asking.
  4. Sotha

    LOD models

    Supercüül! I cannot see much differences between the high and low poly ones. Both look great!
  5. Now we only need some grey matter particle effects...
  6. Okay. I also got now a bit worried about copyright issues. (I hate this kind of stuff, really takes the fun out of creating stuff.) We had a lawyer here, right? I took the medieval coin images I used in the texture creation quite liberally from the net without checking much about whether the images are free or not. And the texture on the medals are clear enough so that the original images are relatively easily identified. Many sites do not even have any info whether the images on the are free or not. Can I basically take any image and alter it for my own purposes as long I'm not making profit? Are the textures now copyright burdened, causing trouble later? If they are, the remedy for the situation would be to remove the coin textures and use only the normal maps. I drew them by my own hand using the coin images as reference, so they certainly are my own creation. But I'm checking so I don't see the trouble unnecessarily. Just to be on the safe side, I'd love to contribute these to TDM but I want to be sure I'm not causing any damage with my good intentions.
  7. There. Skins for six variations: Red, blue and citywatch ribbons. Also, there are two variations for metal parts. At present all the textures are 1024x1024, do you think it is okay to go 512x512? Also I use .tga files. I saw most of the textures in TDM is .dds files. I've got the gimp plugin, so I can make the textures into .dds as well. Is there any benefit? I also was confused which compression to use with dds-plugin.
  8. What!? Glenham won? Yay! Thank you very much for this recognition. I'm sure it will inspire me to create even better maps for the community to play! Does this mean that TDM now authorizes me to fabricate a plastic/cardboard tiara, a ribbon saying "TDM Summer Contest Winner" and walk around town wearing the things. I was certain the winner would have been Grayman's mission with all the cool cutscenes and conversations. I want to thank: The mod team: Greebo, Tels, coders, artists and everyone who have helped to create TDM. This mod is truly a beast. Thank you very much for making it possible. Keep the updates coming! And even in times of trouble, don't give up. The mod is very close to perfection.Fidcal for seeing the trouble of organizing this contest. It was fun, meaningful and useful.All the other contestants. Great and innovative maps were produced. These really show TDM means business. You all deserve a pat on the back. Like someone said earlier, everyone's a winner.My betatesters. Thank you very much. Your valuable feedback and critique helped improve this mission a lot. Most likely enough to make it the winner!The whole community. TDM community is the most positive, mature and fun of the large online communities I know. Thank you for making this nice and enthusiastic environment for this kind of contests. Without the community there would be no point in making these maps. I hope the great works within this contest inspires other to pick up DR and start to create maps of even higher quality! Starting DR is only Fidcal's A-Z tutorial away. I'll look forward to the next contest. When is it going to be? Christmas? In the end, I'll copy-paste the developer commentary I wrote in the Glenham -thread, to those who want to know how the map came together. It is a HUGE spoiler so do not read it if you've not yet played the mission.
  9. Yeah, the above situation is rather difficult to get done. The bowl placement is quite delicate. Remember also that the player cannot look around while holding the object there. The AI path could easily bump into the player and the player cannot see the approaching danger.
  10. I don't agree to this, unfortunately. Free roaming means that the player gets to go anywhere he wants. The mission has objectives and the player knows what he is supposed to do and thus focus on visiting the locations which will likely help gaining that objective. Controlling the player and confining him to walk through the rooms in a certain sequence results the player to get stuck and miss stuff when he fails to spot the key in the unlogical unbelievable place. But yes, it of course depends on the map size, does the player have a map and other factors. The fun thing is that all mappers can stick to their own style they prefer, thus providing a diversity of mission types from which all players can choose their favourite!
  11. In the old thief games I loved particularily the whistling, humming, etc. My personal favourite was the coarse sounding drunken guard singing some kind of waltz. TDM AI don't do this as much as in the old thief games. Yes, some AI's certainly whistle, but not as much as in the other games. If we had infinite resources, there certainly should be more whistling and more singing and humming. However, the problem is that we have limited amount of people working on this stuff. I'm sure no one would complain if someone would create a cool 'hummer' vocal set with lots of whisting and humming. The problem is, that creating a high quality vocal set needs skills not everyone possesses.
  12. Happy mapping! Here's something to help you on your way: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Start_Here!
  13. Is there a tutorial on how to make one? It would be simple to use the builder banner texture for a builder medal. Also changing the texture to grayscale would yield a silver medal.. @aida: Thanks!
