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  1. For the record, Fallout 3's AntAgonizer is a terrible character. Just like all the rest in that game.
  2. Yeah I know. I need to make LODs and a shadow mesh. Fortunately it's really easy with Modo. Anything that's 100% quads can be decimated pretty easily without compromising the structure of the mesh. I disagree regarding the skeleton though. The character has funky toes and elongated pinkies, but it can still use a standard skeleton. I can bind the bone that governs the ball of the foot to the grabby-toes. And any extra bones can just be ignored by existing animations, for example if I were to have special bones for the mandibles and antennae. Existing animations are only concerned with the bones in the hierarchy that they recognize. It shouldn't even matter if there are slight differences in the lengths of limbs because skeletal animations are all about rotations, right?
  3. The bugbeasts and craymen of Thief 1 were made from the very beginning to be simply humanoid demons with features of praying mantis and crayfish. So they're more humanoid than insect or crustacean. The very early version of the bug demon was much more demonic and had way less insectoid features. It had an almost human face and two pairs of regular human female breasts for some reason. The magical spider beasts you encounter in the very last missions of TDP were not even originally supposed to be just recolored spiders. They were meant to be humanoid female black widows, very much like the bugbeasts, with jet black skin that has red markings. They had two legs, six arms, and five eyes like their normal spider counterparts.
  4. I had the design for most of the body ready for a long time. First I started about 6 months ago but my workflow was all fubar so I abandoned the mesh. I figured out a better strategy and started sculpting the highpoly mesh about 3 weeks ago.
  5. Well, the Thief 1 bugbeasts do a smacking noise with their mandibles and do this high-pitched happy humming when idle. Yeah I haven't finished the texturing, plus I don't exactly know how Dark Mod handles materials and shaders.
  6. Maybe if someone makes a pagan-themed mission set in the wilderness and needs special tougher AI for the harder sections. Oh, and the "muscles" are actually individual sections of the exoskeleton, modeled somewhat after the human muscular structure. Hmm... and I thought I was merely combining humanoid and insect features just like the original designers of Thief 1 with the final bugbeast design. I suppose she could be a bit less humanoid and more insectoid to offset the monstrousness.
  7. A long time ago I asked someone if they could help me with getting a Dark Mod character skeleton for my modeling project but I abandoned it for a long time. A while ago I picked it up again and finished the model. So here it is. A Mantian huntress. Inspired by the Bugbeasts in Thief 1. I had the idea that they have an insect colony type society, except where the gender roles are reversed. A single male king and a whole hive of female drones and warriors. They live in huge jungles far outside The City, but a few of them remain in the ranks of pagans. They have peculiar feet that are great for climbing trees and hanging upside down to ambush prey. They have a thin and flexible but sturdy exoskeleton and sensitive eyes that can see a wide angle. Their pinkie fingers are shaped like deadly scimitars that can stab, cut and slice with ease. Even with a normal map the polycount is pretty high. About 30k quads, but I'm sure that can be lowered with a little work. Textures are diffuse, normal, specular amount and specular color. FYI the model is not yet rigged with a Dark Mod skeleton, just a temporary one for posing. Trying to bind it to an MD5 mesh skeleton can prove difficult due to MD5 models being in a T-pose and my character being in an A-pose. Model and render made with Modo 901
  8. Oh, I didn't even remember that Modo can use game units.
  9. So Noesis is the one you mean, right? (Edit: Of course you mean that, you said it right there but I'm a blind idiot) Modo bones are locator hierarchies. You just have to enable the linking visualizations to make them look like bones. And you know, I don't even need to get the animations, I just need the scale and bone structure/hierarchy. But I suppose it doesn't matter if it's also animated. Speaking of scale, do you know of any exporting problems when it comes to Modo's meter-based unit scale and the Dark Mod? Every program exports into different scale, for example Modo models are 100x larger than Blender models or something.
  10. Collada should be a format that works with every program ever so exporting that shouldn't be a problem. So is OBJ but I don't know about its skeletal animation properties. Anyway, tomorrow is a holiday so I need to go to the next town over to get wasted with my friends. I'll continue making the model, but it might take a while. Well, the good thing about taffers is that they're patient. No amount of Thi4fs is going to change that I hope.
  11. I'm using Foundry Modo. Is there any way to export TDM models to Collada or FBX?
  12. Is there a version of just the skeleton exported into an editable format that can be opened with a 3d-modeling program? It doesn't matter if the mesh is there as well, I can just get rid of it. Because if I get the skeleton, I can just change the bone lengths. Actually, I also get the standard humanoid scale from an exported skeleton as well, so I can edit my mesh to fit TDM standards better.
  13. I don't really mean a rig that is meant to be easy to animate. Just the skeleton that humanoid character animations work on in the mod itself. Afterall, any animation that is not the hip bone is all just rotation values, so as long as I get the correct bone hierarchy and basic form , I can skin any mesh to use the skeleton that someone else can animate.
  14. Hi, I'm modeling my own interpretation of a certain humanoid creature from one of the Thief games, and I'm attempting to make it so that the polycount and topology are game engine friendly. It's going to have normal and specular maps, and I was just thinking that if someone could give me just the basic humanoid skeleton that the animations in TDM use, I could bind the model to that so that whoever wants to develop the creature for the mod would be able to do so. Any basic model format is okay. dae, obj, fbx, etc. Also, what's the acceptable polycount for character/monster meshes in the game? And does there need to be things like separate shadow meshes and LOD meshes?
  15. Plutonia

    Lost Alpha

    I'd really want to play Lost Alpha, but even with the most optimized settings, I can't keep the game from crashing. That has made me wonder, is Lost Alpha just old 2005 assets added into the final release of the real game, or is it actually the old alpha version of STALKER made to barely work? And how exactly is it possible to program a game to crash when you alter the terrible default key bindings? Oh, and apparently the PDA functions will crash the game, especially if you go into the contacts tab, and there happens to be hostile (red) stalkers in your vicinity.
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