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  1. Played a bit with it last night. It is refreshingly different mp-experience, really. The zombies almost always win, but I don't see the problem with it as playing as either team is fun, and getting killed transfers you to the probable winning team. Winning as a survivor is also a very rewarding experience, as it demands excellent teamwork and communication. I also like the mood of the mod. However, there is still room to improve. Zombie spawnpoints are foolishly placed in some of the maps. Some balancing is also required. But still, I'm eagerly waiting for more.
  2. Hey! That sounds like a very nice and fresh MP idea. Must test. Downloading... Thanks for the tip.
  3. -No wonder they have difficulties getting help, if their pages are only in german, limiting their possibilities to only GER -people. There were some videos of some strange robots shooting star wars -looking slow lasers at each other. Didn't seem too exciting..
  4. -Heh. So there is this kind of people who wander through life complaining about and despising everything. Cats and dogs are way too clever for that, they stick to the basics and enjoy their lives. =)
  5. -They're probably averagely successful etc.
  6. -You probably regard phrase 'sometimes the whole is more than a sum of its parts' as rubbish that must be despised. In my opinion music usually improves the gaming experience. However, it must be used skillfully and it has some downsides, the biggest being the fact that many games start playing combat music as soon as an enemy spots you, tipping the unsuspecting player that someone is attacking him. Still, I like good music with a good game, and I like Jeremy Soule's music even outside the virtual world.
  7. -No! We need the fish, namely a codfish! His name is Fitzgerald and he has mystical powers making fish KO's very important in the mission. The player can use his nano-suit to become invisible to other fishes, but only while underwater. It's for game balance, really.
  8. @Oddity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retro
  9. http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Ho...ouses/tudor.htm Beta mapper check this address for inspiration. It contains an article of tudor houses, it is aimed for children, but contains good pictures and some nice detailed info on houses. I should've read that before I started mapping...
  10. -It really doesen't need to be too exact, it is just an useful estimate. Simply calculate the total time how long the map has been loaded in the editor. No need for bells and whistles. If a mapper is neurotic enough to get worried if he left the editor open while he visited the bathroom, he can edit the buildtime by hand.
  11. -Yep, it is normal that it shows some errors. fs_game is the mod you want to use with the editor. If leaving it empty doesen't load standard doom 3 content, set it to 'base'. I don't remember how it was. You can check if the D3 content is normally loaded from the media browser. If you see some textures, the D3 content is normally loaded and you do not need to fiddle with fs_game -parameter. Also, it's worth to mention that the media browser normally show some textures as 'shader is missing', but some should work in the preview. Happy editing!
  12. I remember reading Thief1&2 fan mission readme's and I recall they all had more or less the same standard list of general info about the map, including the build time, which usually simply was vaguely described as 'too long' or something like that. I've got a very low priority suggestion: howsabout adding a build time counter for DR, so you can easily check how many hours of your life you've wast... um... contributed to the map?
  13. -It would work wonders if you could select multiple entities and quickly assign them all into noshadow with this feature. If you still need to select entities one-by-one there is not much gain from this feature, as the noshadow 1 text stays in the entity editor when you select a new entity. Currently all you need to do is type in the noshadow 1 text in the entity browser and then select the wanted entity and click the green tick to assign the value that stays in the entity browser, then move on to the next entity and green tick again and so forth.
  14. -Or we could use our amazing brain capacity to whine, complain, get sickened, despise and hate everything. You are so silly.
  15. I looked at the newst snapshot. Still no speaker radius is visible.
  16. -Ouch! I need to think twice before buying that one. I must say your text was nice and entertaining to read though.
  17. So you say you are an individualist, who doesen't give a damn about anything. But here you are: a part of a community forging a game modification together. You've even contributing a lot to the project. You are an asset to us. (And a good one indeed.) You're a cog in a great machine, serving the greater good of the community. I might believe that you even care if this mod succeeds of not. You speak of you being different in these kind of things, but still your behavior signals otherwise. I'd say it's a bit contradicting, which implies you're probably speaking about these things only for a show. -This is entirely normal behavior for most of the people. You've selected to participate in this project, just as I did. Nothing special here. Yes, indeed. He has read his Nietzsche, too bad it is standard school stuff.
  18. -Good grief, man! Here you are, rambling on and on about your fundamentally different way of thinking, but still the biggest difference I see between your posts and ours is your incomprehensibly negative attitude, which seem to govern a large portion of your personality. There seems to be no fundamental difference in your thinking, other that you want to only see the dark side of things. Nothing new there.
  19. So, arguing about something petty (in this case declaring yourself to be superior to other people mainly because you have a negative personality) is not classified as neaderthal-type of enjoyment? But sure, I'm not familiar with neaderthal behavior and obviously it appears to be your speciality. -So you're being difficult only because you have some kind of weird compulsion to be detached from general social norms. I never thought that being a weirdo is an active choice, people usually end up in that sorry state by some terrible mishap in their lives. I'm absolutely sure that there are a lot of people like you, but you are of course free to think that you are special and unique from the rest of us gray average joes, if it makes you feel better. Maybe your delusions make your life more tolerable, preventing you from going totally haywire.
  20. The tone of the definition of course. Abnormality has a negative ring to it and a strongly individual sounds better.
  21. You seem to be so full of hate and negative attitude that you could burst any minute. Have you ever considered that you don't generally behave in the same way as others because you appear to have a generally more negative personality? Normal people are not nearly as hostile as you appear to be. It's better to be a 'strongly individual' person than an 'abnormal' one. You even attempt to use your hostility to make you seem clever and the rest of the world 'ignorant', that is hardly enlightened behavior in my view. It's actually rather sad. I truly feel sorry for you, as I can only imagine how dark and terrible it might feel to think the way you do. But still I'm truly happy that I'm not like you and there are no people like you among my friends. You may attach The Hypocrite sticker on me if you want.
  22. Yep. And it seems as if some people are incapable to have empathy. It is probably okay as people are really different from each other. I don't know Pratchett in any way (except his marevellous books) but still, it is sad to hear he's got a serious illness I wouldn't like even my worst enemies to have.
  23. Cozy. I've got one of those in my bedroom....
  24. Welcome! Keep up the good work and don't mind the nitpicking.
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