  14. Idiotic exploit of the week, embedded in a short story: The thief picked the lock as many times before. But suddenly he heard approaching footsteps behind the nearby door. He knew he was trapped in a room that was well lit without any places to hide. Quick thinking was needed. Quickly he grabbed the nearby bowl and... placed it between him and the only light source in the room! The guard came in, walked through the room, ate an apple and after a while of grumbling about being bored left through the way he came. The thief felt lucky and thought that big bowls should be standard thieving equipment...
  15. Now how do we get these people mapping for TDM? A clever scheme is vital here.
  16. Good god. My first impression was that why someone has image manipulated thief HUD on an old post card image. And probably those scenes run 1e3 frames per second on modern hardware.
  17. Thanks! Reasonable suggestion, adding more edges to the cylinder. I went 8->12. Now it is 118 polys. I also fooled around with the normalmap tool and managed to improve the carvings: Unless someone throws in some nice improvement ideas for this, I think I'm done. I suppose I have to go back to the rod and try to mash up a texture for it from some photo sources.
  18. First of all, I think both games look of comparable graphics. I mean they BOTH look good. However, remember that this is not necessarily a TDM-TDS graphic comparison, but more of a mapper style comparison. In my eyes it looks like this Tiens keeps moderate detail level in his map. Basically his pictures contain the essential objects to relay the scene. He does not seem be much into tiny details. The scenes seem to be intentionally built relatively low-poly to insure smooth performance at all times. We all know Melan from his Return to the city, which is full of detail everywhere. His style is to pay attention to the minute details. These two are different kind of mapping styles. I appreciate greatly Melan's style, but my personal preference leans more to Tiens-style, because too much details results in poor performance. Having a zillion thingies in the scene is not good if it results in choppyness. EDIT: Yep, those textures Tiens has are wonderful.
  19. Thanks for help! After several attempts I gave up. The main reason for this was that I basically didn't know what I was doing, which was rather overwhelming. Simply too advanced for my level. After this bitter defeat, I took Spring's recommendation and started to hunt for suitable pictures of medieval coins and medals. I found a few images and mashed them up into one texture. I also created background metal in the texture by using the clone brush and cloning smooth metal from the medal picture into a larger area. The metal parts have it all: normalmap and specular, although they are just auto-generated fractal clouds, as suggested in rich_is_bored's tutorial. After the metal part I remembered that there is the citywatch banner. And this texture has the fabric coarseness thus relieving me of the task of creating one myself. I used that for the ribbon cloth. Result looks now like this. I'd love to hear your opinions. I think it's drastic improvement to the previous one. Lesson learned: don't try too learn to much in one big chunk. Rather, stay in comfort area and add few new things to be learned in moderation. So now I know how to model AND how to create basic textures for the models by hunting images from the net and basic image manipulation. Progress! Yay!
  20. Nice pictures and impressive work when considering the old engine. Good old T2 has been pushed to the limit there, but modern TDM will easily beat it in terms of graphics. I won't compare gameplay, since these are different games. I'm pretty sure that on some point those heroic T1&2 mappers will try out DR, be delighted and create even more beautiful masterpieces using modern technology. The winning side for T1&2 is low machine specs, it plays wonderfully on almost any machine, while TDM is annoyingly choppy for low enders.
  21. Yes. I'm checking my configuration now and I have done no changes. tdm_launcher.exe should simply work without any fuss. Maybe you should check your tdmlauncher.log for clues. Mine looks like this: So it looks like tdm_launcher.exe should autodetect your steam config and starts it properly. What does your log say? Especially the parts I've bolded in my log are probably important.
  22. Well I don't. I'll check what my setting are, but I don't remember doing anything special when installing TDM. It just works with tdmlauncher.
  23. How odd. It should just work. At least works for me. Win7 issue? Is your darkmod installation ok? Could there be a path issue, like tdmlauncher, doom3 or steam unable to handle the odd "(" characters in your path? You could check this by moving steam assets to another folder without ( ) marks in the path and test. https://support.stea...=7418-YUBN-8129 I'm just blind guessing here. I'll check my config once I get back home and post back.
  24. I got steam version. The game saves into /steamapps/common/doom3 I simply start the game from tdmlauncher.exe and I've created a shortcut there. There never was any fuss on this.
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