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  1. Hmm, did you find all the secrets? There are also two rings in the mission, one inside and one outside (I'll give you more info where if you need it). As it was my first mission, I made the loot a little too hard to find apparently, but live and learn. Take care, Xonze
  2. I'm in I guess(even though I'm late to the party lol), gotta relearn DR though so we'll see what I can come up with.
  3. Would it be possible, if these can't be made to work before 1.01, to just release at least the one rigged model as a ragdoll? (I know you can get it from PD, but that's more to download in a mission when it will be in the mod at some point later.) This way we can at least have a female corpse for those missions that might need one.
  4. I should of phrased it differently, sorry. I'm not taking anything from it, just looking at it to see how it was done. You read or asked someone how to do it, I'm looking at it already done. If we can't look into other peoples maps then we're going to be moving a lot slower in our map building. It's easier to see how something was done in the editor than to read about it, especially as it's all vanilla TDM. BTW: You should make a thread over at TTLG so that others can play this great map and see what TDM is able to do.
  5. This was quite a mission! I love the little details everywhere, including the ceilings, which looked awesome, and the water fountains were really well done. I wasn't thrilled with not having a blackjack (didn't find it either) but I was able to get through. The last door was close to being tedious with the lockpicking, I understand the reason for it, but it just seems to never end lol. I loved the last room and all that happened in it, really well done. I'll be opening this mission in DR to see how you did the water stuff Also liked the brush objects you built (they at least look like brushes). All in all a nicely done mission, and one of the better looking ones that have been released so far. Great job!
  6. Eh, Dave was the first name that came to me, it was David but it somehow got changed to Dave, lol. Had you I would of changed it as I wasn't attached to the name, but Dave doesn't sound as bad as some other like you said lol. I agree with the secrets somewhat, but I always thought was really easy to find so I figured if you're playing on expert you should have to hunt a bit for the loot. But it seems I'm wrong on that, so I'll take it into account for next time. Thanks for playing,
  7. Probably because I didn't know that you could do that. The loot thing seems to be a bug that pops up from time to time no matter whose mission it is. Take care, Xonze
  8. I hadn't heard it was too easy, but I guess one person's hard is another's easy. What do you mean shop? If you mean the buying screen in the beginning there shouldn't be anything in there, so not sure what you mean. Thanks for playing, Xonze
  9. The counter was something I couldn't reproduce on my end, and nothing special was done to it so its odd that it acts that way. All the loot is there, there are two rings that might be a bit hard to fine, but if you're trying to get all the loot it shouldn't be really easy. Thanks for playing, Xonze
  10. Thanks for the great write up sneaky, I really appreciate it! (I was so nervous releasing this as it's the first map I've ever released, but your review made me feel a lot better lol ) Just want to mention that it was built in 2 weeks but was beta tested up until today by some excellent people who took time out of their busy holidays to help me. Luckily nothing major had to be changed just some performance tweaks and z-fighting and other tiny glitches. Thanks again for taking the time to write a review of it and play it! And thanks to everyone else who's played this and voted, I'm really glad you all enjoyed it Happy holidays, Xonze
  11. After lots of beta testing (thanks guys) and fixing I think I'm ready to release my Xmas Fm, The Parcel. Its your standard get in, grab something and get out. Briefing: "I was expecting a package today just in time for Christmas, but it never showed. The runner never appeared either and I began to wonder what may of happened as Dave has never been late before. I did some digging and I finally found where he is, and where my parcel is as well. This, John Randell, has crossed the wrong guy. It's time to go to work." Build time: This was built in a little under two weeks. Started December 6th and finished on the 16th before beta testing. Known issues: Lights look lit even after putting them out. This seems to be a texture bug with the lamp itself. The Parcel http://www.southquarter.com/downloads/ Hope you have fun and Happy Holidays! Xonze
  12. Hey Nam, Sometimes you can find the key code in the Doomkey file, but I think it's missing the last bit, but it's worth a check. I think you can open the Doomkey file with notepad.
  13. Okay, I think I fix all the things (tree clipping, the wrong texture at the bottom of the stairs) but the parcel, as its a custom loot object there isn't an inv icon for it and I haven't quite learn how to do that. Its something that will have to wait for another mission as this mission is already passing the cut off date lol. I'm not sure if I can fix hearing the voice but I'll play with the visportal and see. Thanks everyone I'll be sending out one more beta after I hear back from a few more. Thanks for all your help take care, Xonze
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