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  1. What about not distributing TDM, just your mod and making TDM's existence known on your Patreon page and wherever else you talk about it, along with details about it and its COMPLETELY FREE nature, then state clearly that your patron is for simply for your mod work and what it contains. If someone from that patreon pages says to himself, "free? Lets check that out." and comes to TDM.com and says, meh, no thanks, not for me, and doesn't use it, then TDM and all its coding potential technically has zero value to them. They can use TDM alone if they choose, but presumably wouldn't unless its usin
  2. Also, if your like me and you can't stand the maximum speed limit firefox has on scrolling movement. I recommend this little program> https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/48426-accelerated-scrolling-script/ It gets you a little closer to one to one mouse movement. It doesn't give a perfect result, but it helps. Theres other programs out there, mainly made by hobbyists it seems, but this is the only one i've tried.
  3. Have you guys tried the new Edge browser? I switched to it on my laptop because the scrolling speed and smoothness was so much better than firefox, its amazing. I'd describe it as almost instantaneous 1:1 mouse movement with a smooth scrolling mouse wheel, in the way that it feels and looks on the browser. Its totally smooth. I didn't switch to Edge for a long time because it didn't support loading only the existing tabs you click on instead of all at once, but they finally put that in so i switched. On my main computer im using Firefox on Win7, but am so tired of how slow Firefox feels, im
  4. Always wanted an actual hand come out with a compass in it. I had planned on making some intricate, believable animations for such a thing with some coding support. Like, the compass would stay down a bit and you'd have to look down a little to view it, but instead of basic AAA hand behavior where your hand stays basically still, we could have made some animations for it to give the hand some behavior, like the hand would come up just a bit when you looked down again indicating your intention to look at the compass again, stuff like that, very subtle though because the game can't know if your
  5. How about not giving swear words a power they don't deserve in the first place? Shit = poop, but "shit" is "bad"? In the end its all just emotion being tossed around via sound waves. Furthermore nobody thinks of having sex with mothers when they say "motherfucker", when people say its they've jammed their toe or are saying it to someone to simply highlight their anger. Your parents are teaching you to feel bad when you hear these words and potentially to look down on others for using them, that is wrong to a large degree. Well it comes to real world use, its all about the intent, and only that
  6. @Destined: It is definitely possible, especially with the source code. No need to worry about that. No "key frame" animations would be needed at all, all the limbs would be controlled by simple code. Maybe animations for the feet, but i think it would be better with just code for now. When the head goes down, the pelvis will too, and will need to start moving backwards to a degree. That would be coded. The legs would follow the pelvis. The feet are perhaps the only thing that *might* received key frame animation, but i doubt it, i think it would be more dynamic to add translation, acceleratio
  7. Not sure you'd need animations. For what? YOU'D be the realtime animator of yourself. If you're talking about animating the arms so they look right no matter what the hands are doing, i'm not sure about that, only that many other games have done it and luckily you don't see yourself in the game much so don't have to suffer watching yourself walking along like they do in Onward, for example. I wouldn't get your hopes up about having perfect bodily movements. New player model: why? Im running under the assumption that TDM is open source now, please correct me if im wrong. Not sure if that ma
  8. Well, im going to have some trouble with that as i don't program. But i am willing to bet that more than one of the professional programmers who worked on TDM will eventually be interested enough in this idea to do it. I provided those links because i don't think they may yet realize the possibilities for the fun to be had, as i didn't until i saw some of those videos. I wasn't a fan of the motion tracking stuff until pretty recently. As i understand it, VorpX is 3D plus head tracking. What i was talking about was full hand-tracking support, room scale or close too, holding your blackjack
  9. Wow, sorry to take so long to reply, but i had to watch that video, then finish my extended standing ovation, then dry the tears from my eyes, then subscribe to his channel. (searches for smilie to cover that,nope.) So yeah, I just watched that video, im amazed, not because it contain any new information really, but its what i've been echoing basically since i switched to 3D gaming since 2010 and have watched the VR push. I have 2,500 amazing, wonderful hours of 3D gaming on my belt according to Steam. Noticed how he wasn't that impressed with 3D on a monitor, but said maybe it would be be
  10. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you are thinking about TDM in VR. This past week a bunch of new developments have happened for a few games that had their source code available and people are getting pretty excited about the few other AAA games with source code available and people have mentioned TDM on reddit many times after the Penumbra: Overture release. For anyone that doesn't know, heres some of whats been accomplished so far, mainly on the HTC Vive thus far, but should work for the Rift eventually too when the Rift gets their hand sensor tech within a week i believe. You can sort of
  11. No thoughts? The first question should have been, do any mappers have a desire for a theoretically interesting looking elevator at all? Also, my assumption is that this would be an optional thing, independent resource, not an overhaul of the existing elevator and system, so please correct me if i am wrong.
  12. Was looking to make a new elevator and elevator system, using steam or electricity, or a bit of both as its power. Im making it for my future portfolio as well, so it will need to be pretty decent for modern standards, yet fit into the Dark Mod world as well. My questions concern mainly practical design concerns and was looking for some feedback from the community of mappers and programmers. 1Steam or electrical or both: I'd like to make it Steam or electrical based, i think electrical would help "explain" why the elevator moving suddenly in the middle of the night doesn't alert an entire ca
  13. @Springheel: I uploaded what i have here. Unfortunately i don't seem to have any sword attack animations anymore, which means they were probably lost in one of the many OZC Agility 2 SSD drive failures i had. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xrl82shmjjgbz/combat_files @Kvorning: Yeah the BF series has great animations, lots of coding involved with it too as i understand it to make it dynamic and fluid. They've always been ahead of the game in first person view screen and gun movements too. I used to reference BF2142 as a great example of the perfect running animation in terms of screen head
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