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  1. Yes that's a really good stealth multiplayer but i find it really diferent from thief (the gameplay). anyways i made this topic to see if someone was interested in giving another try in those games because sadly no one plays these games anymore and really miss them
  2. well that's a shame that would have been really good
  3. aaaah dude, why do you say that really?? that would be the best game ever! however it would be cool to play a little bit of thievery sometime, i also played with friends some years ago and i really liked the maps
  4. Anyone still plays this thievery now and then? because it's really good and i would like to play a little more of it.
  5. ok, thanks a lot about the replies.
  6. I'm really interested in this particular project and i was wondering (sorry if it was already discussed) if you guys have considered taking this to steam's greenlight when the standalone gets released, because i really think that this deserves more attention and that greenlight is a really good place to make your game known. What do you think about this subject??
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