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  1. Trying to update TDM 2.07/64 to the current version. I have tried to update on different days for about a week, and I always get the same error complaining that an expected file size is different with the actual new file size. The latest updater log is attached. Darkmod.log
  2. I am still trying to steal Brother Gilbert's funds. I have taken appropriate action as per your previous post. However, the objective is not checked off.
  3. Mission installed, but I am having a very low frame rate from the start. My system is on the slow side, but I haven't had such problems with TDM before. -- Turns out to have been a system problem consuming most of cpu power. Fixed with a reboot.
  4. This all looks still true. However, Microsoft is discontinuing Windows 7 support on 14 January, although one can buy some support for an obscene price for the next three years. Then, Windows 10 is it. Microsoft is saying that future operating systems will be called new releases of Windows 10. (There was some discussion of Windows 12 for a while, but that name seems to have been dropped.) I dislike windows 10, what other choice do we have?
  5. Concerning item 1, I have seen similar problems with safes. Try closing the safe door and opening it again. Often, this makes the contents available for a fob.
  6. Really enjoyed the mission, but there is one small bug that I found a bit funny:
  7. I was indeed playing with save files and just updated to mission version 1.1, taken from the downloader yesterday. Is 1.21 compatible with 1.1 saves, or do I need to restart with 1.21 from the beginning.
  8. I thought that is what I did. Normally, I have very little trouble with locks. Finally got it with many multiple tries.
  9. Yes. Switching to TheDarkModx64 made a difference, although the most recent quicksave instantly crashed the same way. I switched to a slightly older save, and things are still working after a good bit of play. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Game version I am playing was from downloader on 13 April.
  11. The icon I use to start it references TheDarkMod.exe. I am starting TDM 2.07/32. I don't know if this choice has an effect on my problem, since I was unaware that there was a 64-bit version until now. How do I switch versions -- just start TheDarkModx64 instead?
  12. Once I start on day 2, I can play normally for a while, but then the mission crashes with "ID::ALLOC - NO MORE FREE EVENTS". Have had this happen twice after two completely different exploration routs. I am playing with version 7 at expert.
  13. A very nice, well executed mission. A few hard TDM crashes left me looking at the desktop, but these do not seem to be reproducible. I never found the second of Taffsalot first editions. Where is it please?
  14. It should be, but isn't. I recently repartitioned the C: partition to expand it, so I might have dropped a reference somewhere. Suggestions?
  15. Yes, but it was usually off. Tried to check things with noclip, but could not get console at the hang. Tried again today and got the short scene after the alter, and the hang occurred slightly later. At all times, I saved the game before looking around in noclip. I restored the game to its pre-noclip state before continuing play.
  16. An odd bug occurred when I completed the mission under 2.04. The credits displayed and the screen went black. However, the game was still running as I could do things like swing the blackjack and hear the noise. I had to abort TDM with the task manager.
  17. In trying to change my email address of record, it asks for my new email and password. Is this someone's phishing attempt, or am I not reading it right.
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